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Can just drinking water start or keep my metabolism going?

For instance if i wake up and im not hungry but i know i need to start my metabolism is water enough to do that? Or if i had eaten breakfast but wasn't hungry when lunch rolled around can i keep my metabolism going by maybe drinking a 16-20 oz. bottle of water? Thx in advance!

Water is the number one deficiency of Americans today. Many times people feel hungry, but it is the body's reaction to being dehydrated. Fatigue is one of the first symptoms of being dehydrated. If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated before you get that feeling.

Your metabolism is due to the health of your thyroid and where you get most of your calories. If you get most of your calories from carbohydrates, you will have a slower metabolism. However, if you get most of your calories from fat, you will have a faster metabolic rate. The stored fat in your body secretes a hormone called leptin that determines how you utilize insulin and glucagon. If you are eating a low fat diet as many do, you are not only damaging your body, but you are slowing your metabolism down and will find it more difficult to lose weight due to the "plateauing" that happens as a result of this issue.

Water, along with electrolytes, will contribute greatly to your feeling less fatigue and in that sense, give a boost to your metabolism.

Drinking water first thing in the morning is a very good idea because it stimulates your bowel activity. Only 4% of the water you drink actually gets to the bowels. 60% is eliminated in the kidney, 24% lungs, 12% in perspiration, leaving the 4% for bowels.

The average person needs water at the following rate:

Take your total body weight and divide by 2. That number is the amount of water in ounces that you need to drink each and everyday. Along with that, you should consume 1/4 teaspoon of "air dried sea salt" in conjunction with each quart of water you drink. This puts the electrolytes in your body that will give you proper hydration. The typical white table salt you buy in stores like the Morton Salt, for instance, is terrible for you and has loads of chemicals added. Avoid that junk. If you drink ANY diuretic drinks like, sodas, coffee, tea, alcohol, commercially prepared fruit drinks, energy drinks, etc., these all dehydrate you and you will need to add more water to the total to compensate for the water loss due to these diuretic drinks. Take the total ounces of the diuretic drinks and multiply by 1.5 and add that total to the original total to come up with the proper amount of water you need to drink each day.

good luck to you  (+ info)

How can you make your metabolism faster after starving for 2 weeks?

The starve has already happened (my friend--not me), and she wants to start having 700 calories a day without gaining all the weight back. How can she get back to her normal metabolism?

she should start off with salads, fruits, that sort of thing but gradually build up to adding small portions of meat and other things. 700 calories isn't enough for her to eat long-term, but after a starve it shouldn't be too bad. she needs to get her body into the habit of eating again.

i strongly advise you keep a close eye on her and if she starves herself again, talk to someone about it because she has a problem.  (+ info)

How long does a steroid shot take to clear up a sever case of hives?

I have a sever case of hives and I went to Dr. They gave me steroid shot but it seems to be getting worse and not better. What can I expect from this shot?

The steroid will not "clear up" an allgeric reaction, it simply keeps it from getting worse allowing the reaction to run it's course.  (+ info)

How to keep weight loss even after my metabolism has slowed down?

I haven't been exercising as much, because of a couple of recent injuries, so my metabolism has decreased dramatically, because I'm usually so active. I've also lost some inches, because I decided to cut out junk food and fried stuff. How would I keep this weight loss even after what has happened to my metabolism?

Lose Weight Fast
In this article we are going to show you some sensible PROVEN Ways to lose weight fast.

1. Drink water

2. Eat regularly

3. Eat lots of fibre

4. Consume more good fats

5. Get plenty of quality protein

6. Carbohydrates can help you lose weight

- Healthy life every day!  (+ info)

What are various ways that metabolism can be boosted?

I am looking at various ways that metabolism can be boosted such as physically, nutritionally, and medicinially? Looking for advice and personal experience. This is in relation to weight loss.

