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Can a stomach rupture seal on it's own?

The answer to this question is variable, depending upon the severity of the rupture, puncture, or perforation. There is a fair amount of fat surrounding the stomach, per se. This fat, called "omentum" (there is a lesser omentum and greater omentrum) can sometimes adhere to the stomach's external lining and seal it. This is something we do in surgery for similar situations, called an Omentum (Omental) Patch Procedure.

On the other hand, physicians sometimes have to drain fluid collections from inside the abdominal cavity. These fluid collections are most often simple "ascites" ... and are due to liver disease or other diseases that increase the pressure in the portal veins that drain the intestine's blood flow. When we stick a needle into the abdominal cavity, there is a small risk of puncturing the intestine, but even then, in almost all instances, the intestine is able to repair itself and seal the wound. Even when puncturing the dirty bowel, full of bacteria in the large intestine, there is only about a 5% risk of a serious bacterial infection in the abdomen.

If a stomach rupture is serious, generally larger than 5mm-1cm or greater, acid and enzyme leakage into the surrounding tissues causes persistent irritation that makes healing more difficult. Also, the likelihood of a spontaneous seal of a ruptured stomach depends upon which side of the stomach is affected. If the stomach contents erupt toward your back, there are very serious implications regardless of the degree of rupture, because there is no omentum behind the stomach but there ARE vital structures like the Aorta and the Pancreas which can be eroded and rupture or become severely inflammed as well, leading to potentially life-threatening conditions: Aortic rupture and Acute Pancreatitis, among other things.

So the answer to your question is yes, but only under ideal circumstances with a small, contained rupture or perforation.

I hope this helps.  (+ info)

Is it normal for a physical therapist to press hard and hold pressure on stomach?

I went to first pt appointment today, the therapist was pressing so hard into my stomach I thought he was going to rupture an organ. Is this a normal technique used by pts for low back pain?

I think you mean Abdomen, why didn't you ask? I have had lower back pain for years this was never part of the treatment I received.  (+ info)

stomach rupture from binging?

After I recovered from anorexia, I had about 2-3 months of really bad binging because I felt so bad. Now my stomach is permenently swollen/bloated, I am never hungry and it makes weird noises. I hear this could be a rupture...can it be cured???

go to the doctor ASAP  (+ info)

baking soda/stomach rupture?

okay so i baked a cake didnt rlly come out rite. so i only ate a few tiny forking of it. seriously i barely ate any. and my stomach started to hurt a little. and i got all scared and i saw that u could rupture ur stomach using it as an antacid but i wasnt sure bout baking. im kinda starting to think its gas though....lol
but still will i be ok? srsly?

If you ate it hot that may have caused your tummy ache. If it was a little underdone that could be another reason. You'll be ok though.   (+ info)

What is the average survival rate for splenic rupture due to trauma?

Like if you have Mono and your spleen is enlarged,you get hit in stomach,it ruptures and youre rushed to ER what is your chance of surviving?

I had a splenic artery anyeresum and the doctor told me I had to have it out immediately because left alone if it burst you'd bleed to death rather quickly. Letting a swollen spleen go could cost you your life....people die on the table before the doctor can even get them open in time so don't mess with it.

Take care! Kellie  (+ info)

is it your stomach muscles that rupture during VBAC?

No, there is a very slight 1% chance of a uterine rupture.

Uterine rupture sounds very scary, and it is for mom and baby, if a full blown rupture happens, but included in that 1% chance is also something called a window. It is a little opening along the scar on your uterus. These can happen before labor even starts and it doesn't mean some huge catastrophic accident. Doctors find them on pregnant patients while doing surgeries, repeat c/sections and other abdominal surgery before labor. They also find them in moms who have had a successful delivery but need surgery for other reasons following a happy and successful VBAC. Not that surgery following birth is common, but as long as the doc is inside, they just have to take a look! Good for us, it proves that VBAC is a safe and sane way to deliver your baby.

