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how long does stomatitis last?

I was diagnosed with stomatitis caused from biting my tounge(was said cause) . I noticed getting it a few month after getting my wisdom teeth removed and I have read that it usually lasts for a few weeks but mine has not gone away and salty water and toothpaste just seem to irritate my tounge wich is the only place i have it . I cant just not brush my teeth . why isint it going away. I have bought a mouth gaurd and al though it doesnt hurt as bad my tounge feels dry and the sores are still there

Have you tried antibiotics? as usually doctor will prescribe you one for severe stomatitis like that. If it not helped bad healing sore is not very good sign, check with doctor again, could be malignant.  (+ info)

Anybody know anything about stomatitis?

My daugther is 18 mths old and began to run a fever today of 100.6- I brought her to her pediatrician and she was diagnosed with stomatitis. It's ulcer's in the back of her mouth/throat. By the time we were seen her fever was up to 101.2- (with tylenol) Anyway, I worked at her dr office for 5 years and know all of the doctors there. so she tells me that this is viral and she caught it from someone else. There is no treatment of course because it's viral. Can anybody tell me if they have experienced this their child and is this really the cause of the infection? And how long did it last? I'm really just not understanding and getting a whole lot out of the research I did. I'd appreciate all answers and if you've went through this before.. Thanks in advance

do u have any cats??  (+ info)

Can going to the dentist cause stomatitis?

My child is 2 years old, I took her to the dentist.
Before the dentist cleans her teeth she tells me to step out of the room for the procedure. That caused my child to scream and cry the whole entire time. So when the dentist got done, I came in and coaxed her. She had a little damage on the inside of her bottom lip, it was like 2 scrapes. The dentist left as soon as the procedure was done so I had to ask the hygienist what happened to her lip. She told me the dentist scraped her bottom lip with the cleaning instrument, but its normal and minor so it will go away in a few minutes.

So 2 days later it got soooooo bad I mean my child's inside lip was blistery and her lip was swollen. It looked infected! so I took her to her pediatrician right away it was soooo scary. The dumb ass pediatrician barely even looked at her lip or even touched it she didn't really examine it. She just prescirbed some dental oral medication paste and said it should help it. She told me it was stomatitis.

Has anybody had this happen before? Is it really common to develop stomatits after the dentist?

Sorry that it happened to your child.

There are a lot of germ on our skin and mouth all the time.

So, a scrape can get bad.

Also unfortunately, with a 2 y.o it is hard to monitor every little thing she touches.

In terms of the dentist's asking you to step out, it is a common practice, because most children needs an undivided attention of the dentist, so does the care provider.

The parent's staying in the room distracts the child from focusing on the care provider. So, it is perfectly legal for the dentist to ask you to leave.

However, you can always place your request and many dentists do make accommodations.

Just because the dentist tells you to leave does not mean you don't express your concerns. YOU NEED TO COMMUNICATE.

It all depends on how well your child handles the dental visit.

Another option can be to go to a Pediatric Dentist who might offer nitrous oxide to calm the child.

You need to be careful with not overdosing the child though.  (+ info)

Do I tell my partner about herpes (viral stomatitis)?

I just got diagnosed with viral stomatitis by my doctor. My only symptoms are an inflamed and irritated tongue. Apparently this disease is very common in small children around the age of three who can get it the same was the cold virus is passed (sharing drinks, coughing, etc). Also about 90% of the population now has some form of herpes, it's just dormant. This may be my first outbreak even though I've had it for a while, or i could have just gotten it. Should i tell my partner.. I'll be seeing him tonight, and things might get frisky.

  (+ info)

PLEASE HELP :!!!! I need treatment / medicine for alphthous stomatitis?

see your dentist

or at very least your family doctor  (+ info)

for dentist, treatment for stomatitis?

what is the drug used for treatment of stomatits, it is not available over the counter?

  (+ info)

I have stomatitis, help!?

it's at left side of my bottom lip and i had it for a few days.
any home remdies to cure this?
or should i visit pharmacy?

use Mylanta, swish and spit instead of swallowing,do it several times
Good luck  (+ info)

has anyone had stomatitis?

i have it and i went to the doc and they said they dont know what causes it ? just wondering if anyone has had it and what helped with the pain
i havent be able to eat anything cause it hurts so bad and they were going to prescribe me vicdon but im addicted to pain killers like that so i said no but i wish they gave me something strong for the pain thats not addicting.

stomatitis? are mouth sores

Your mouth is naturally teeming with microorganisms, including fungi, viruses and bacteria. Although this might sound unpleasant, most of these microorganisms are actually beneficial because they help break down food and protect you from disease-causing organisms.

