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what is the treatment for aphta stomatitis

is thies in the correct section  (+ info)

My indoor cat scratched me -- dangerous?

My cat has stomatitis, an autoimmune disorder that is NOT contagious.
Since I have administered antibiotics to other cats in the past -- without any problems -- I tried to give my cat her first dose of antibiotics. Unfortunately, she got totally hysterical and scratched my arms up pretty badly.
Now I am worried...

But not about toxoplasmosis. I have lived with cats most of my life, and I should be immune to toxoplasmosis. Being pregnant, I know not to get anywhere near her litter box -- just in case!

I am much more worried about cat scratch disease. What would be the signs, if my cat is carrying it? What would happen to a pregnant woman if she got it? Worse than for a non-pregnant person?

Note that my cat is 100% an indoor cat (if it makes any difference).

I dont know about the signs of the disease, but i would say wash the scratches really well with soap and water , use some neosporin and watch for like redness and swelling(signs of infection) and if you feel really yucky then call your doc to make sure.  (+ info)

Problems with dental crown....?

In May I got stomatits which resulted in little white spots all over my mouth, swollen gums, and a fever for a week. Since then I occasionally get swollen gums and a spot or two ever now and again. Since stomatitis is herpetic, I am assuming this is normal? 5 days ago I had a crown put in and 3 wisdom teeth removed and over the past coupe of days my gum has flared up around the new crown. I've been swishing with salt water and oral anesthetic, so I am wondering if this swelling/sore-like area of my gum is most likely the result of an ill-fitted crown or the above mentioned stomatitis. Also, is there anything that can prevent future stomatitis outbreaks? If you are not knowledgable about dentistry or this condition, you need not respond. I am only asking because I don't have the money to visit my dentist again this month, so please don't bother telling me to go to the dentist. If that were feasible for me, I would obviously not have asked this question. Thanks.

go back to the denist and see what is wrong! it could be an allergy to the metal in the crown. I had a crown and nothing hurt after the first 3 hours  (+ info)

*** mouth ulcers advice ***?

Hi :)

I have had this anoying & painful mouth ulcers for 2 weeks now.
It's located on/under the tongue and gums.
2 Days ago I went to the Dr. and he diagnosed it as Aphthous Stomatitis. I think it's getting worse. I tried this Oracort E cream but it's hard to target the many aphthas. I also started using mouth washes & WARM (?) salty water. It is not suggested to consume salty food, so how is salty water good? I am not sure if it is helpful since it stings and makes the white sores more noticeable.

What are some good suggestions to help cure this problem?

I am desperate & depressed... also I have read that 2 weeks should have fixed the problem...

Also how do I know its not herpes?
What is the difference between herpes and Aphthas?

I am not in USA so try to give a universal drug.

Thanks for your help

Aloe Vera Juice...keep it in your mouth on the sore about two min or more then spit...then drink two tbspoons in some juice to each day...it will go away..and sooth the pain quick  (+ info)


i went to the doctors yesterday to check out something thats been going on for a month now or something....
apparently its herpetic stomatitis.
i know its caused by herpes, but does that mean I have it now?

Herpes simplex is the one that gives you 'fever blisters' or sores on your lips. It used to be thought that it was not at all related to genital herpes and I am still unsure whether it is or isn't - perhaps you can find out by visiting this site:
All it really means is that this virus will now lay dormant in you so be careful about exposing your lips to cold, hot sun (always use lipstick or a sun block) and don't get run down - use probiotics, vitamins and take care of yourself. You may never have it again (hopefully).  (+ info)

Could the testing be wrong? Or could I be having outbreaks and not knowing about it?

Was I misdiagnosed with HSV-1? I did have sex with a guy who had cold sores, and I remember his telling me that he didn't want to kiss me because he had a cold sore, so I didn't. But I kissed him like two days before, and I know it still can be contagious days before the sore appears. Anyway, a week or two after that encounter, my gums flared up and became inflammed and reddened, it was hard to eat because my mouth hurt so badly, I had a high fever, my glands were the most swollen that they've ever been, so I went to the dentist and they told be that it was a type of gingivitis...a necrotizing stomatitis that was in my mouth. I freaked because I have never had poor oral hygiene. The dentist told me it would be OK and that a lot of college kids have it because of stress and poor diet, etc. So, when I started to research it, I found that the stomatitis is a type of herpes? I had an STD test months later after the stomatitis and I tested positive for HSV-1 and nothing else. I linked the two together...could my positive test be from contracting the stomatitis? Even though he had a cold sore, and I never get them but got this gum infection instead? I am so confused!

You can have herpes and never have an outbreak. I suppose it is possible that you got stomatitis instead of getting an outbreak, but I'm not sure if oral herpes and stomatitis are caused by the same strain of herpes.  (+ info)

Primary infection of herpes-- infection of mouth?