Your baby and you stand a much higher chance of a serious complication from surgery, than you do from VBAC. Everything from anesthesia, bleeding, breathing problems in the baby, infections, pain, breast feeding problems, the baby being cut in surgery (rare but it happens), blood clots, extended hospital stay, scar tissue causing bladder and bowel problems, preterm delivery, low birth rate, even jaundice is higher in c/section babies!

If you want numbers regarding outcome of VBAC vs repeat C/section look on line, educate yourself!
Childbirth Connection.org  (+ info)

How hard does it have to be to rupture spleen?

I may have mono...we don't think I do though. I turned to lay on my stomach and felt a sharp pain for a split second and then i was fine? I couldn't have ruptured my spleen just from laying on my stomach..could I?

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Can my breast implants pop or rupture if my boyfriend lays on me?

I want to get breast implants, probably silicone under the muscle. How strong are they? Will they pop if my boyfriend lays on me (he's around 180 lbs) or if i lay on my stomach or do something rough with them? I know this question sounds funny, but I don't know the answer lol.

Can implants rupture? Sure. Can implants rupture because someone lays on top of you? No way. The shells that surround implants these days are very strong. If you're going to get silicone, it doesn't really matter all that much if they do rupture because modern silicone implants are cohesive silicone rather than liquid silicone (imagine jello or a gummy bear rather than motor oil). Even if the implant shell ruptures, the silicone stays put within the scar capsule that your body form around it. Saline implants, if they rupture, leak the saline into the scar pocket and it gets reabsorbed, so those implants will deflate if ruptured and you'll need to replace them.

Definitely go under the muscle with your implants. Implants placed above the muscle can obscure up to 40% of breast tissue on mammography and since 11% of women in the US will someday develop breast cancer and mammography is the current screening method of choice, you'll want the implant to be in a location that doesn't interfere with mammography. Plus, I personally think the implants sit better when they're under the muscle.  (+ info)

Could I have swollen organs or rupture if my stomach is very bloated and no pain?(I'm not pregnant)?

Medically speaking, bloated stomach is also known as Abdominal bloating.

Abdominal bloating is when the abdomen feels full and tight. It is usually caused by excessive intestinal gas. Other causes for a bloated stomach might be heavy meals; spicy foods; and dieting; with skipped meals.

You might be interested in the following researched answer:

In discussing bloating, it is important to distinguish between bloating and distention. Bloating is the subjective sensation (feeling) that the abdomen is larger than normal. Thus, bloating is a symptom akin to the symptom of discomfort. In contrast, distention is the objective determination (physical finding) that the abdomen is actually larger than normal.

Distention can be determined by such observations as the inability to fit into clothes or looking down at the stomach and noting that it is clearly larger than normal. In some instances, bloating may represent a mild form of distention since the abdomen does not become physically (visibly or measurably) enlarged until its volume increases by one quart.

Nevertheless, bloating should never be assumed to be the same as distention.

There are three ways in which abdominal distention can arise. The causes are an increase in air, fluid, or tissue within the abdomen. The diseases or conditions that cause an increase of any of these three factors are very different from one anther. Therefore, it is important to determine which of them is distending the abdomen.

There are two types of distention; continuous and intermittent. Continuous distention may be caused by the enlargement of an intra-abdominal (within the abdomen) organ, an intra-abdominal tumor, a collection of fluid around the intra-abdominal organs (ascites), or just plain obesity. Intermittent distention is usually due to the occasional accumulation of gas and/or fluid within the stomach, small intestine, or colon.

Most likely, your abdominal or stomach bloating is due to accumulation of gas. The organs are not necessarily swollen and won't rupture.  (+ info)

can you get your flat stomach back after having a ruptured appendix?

i had a ruptured appendix. surgery was through my belly button. I have not been able to obtain my flat stomach like i had before the surgery.

not immediately after
u can try later after u recover well with doctors advice  (+ info)

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