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Anyone tried Aphthasol (RX) for canker sores (aphthous stomatitis) if so what results did you get?

My doctor prescribed lidocaine 2% for the pain over a year ago. However if this new RX is worth it by shortening the outbreaks I'd be all for it. I regularly get these - one that once a month.
I suffer breakouts more than once a month & the doctor has prescribed 2% lidocaine for the pain.
Appreciate the answer... I'm one of those *over the edge* folk... I get them more than 90% & I actually have chunks missing in my tongue.

I need more than the normal things that do work to a certain extent ... I do the alcohol, peroxide, Benedryl, maylox, baking soda, etc....................

I'm one of *those* that live with this nearly daily. Thank you - I just saw there was a new RX APHTHASOL & prayed it was a small answer... One can hope.

Thanks for your help...

They're usually caused from a bacteria. Try putting rubbing alcohol via a q-tip on them at the first sign you're getting them. The trick is to get them early! It works for me. If you develop them, rinse your mouth with warm water with sea salt (don't use regular salt). Some people have canker sore onset from lemons or other acidic fruits or when they bite or get a cut in their mouth; that usually causes me to get them. Good luck!  (+ info)

what is the treatment for stomatitis aphtosa?

inside the lip and on the gum i have stomatitis aphtosa ,what is the treatment?

This is the formation of canker sores on mucosa of the mouth, possibly caused by something eaten like hot foods, spices, chemicals substances of cheap toothpaste or mouth washes, low nutrition, forms of bacteria or infections and other unknowns.
Treatment varies but first you have to correct the gastric disturbance causing the problem, then simply washing out your mouth frequently with proper hygiene. There are some mouth rinsing treatments but without further identification of the cause, its best not to disclose a possible misdiagnosed treatment.
My grandfather used to prevent any illness I may have gotten during my kiddo years by giving me his tried and true remedy, a "horse laxative" of certain medical herbs guaranteed to make you tie up the toilet for an afternoon but you won't get sick. Of course I was too dumb not to learn.  (+ info)

What can I do about "stomatitis" on my tongue?

I was diagnosed with stomatitis ( a type of viral infection). It causes lots of sores in my mouth. The sores on the inside of my cheeks are alright, but I've got white sores on my tongue. It feels horrible, and I can barely eat! All that's helping is anisthetic (kinda like orajel, so don't reccomend that to me) and ice cream. Both of those things numb the pain so I can eat.

Is there any remedy or anything I can take to actually heal these sores? It's been 5 days with them, and I'd like them to go away sooner.

Stomatitis...More commonly known as a canker sore, can be miserable. However, here's a couple of remedy's you can try for come relief.. Mix a 1/2 teaspoon of salt with 8oz. of warm water. Swish this around in your mouth really good, then spit it out. Do this about 3x a day until you're cured. Or, for the pain, get yourself a numbing agent, such as Oragel or Ambisol and apply it to your sores. Actually, any type of numbing medication will help. I would suggest something that numbs for a toothache. That would be the strongest. If none of these work, ask your doctor for a prescription.  (+ info)

what could be the disease associated with stomatitis (mouth sores) ?

I always have mouth sores, and when they develop, they are too many and big! I am thinking that there might be a problem in my health that is why I always have mouth sores.

lack of vita B  (+ info)

Have just had a colonoscopy in the report it said they found some aphthous ulcers in my bowel what are they?

Went in with side pain in my lower abdomen with lots of rectal bleeding too have got to go for a barium small bowel x ray .
Next also they took a few cold biopsy's too.
Can you help me! what are aphthous ulcers? all i have found on them are that they are found in the mouth thats all which is no help.


You should ask the hospital where you had the tests done,ask for the doctors to explain in plain English so you can understand !!  (+ info)

What is the best treatment for recurrent stomatitis? What causes it?

For recurrent stomatitis the cause is unknown. Positive family history in about 1/3. Evidence supporting genetic basis. Other causes are stress, local trauma, food allergy, and in association with menstrual cycle. In children in association with fever and pharyngitis. In cyclical Neutropenia, HIV Infection. Crops of ulcers follow periods of emotional stress. Treatment. 1) Local: a)Alkaline mouth wash and local use of analgesic lozenges.b) Topical steroids. c) Topical antibiotic. d) Deglycyrrhizinated liquorice mouth wash 2) Systemic: a) steroids by mouth. Progesterone therapy. c) Tranquilisers.  (+ info)

Has anyone here ever had Stomatitis?

I just recovered from it, but the sores in the my mouth hurt really bad and I don't know how to treat them while they cure in order to be able to eat. Also, there are white bumps on my tongue, and my lips got the canker sores on them too! Any suggestions on how to take the pain away?

suggestions on how to take the pain away?Easy--go 2 the doctor  (+ info)

what is/are the best and most effective cure for canker sore/stomatitis/apthous ulcer?

i'm tired of these canker sores. i get deep and big ones, slightly bigger than a pencil's eraser. and they last up to 2 weeks. i can't eat well. i can't work well. they're just damn toooooooo painful.

I have braces and get them so I sympathize-well I used to get them before, I think some people are just prone to them. I was given the best advice by my Ortho and that was to take Zinc supplements-if your not allergic etc etc. The ulcer/canker sore is a symptom of a lack of zinc. I swear to you since taking them I havent had one, even where my braces rub. I used to get them when I was ill, I dont now. If you have them now, I would use Iglu. Its a weird paste that literally makes an Iglu over the ulcer and you cant feel it-painfree! You can eat and drink and everything it doesnt come off. It treats the ulcer as well which is great. Also rinse with salt water-I know disgusting but it works!  (+ info)

How do fellow canker sore sufferers treat their lesions?

Here is my own remedy
1- Ok the first step sounds hokey, but I believe you have to be nourish yourself so the first step is to drink alot of water and take a multivitamin.
2- Apply hydrogen peroxide w q-tip to the sore 2-3 times per day letting the sore bubble for 30 seconds then rinsing out.
3- Apply "aphthasol" (prescribed) a few times a day after peroxide.
4- Get plenty of sleep.

I say that this method works and by that I don't solely mean pain reduction, although that is a benefit, but also shortening the duration of the sore from over a week to just a few days.
BTW I do get chronic canker sores ( aphthous stomatitis)

I feel your pain...literally...I've got one now but it's almost pain free and healing now only after 3 days...

What I do is take lysine 500mg/day to try and prevent them or if you feel 1 about to break out (due to stress or staying up late), I up my dose to 1500mg/day. It has reduced the duration of my canker sores from a week+ to 2-3 days.  (+ info)

my son has stomatitis viral how long does it last?

he cant eat or drink anything how can i help him?
his only 10 month and his trying to sleep i try giving him pedialyte in a cup and spoon he looks so miserable i hate seeing him like that

Ok what you need to do is, make him eat right. Vegetables, eliminate the fruits for now thats to acid. Also tell him too sleep. Buy Maalox not pepto bismo thats worse. ok so it really last up to how much the person. Eats right. Remeber .. NO JUKE FOOD. thank you.  (+ info)

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