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How can i flush out my system and get rid of my cold?

I've been sick (a cold) for about 3 months now and i can't get rid of it fully. Is there a detox or somethign that can flush out my system and/or boost my immune system? Help!

hello first off all please take good food nice hot tea
you find vaporizers with eucalyptus oil or strips with menthol you will see relief if you try regularly .Get enough vitamin c by eating c rich foods :) Hope you feel fine
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How do I strengthen my immune system after I have taken a course of antibiotics?

I just want to know how to get my immune system strong again after I finished a course of antibiotics. By the way, I am also taking probiotics with the antibiotics I am on. So, how do you strengthen the immune system after you are done with a short-term course of antibiotics?

Make sure you are eating a well balanced diet (Increase your fruits and veggies the more colorful the better), are well hydrated with water, get plenty of rest, and take a multivitamin daily. Vit. C is well known for boosting immunity however I have not read any conclusive proof that it increases immunity. It does aid in tissue repair though among other things like zinc, protein and Iron so it won't hurt to take a little extra Vit. C. I would suggest you try to limit any stress in your life if possible. Exercise everyday for 30 minutes if you feel up to it. You may also want to eat some yogurt to prevent yeast infection because that is a common side effect after antibiotics. Try to keep that area dry to prevent growth and avoid tight clothing. Sorry if that was a bit too much info., but I figured that is something you should be aware of as well.  (+ info)

How do you boost your immune system to fight off a cold, allergy, or flu if you have an autoimmune disease?

Am writing a school paper about multiple sclerosis, so if you can relate your answer to MS, that would be awesome. I am very puzzled: The immune system is misidentifying myelin as a foreign invader, so if you "feed" nutrition to the immune system to fight off a virus or pollen, for example, doesn't it also increase the autoimmune response that destroys the myelin sheath?

i think you should really do a research paper on the credibility of the theory of autoimmune diseases. are they really the cause of the immune system fighting the body?

autoimmune diseases are kind of controversial.  (+ info)

What is the system of the body that helps you use the bathroom?

I want to know the name of the system in the body that helps you urinate.

muscular system. without it you cannot walk to the bathroom and you cannot contract your bladder.  (+ info)

How long does rum stay in the system?

I'm of legal drinking age, but I'm curious how long it stays in the system. I'm mildly allergic to it and have been feeling kinda crappy lately. Is there anything I can drink to flush it out of my system so I can feel better quickly?
What about a drug test? I have several job interviews this coming week. I don't want an interviewer to think I'm a lush!

Alcohol leaves the system by the next day but if you're allergic, stop drinking. you have a hangover.

Drink lots of water
no caffeine or sweetened drinks
eat non-spicy food
and say never again.  (+ info)

How much would you pay for a used travel system?

I'm selling a travel system that is still in great shape and some extras- 3 car seat bases, an extra car seat cover, and a Bundle Me in addition to the standard stroller and car seat. The system retails for about $200 new (without the extras). What do you think is a fair price or what would you be willing to pay for this? I'm putting it on Craigslist if that makes a difference. It's an Eddie Bauer Adventure Travel System.

I would start out for half the price and then be willing to go down. When buying used I usually want 1/2 off.

I know others have said they wouldnt buy a used carseat, but not everyone can afford to purchase a new one. I'd go half.  (+ info)

How would I go about detoxing my system from non prisciption drugs?

I need to have my system clean Monday. The test is a urine test so I was wondering if anyone knew of ways to detox my system with at home remedies? Thank you.

drink plenty of water but if its marijuana it takes 3 months to leave your body i know that as some friends in army would never smoke with us due to tests but other drugs leave body quicker.  (+ info)

How does the carat system work in jewlery?

I get confused when it comes to carats. Can anyone epxlain how the system works? What is the best/worst quality, what's the difference, e.t.c.

Gems & pearls - It is a unit of mass. 200mg = 1 carat

Gold - It is a measurement of purity. i.e. the more pure gold in the total mass, the higher the carat rating  (+ info)

Explain the function of the respiratory system and its function?

Group Project

The human body is composed of a number of organ systems that work together to perform all the necessary functions of the body. Each organ system is comprised of a number of component organs that work together to accomplish certain tasks.

Here are three important human organ systems: Circulatory, Respiratory, & Endocrine.

Your group will choose one of these three organ systems.

Imagine that you have been asked to provide an explanation about the structure and function of this system to a specific segment of the general public, perhaps a group of senior citizens, pregnant women, or student athletes, who want to learn more about normal functions of the human body as well as health concerns.

You will be providing the seniors with an informative handout. In this handout you will cover the following topics:

Describe the general function of the system and explain how the organ system contributes to physiological homeostasis of the human organism?
Explain how the organ system interacts with other organ systems in the human body.
List the organs in this system and state the function of each organ listed.
Select one representative organ in this system. Describe its structure and explain how the structure relates to the specific function of the organ. When describing the structure, include details about the types of cells in the organ as well as the types of tissues.
Select one specific disease associated with this organ system and explain how it affects the system and human health

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What do the integumetary and the nervous system have in common?

I am 12, and doing a project on human body matchmaking. It's srtof like, a dateing thing, ex.- the immune system likes to fight because it likes to fight off disease. So it would be perfect going with the integumentary, which is protective because it likes to protect the skin from anything that could hurt. I really cannot find anything that would make the integumentay and the nervous system go together. Or any qualitys that it could have. HELP!! I REALLY WANT A GOOD GRADEEE!

Well, the integumentary system is the essentially the skin, which is the largest organ in the body, since it covers your entire body. The nervous system also covers the entire body, so it too is very large. They have that in common.  (+ info)

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