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How does the respiratory system connect to other bodily systems?

I'm doing a science project, and talking about how Pulmonologoy and the respiratory system relates to other bodily system. I've already found info on the Digestive and and Cardiology system, but I'm at a loss for how it relates to the Endocrine, Excretory and Nervous systems. If you know any or all, please answer! Thanks so much!

nervous system: there are nerves that enervate the diaphragm (and thoracic muscles), which are critical to muscular manipulation of the lung volume.

Endocrine: see renin-angiotensin system.

Excretory: perhaps the surfactant excretions that decrease surface energies, so that the lung doesn't collapse onto itself.  (+ info)

What everyday system is similar to how your respiratory system works?

I need help thinking of ways the respiratory works. So if someone can think of a system that works like your respiratory system does, that would be great :)
If you dont understand my question, think of this; muscles work the same way a rubber band does.

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What shipping system do those fashion empires and popular clothing lines use?

I'm in the process of designing a website for my clothing line, but I have no idea what shipping system to use. I don't want to use one that takes days for the items to be delivered, I want one that offers same day shipping if possible.
Do any of you know what kind of shipping system the well-known clothing empires like Baby Phat or Gucci use?
Thanks a lot.

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How does the urinary system work in a patient going through dialysis?

I know that this may seem like an idiotic question considering the fact that the urinary system does nto really function in people going through dialysis. However, what is hindered in the urinary system of those going through dialysis? I guess that is a better question. Please explain the normal functioning of the urinary system, as well as, abnormal functioning of it as well. Thank you

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How to improve immune system without spending too much money?

My husband keeps getting a bad cough. NO, it's not H1N1. His immune system is low, and the constant temperature changes are taking him for a ride. Any ideas how he can boost his immune system without spending a lot of money?

Kelle is correct, he must eat more fruits and vegetables to boost his immunity. Carrots, broccoli, citrus, and practically any kind of plant food should help. He should cut back on dairy and meats. The immune system can be boosted. And that is not a myth, the top contributers have ulterior motives for suggesting otherwise. It goes something like this : " eat daily at McDonald's or KFC, forget about healthy food, Merck, Pfizer, et cetera, have these really good ( but expensive ) pills that will fix these health problems caused by immune system weakening diets. Cash or credit card "?  (+ info)

How do the circulatory system, respiratory system and digestive system function together and how do they meet?

how do the circulatory system, respiratory system and digestive system function together and how do they meet in the body?

I would really like to know the answer to this question. I have checked myself and have yet to discover a detailed answer.

thank you very much.

Whoa....rather a complex question that requires an extensive answer to be complete and detailed. Even with my pretty good knowledge of anatomy I can't do it typing from memory.

Let me refer you to my anatomy bible. It is the classic 1918 Anatomy of the Human Body by Bartleby. Even haven been written in 1918....it is still accurate. The human body hasn't changed.


If the information you need isn't here...it doesn't exist.  (+ info)

What are some ways to boost my immune system for this cold and flu season?

It seems that every year I get at least 3 or 4 colds/sinus infections and the flu at least a couple of times and it seems that it just gets worse every year. I pretty much catch any virus thats going around and frankly I'm getting tired of it. I'm looking for ways that I can boost my immune system so I don't get sick this cold and flu season. I plan on getting a flu shot as well. Does anyone know of some ways I can boost my immune system? I was thinking maybe of making like a smoothie or shake with several ingredients that help boost the immune system? Any ideas would be appreciated!

Try taking AirBorne (a supplement that boosts your immune system) and try to steer clear of people that exhibit symptoms of cold/flu.

Also you might want to try increasing your daily intake of vitamins, especially Vitamin C which can be found in orange juice and other fruits/juices. As you mentioned, smoothies can do wonders for your immune system, given they contain proper ingredients. Tropicana has a delicious brand of smoothies that are high in vitamins and nutrients that help to safeguard you against bacteria/other germs.

Make sure you get plenty of rest each night, otherwise it significantly lowers your immune system's ability to fight off disease and other air-borne germs.

Definitely wash your hands a lot as well, and try to not touch the door handles in public bathrooms - this is a huge germ collector. Hope this was helpful, good luck!  (+ info)

What is a good everyday acne system to use?

I used to have moderate to severe acne. I cleared most of it up with Clinique's acne system, but I'm looking for one that will completely clear my breakouts. What have you tried? What has been the best you have used? I have somewhat sensitive skin, so a slightly milder or more natural system would be better. Are there any tricks to completely clearing acne?

There is Skin id, but i havent tried that one but i have a homeremedie
get a cup of rice
put it in a bowl with water doesnt matter how many
let it sit over night
drain the rest of the water put it in a blender grind it till its smooth
then add a lemon stirr it
the put it in the freezer for 25 min the
wash ur face and has to be dry
put it on like a mask then leave it on for 30min wash off with medium hot water
see results in a week  (+ info)

What parts of the health care system in Canada is already privatized?

Are hospitals, doctors offices and emergency rooms part of the health care system that are already privatized? If so, what other parts of the health care system is already privatized? Thanks for all your help!

About 75 percent of health care services in Canada are delivered privately but funded publicly. The government does not run most of the hospitals and clinics; it only pays them for the services they provide, and sets the fees they can charge.

Some things are not covered by the government system, including prescription drugs and dental care. To cover those needs, most Canadians have supplemental private insurance, which is usually paid for by their employer.  (+ info)

What supplements can help the immune system get stronger after cancer treatment?

My friend recently had all the lymph nodes removed from the right side of his neck and shoulder after 3 months of very aggressive cancer treatment. His immune system is so weak his body can't seem to heal the wounds. What can he do to help his immune system get stronger, any advice on supplements etc would be SO helpful! Thank you!

This question REALLY needs to be posed to your doctor. While yahoo answers people are eager to help, and there may be some doctors in the house, you should not take medical advice from strangers on the internet.

That being said, look into eating more wholesome and nutritious foods in addition to whatever supplements your doctors suggest. I wish you all the best.  (+ info)

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