Drink lots of water, eat lots of protein and fiber. Exercise regularly. Try to avoid eating 3 hours before you go to sleep, cut out late night snacking. Some vitamins (B's especially) can help boost energy and some which have a thermogenic effect (Niacin) on the body and may help as well. Another vitamin to try is Chromium Picolinate (the picolinate version is easier for your body to digest.) With any thermogenics take sparingly as they may cause you to feel flushed and over heated.  (+ info)

If someones metabolism stops or slows down how long do they have to eat normally for it to be normal again?

It's a question for physical science but it isn't in the text book.

Here's the questions:
If Abby develops an eating disorder and under eats until her metabolism slows or stops how long would she have to eat 1200 calories a day to regain her body's normal metabolism's speed.


  (+ info)

How can I higher my Metabolism level in a heathly way?

My metabolism used to be very high two years ago, and for some reason it has drastically changed. Is there any way that I can higher it again and lose weight gradually. I know exersise is a big key but any other answers would be wonderful. Thanks!

1. Eat about 6 small complete meals throughout the day (fish, almonds, walnuts, and lean proteins in general, plenty of raw fruits and vegetables, and complex multigrain carbohydrates) spaced out about every 2-3 hours. Consume between 1500-2500 calories a day. DO NOT BINGE EAT!
2. Be as active as you can; nothing to do for 10 minutes? Knockout 10 elevated push-ups.
3. Eat some spicy foods; take a decent amount of vitamin C, and drink between a half-gallon and a whole gallon of WATER a day.
4. No more soda. Ever.
5. If you do drink coffee, drink it black.
6. Do at least 35 minutes of cardio straight at least once a day, at least three times a week, more if you are not trying to put on muscle.
7. Do a large amount of full body exercises whenever possible (Jumping Jacks, Pull-ups, Chin ups, dips, squats, hanging leg raises, hanging knee raises, back raises, glute ham raises, burpees)
8. Get at least 6 hours of sleep a night, but no more then 9.
9. Avoid anything deep-fried, white bread, sprinkles, and any refined sugar.

You can find more good info at http://www.crossfit.com and http://www.bodyrock.tv  (+ info)

How to speed up your metabolism besides exerising because I already exercise, what else can I do?

I already exercise; I need to know other tricks to speed my metabolism up less carbs more carbs, less protein more protein, etc....What else please? Also when is the best time to eat carbs before doing cardio or after doing cardio?

Well if your trying to lose weight then probably less carbs depending on your situation. You need to eat more often for a fast metabolism so 5-6 times a day. Workout how many calories you need and split them up. More protein and fresh clean food with speed up your metabolism as your body will burn energy just breaking the food down. Chilli, garlic, cayenne pepper all good for your metabolism  (+ info)

Will drinking a soda for breakfast start my metabolism?

I am dieting, but can't stand the thought of eating when I wake up. I have heard that while in sleep mode your metabolism slows down, and eating breakfast will speed it up again (which is why they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day). If I drink a soda or some juice, will this get my metabolism going, or do I have to actually eat something?

The best way to jumpstart you metabolism is by eating something healthy in the morning! I don't like to eat when I first wake up either, but a diet soda won't give you what you are looking for! Try some cut up fruit! Cantelope, grapes, grapefruit is great because it burns calories! Even a Special K bar would be good! You have to give your body fuel to work properly! You don't have to eat a lot, but give your body something to work with! They say to eat several mini meals throughout the day to keep it going!  (+ info)

What is metabolism exactly and How can I keep it up most of the day?

I want to keep my metabolism up most of the day. and What exactly is metabolism?

Metabolism is actually called as a chemical process in human body........in more sense a Metabolism means spending of calories to live........good metabolism increases body mass and gives a matured look to a person....To increase metabolism u need to exercise a lot.......the amount of calories u reduce must be higher than the amount u consume for good metabolism.......

Good Luck......eat well(fruits and veggies).........live healthy.........  (+ info)

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