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How can I find the least expensive dentures/denture care in Washington state?

I am looking for the least expensive dentures/denture provider in Washington state(Snohomish/King County area). What about the idea of going to Canada for dentures? Would I get a better deal? I have a qoute of about $550 right now but want to see if I can get a better deal.

Locally, check the UW School of Dentistry.

If you wish to travel, you will have better luck heading east of the mountains instead of north to Canada. I've heard rumors dental care is about half the cost on the eastern side. In Canada private pay is expensive and you wouldn't qualify for their federal health care program.

These are just ideas, I do not have any quotes.  (+ info)

How do you remove the denture adhesive from the inside of your mouth after you remove your dentures?

I am a new denture wearer and am having difficulty removing the glue from my gums and palate without scrubbing and hurting myself. Any hints?

When I used dentures adhesive I used to swish some hot water around in my mouth and under my teeth before I took them out, then again after I took them out, that usually got most of it. Then I used a paper towel and a soft toothbrush if there was still some on my gums. I never liked using glue but if you can't just leave your teeth out I don't know of another choice to keep them in. Maybe it's time for a reline. That might make you teeth fit better so you don't need the glue.  (+ info)

How many times should I use denture cleaner(Efferdent) to clean my retainers per week?

I'm getting my retainers soon. And I just would like to know how many times a week I should use my denture cleaner, Efferdent.


If your talking about the clear retainers, I would put Efferent in a bowl and soak them every night. I wouldn't scarily dump it out and change it every night thought. The way I see it, is you need to clean them every day like you would brush you teeth everyday.  (+ info)

How does one manage without teeth when the denture is getting ready?

I am am past eighty. All my upper teeth are being extracted. It takes nearly two months to complete the extraction and get a denture ready. In the meanwhile how am I to manage and what food to eat.

They could make you an immediate denture. So they'd place it the day the extractions were done, but it costs more cause it would have to be relined in like 6 months, b/c while you heal your bone changes. If they make the denture after you're totally healed it will fit better. I guess you have to gum the food.  (+ info)

What is the best denture cleaner to use on my retainer?

I'm getting a lot of responses here on Y!A about using denture cleanser to clean my plastic retainer and keep it from discoloring. What brand is the best for this, and where can I find it (I'm in unfamiliar territory, here!)??


Is it safe to use one of those denture cleaner tablets for a plastic retainer?

I have a plastic retainer for bottom teeth, and I was wondering is it safe to those those denture cleaners on it? I was told not to use hot water when cleaning it, but the denture cleaner directions say use hot water. Would it be ok to use cold/warm water?

you can use the denture cleaner for the retainers also. the material used for making the dentures and the retainers is the same. you should ot use very hot water as it can wrap the retainer but the warm water is ok. if you want ore information on retainers you can visit www.identalhub.com.  (+ info)

What happens if you use a denture brush as a normal toothbrush?

oh no, I think I made a mistake. I used a denture brush (it was called plaq killer or something) as a regular brush. The bristles were allot more stiff then a regular toothbrush and I think I might of scraped off all the tooth enamel without realizing it. It worked good for brushing my tongue but I might of made a big mistake using it on my teeth. What do you think? Any dentists?

You got really clean teeth.
Seriously, don't worry about it. The danger is to your gums as most denture brushes are too rough on the gum tissue.  (+ info)

What are the pros and cons of adding teeth to a denture? Is it necessary to get a new denture?

Should I add 5 teeth to an old denture or would it be better in the long run to pay more and get a new full upper denture made. (3 teeth broke off at gum line, one fake front tooth held in by a post keeps slipping out, and a back defective crown keeps coming off, so 5 teeth total) I've had nothing but problems these last 10 years and would like fewer problems with it in the next 10 years.

You could do both that way you have a spare so that if anything happens to one you have a back up. Consider seeing a dentist for an evaluation so they can determine your particular situation. Also look into implants or mini implants that way the denture does not put undo stress on any remaining teeth.

http://freedenture.com/  (+ info)

Can anyone give advice on getting a partial denture to replace front upper four teeth that protrude?

I've seen an orthodontist who said he would put braces on my teeth but thought they would probably move back to a protruding position fairly quickly because of my tongue thrust. I could wear a retainer but I'm middle aged and want something that is more permanent without the long process of braces and the hassle of wearing a retainer. Specialists have said that fixing them in other ways (veneers) would be difficult, if not impossible, and very expensive because of the overbite. So I'm thinking of taking the extreme step of having the front four pulled out and replaced with a partial denture. I have a consultation arranged next week with a denturist and have been researching the net to read other's experiences but haven't found much yet. Has anyone gone through this procedure and if so, are you happy with the results?

When I was 17, my guardian (my Aunt) hit me with a stick on the elbow and it hurt so bad, I passed out. Three of my front teeth were knocked out and one was chipped. SO the 4 front teeth were a mess. I went to the dentist when I turned 18 after I got a job and he gave me a partial. After about 5 yrs, the wires wore on my other teeth and I had to have more extracted. Now, I haven't got a real tooth in my head. My dentures changed the shape of my mouth. I don't look like the same person. I advise you to do anything you can to keep your real teeth. I wish I had mine back. Also, you have to have new dentures every 8 to 10 years. That's expensive and the new ones are SO hard to get used to.  (+ info)

what glue or adhesive should be used to glue on a denture tooth that has dropped out?

I have a tooth dislodged from the denture. Should I use super glue to stick it back on? The amount of glue used is so minimal but would it still be too toxic ?

It'd be best for you to take the denture to a dentist, so that they can send it to a lab to have it placed back in. This will last longer than using some kind of glue. The cost will be minimal, maybe $30 but you'll have to be without your denture for a day at the most.  (+ info)

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