In trench mouth, though, harmful bacteria are able to grow out of control. This overgrowth causes infection of your gums. This infection can damage or destroy the delicate gum tissue (gingiva) that surrounds and supports your teeth. Large ulcers, often filled with bacteria, food debris and decaying tissue, may form on your gums, leading to severe pain, bad breath and a foul taste in your mouth.

Precisely how these bacteria destroy gum tissue isn't known. But it's thought that enzymes and toxins produced by the bacteria play a role.

Because trench mouth involves an overgrowth of bacteria, antibiotics are often prescribed to eradicate the bacteria and prevent infection from spreading. You may also need over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers. Getting pain under control is important so that you can eat properly and resume good dental care habits, such as brushing your teeth. Your dentist may also recommend a pain reliever that you can apply directly to your gums (topical anesthetic).

Cleaning your teeth and gums
Treatment also includes a thorough but gentle cleaning of your teeth and gums. Your dentist removes any dead gum tissue (debridement) to help reduce pain. Your mouth may be rinsed with an antiseptic solution. When your gums are less tender, you'll undergo a type of tooth cleaning called scaling and root planing. This procedure removes plaque and tartar from beneath your gumline and smooths any roughened surfaces of your teeth.

Right after cleaning, your gums will be quite tender. Your dentist will probably advise you to rinse your mouth with a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, salt water or a prescription mouth rinse, in addition to brushing gently with a soft toothbrush. Once your gums begin to heal, brush and floss at least twice a day — preferably after every meal and at bedtime — to prevent future problems.  (+ info)

what is stomatitis?

causes, treatment, prevention, manifestation

Stomatitis, or viral stomatitis, is a common infection in kids - usually between ages one to two years or so. The child will typically run a fair amount of fever, drool quite a bit, and will be very uncomfortable. You may see some sores on the tongue as your first clue, or perhaps sores around the mouth. There are three main causes that I can think of:
the Herpes labialis virus (cold sore virus), and which tends to produce the sores towards the front of the mouth, lips and tongue
another herpes-related virus that tends to affect the rear of the mouth around the tonsils (called Herpangina but inexplicably not caused by the Herpes virus but by a related herpes-type bug called Coxsackie virus)
the stomatitis of hand-foot-mouth syndrome
None of these infections are really very treatable beyond symptom relief at present. You theoretically could paint Baby Oragel® or prescription viscous lidocaine on the ulcers for pain relief... theoretically. Just try that with an upset two year old! There may be some antiviral systemic treatments approved for children soon but for now we just have to wait it out. There really isn't anything good and safe (the magic combo with kids) for the pain, which can be very bad. "Canker sores" - aphthous stomatitis or aphthous ulcers - are something of a different syndrome; they are not generally as dramatic and arent generally thought of as being associated with fever. They just appear one day. This disease is perhaps viral in origin but nobody really knows.  (+ info)

Anyone tried Aphthasol (RX) for canker sores (aphthous stomatitis) if so what results did you get?

My doctor prescribed lidocaine 2% for the pain over a year ago. However if this new RX is worth it by shortening the outbreaks I'd be all for it. I regularly get these - one that once a month.
I suffer breakouts more than once a month & the doctor has prescribed 2% lidocaine for the pain.
Appreciate the answer... I'm one of those *over the edge* folk... I get them more than 90% & I actually have chunks missing in my tongue.

I need more than the normal things that do work to a certain extent ... I do the alcohol, peroxide, Benedryl, maylox, baking soda, etc....................

I'm one of *those* that live with this nearly daily. Thank you - I just saw there was a new RX APHTHASOL & prayed it was a small answer... One can hope.

Thanks for your help...

They're usually caused from a bacteria. Try putting rubbing alcohol via a q-tip on them at the first sign you're getting them. The trick is to get them early! It works for me. If you develop them, rinse your mouth with warm water with sea salt (don't use regular salt). Some people have canker sore onset from lemons or other acidic fruits or when they bite or get a cut in their mouth; that usually causes me to get them. Good luck!  (+ info)

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