It was really random that I came up positive for oral herpes (HSV-1) on my STD screening. I thought I was completely clean. Everything else came up negative, so that was good, but I was still baffled about the whole having cold sores thing, even though I have never had a genital outbreak or outbreak on the mouth. Now, as I try to connect it, I did kiss someone before his cold sore showed up on his lips. The day after he was like I can't kiss you because I have a cold sore, but I did the day before and I know it's contagious even a couple days before it shows. Then, two weeks later, I went to the dentist because I developed gingival stomatitis, which was weird because I have a healthy mouth-- fever, swollen glands, high temp. Just today I was reading about oral herpes and found out that gingival stomatitis is the primary outbreak of herpes. Will this mean I will get a cold sore at some point in my life even though I have never had one in six months since I last kissed that person? Also, why does your mouth become infected? Could the gingival stomatitis even be related?

From what you described that was definitely your primary herpes outbreak. Gingival stomatitis is a big symptom of primary oral herpes infection along with fever and swollen glands. Odds are that you will experience the joys of coldsores eventually. They are totally unpredictable and may show up years from now or hours from now. You just never know. Good luck, maybe you'll be one of the few who will never have an actual outbreak.  (+ info)

I haven't cheated on my boyfriend, how could I have gotten Herpes?

Okay so, just Thursday all of these bumps/cold sores started to appear on my tongue, there are at least 8 of them and they are incredibly painful. I went to Urgent Care and the doctor said it was definitely some kind of viral infection and that it could be herpes, it really looks like it too. So now I'm trying to figure out how I could have gotten herpes when I've been with my boyfriend for over a year and I haven't cheated on him once, are there any other ways to spread herpes? also, could this be something else?

This is what it looks like:
^^not me just a picture I found.

Thank youu!
actually i think I might have diagnosed myself, I might have Herpetiform Ulcers, which are multiple cold sore/ulcer type things that are commonly misdiagnosed for herpes, they will last 7-10 days and aren't contagious. which would explain why my boyfriend hasn't gotten anything from me yet even though he has kissed me alot.

Herpes, shingles, chickenpox, cold sores, are strains of the same virus.
It is a virus that, once you have had one of them it stays dormant in your body.
It affects the nerve endings that is why it's so painful and any sort of stress can set it off again.  (+ info)

Do you think this Dr should be reported?

I had a sinus infection with a mild sore throat (which I assumed was due to drainage) and was prescribed SMP-TMZ (this was Sat.). That very day my sore throat became very painful and I began noticing a burning sensation in my mouth. At first I thought it was due to my infection, but then my entire tounge turned white and I had what looked like red welts on my tounge. My whole mouth was on fire and soon my tounge and throat were swelling. I could still breath, but the swelling was definitely noticeable. It's been 4 days since I've been able to eat anything solid (and still no sign of relief). My meals consist of room temp. chicken noodle soup and luke warm tea. I was popping advil like crazy and going through a bag of cough drops every day.

I went to the ER with my conditions and was told by the Dr that there was no swelling, I had a throat infection (from what, he could not tell me) and he didn't know what was wrong with my mouth. He then said there was nothing he could do and sent me home saying to take tylenol and use cough drops (hello! I already tried that!) When I commented that my tounge was so swollen I couldn't close my teeth around it and was finding it difficult to form words properly he said "well how am I supposed to know what your tounge looked like before this?"! The nurse, however was fantastic. She thought I might have Stomatitis and brought in another nurse that had been there for several years. They both agreed that it appeared this is what I had and said it can be related to allergic reactions. I went home, looked it up on the internet, and sure enough, it sounds exactly like what I have and is related to allergic reactions.

Should i turn him in? I firmly believe that this was an allergic reaction and I want to be sure it is noted in my medical history. He could care less. He was more worried about my throat that the lesions all over my mouth. I can handle a sore throat, but when even water touching my tounge makes me want to scream in pain, something is wrong.

P.S. The swelling of the throat was ver evident, even my son's sitter commented on it before I told her what was wrong. Oh, and the nurse actually recommended I follow up at another facility tomorrow so I could see a different dr.
This wasn't *my* doctor, this was the doctor working in the ER. If he were my dr, you can garauntee he would be gone!

OBVIOUSLY you should report the idiot.

People want to believe in everything their doctors say yet they don't realize that doctors ARE wrong ALL the time!  (+ info)

I'm 15 and have loads of problems with my lips help Please!!!?

Ok i have like cracks at the corner of my lips which i know is Angular Stomatitis but i also have really dry lips and the red around the outside of them. I also get loads of relly bad moth ulcers.
Are they all linked and how can i get rid of them???
I have been to the doctors like 5 times and they said they know what to do each time i get a different treatment and none of them work also i do NOT lick my lips and the dentist has told me that i he has something to cure the angular stomatitis (i'm not getting my hopes up however) but just got wait for my dreaded cold to go!!!

You should watch what you put in your mouth. And stop licking your lips so much.  (+ info)

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