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What are 3 viruses and bacteria that attack the immune system?

Im doing a project in my biology class about viruses and bacteria.

The question is "Describe at least 3 viruses and bacteria that attack the immune system. Also explain how they work, live and survive."

I already have one virus (HIV) but i need 2 more viruses and 3 bacterias that attack immune system. Also can you elaberate on how HIV attacks the immune system and how it survives?

Thanks for all your help!

Attack is kind of a bad word here!! Viruses "generate" an immune response. 3 such virus ..some common one:1-Herpes, Chicken Pox( varicella zoster virus), Rabies virus( Rabies disease), Measles Virus, Rubella virus.
Bacteria: pneumonia( streptococcus pneumoniae),Salmonella(salmonella species), Gonorrhea( Neisseria gonorrhoeae)..other diseases- syphylis,cholera..you can google these and see the name of the bacteria.

Viruses are parasites and their mode of operation varies. They can survive only when they parasitise another organism, you name the organism and there is a virus that lives on it.They live in our cells, the nucleus, cytoplasm and they live in a varied number of cells. Some specialise in cells of the nervous system, immune system(HIV), etc. Even bacteria have viruses that parasitize them- they are called bacteriophage.
HIV virus is a very special virus , in that it has evolve to live within the very cells that are suppose to be protecting us- The many cells of the immune system- macrophages and Tcells. HIV uses a receptor(CD4) that is present on Thelper cells to invade our body. The problem here is that the Thelper cells are called whenever there is an invasion( a foreign matter /antigen) in our system and are absolutely necessary for us to remain healthy. Once they have been invaded by the virus then they are marked for death. The body begins to remove them in an attempt to get rid of teh virus. Thereby rendering us more vulnerable to other infections- because now our defense is being broken down. Viruses on a hold have been able to manipulate our bodies to their advantage being the true parasites they are. for more information you can go to google really/ any university link, once that end in dot edu should be good. i hope i was helpful i tried my best. Good luck!!  (+ info)

How does the human respiratory system work?

My little sister needs a simple explaination on how the system works. She is 8.

Our respiratory system is the one responsible for our breathing. It's major organ is the lungs where the oxygen (the air that we breathe in) and the carbon dioxide (the air that we breathe out) exchanges. Without this system our body will not be able to get oxygen which is very important for us to live.  (+ info)

What happens in your respiratory system when you inhale dust?

Say a big cloud of dust flies in your face while cleaning out a closet… you will probably cough and sneeze.
In addition to these violent exhalations, what are the parts of the respiratory system that are working to keep dust out of your lungs? And what are they doing?

That's what the upper respiratory system is all about.If you breathe the dust in through your nose, dust particles get trapped in the mucous membrane right away but what gets by is caught up in the nasal passages with the turbinates. In the nasal cavity air swirls around a bit and that increases the amount of dust that gets trapped when it hits the walls. Now you're down to the pharynx where you've got the epiglottis and a number of other structures there that are lined with moist membranes.All of these trap the dust also. What gets by the larynx and into the trachea has a real problem because the mucous membranes there are much more responsive to inhaled foreign bodies. Mucous is produced by the glands that line the airways. This traps whatever remains of the dust. Now there are structures in your airways that look like little hairs but they are anything but. They are called cillia and their responsibility is a wave like motion to move the excess mucous escalator fashion back up towards the trachea. Once enough mucous gets into the trachea it stimulates a cough, if you haven't already and expels the dust out.  (+ info)

How long would alcohol stay in system for?

Ok ive got my last day at school tomorrow before we break up. Im planning to have a bit to drink with my mates at the start but ive got work in the evening and i dont want to be drunk for that! I only plan to get tipsy on a few vodka shots but if i drink at 12 shud i be alright for work in the evening at around 6? Or how many hours does it take for units to get out of system? Many thanks!

Eat a heap of fatty stuff and you'll have zero after 12 hours easy.  (+ info)

How do you clean out your system in a short period of time?

I have to clean out my system of marijuana for a job drug test. Can anybody tell me how to do this in just a couple of days.

I've been in this situation before if i were you i would just drink plenty of water and cranberry juice also helps because it will clean out your kidneys and i hope you luck on that one  (+ info)

What is the fastest way to clean out your system?

I stoped smoking about a week ago but i still need my system clean for a job so what suplement or anything is the fastest way to clean my system out?

Niacin 250 mg - get them at GNC - They are dietary pills, they clean your system out, you can ask someone at the store about them also. -take 2 every few hours for a couple days with lots of water. Try and take them even more when at home since your body will turn red and you will get a red rash for about 25 minutes. I know it sounds nuts but I myself and lots of people I know have done this. If you want you can then go to Jewel/Osco and buy a home test- they also work.  (+ info)

How does the diabetic medication glimipiride work in the system?

New doctors have found out I was misdiagnosed with diabetes. There were problems with the glucose tolerance test. My doctor said I had hypoglycemia. He told me I needed to be treated with diabetic medication. What effect would the glimiperide have on my system? Did it make my pancreas increase my insulin levels, trying to lower my blood sugar levels ? However it worked, it really has my endocrine system all messed up. Does anyone know about this?

Glimepride (Brand name: Amaryl) is a sulfonylurea. It causes the pancreas to release insulin and is longer acting than some other sulfonylureas. Side effects include the possibility of it causing hypoglycemia and weight gain. It's important for the doctor to monitor the patient's liver functions on a regular basis, because the liver is involved with getting rid of ther drug in the system.  (+ info)

How to help the foster care system without taking a child?

Right now we are not capable of taking in a foster child but would like to help the system.
Does anyone have any ways to help these children when you are not in a position to provide them a home?

Make a donation:

time (volunteer) to organize a fundraiser
donate clothing, food, or toiletries
petition lawmakers to grant more funds for foster care (write letters)
you could donate toys or gifts for children around the holidays
you could offer to mentor a child "Big Brother/Big Sister" programs
You could hold a canned food drive at your local place of worship or supermarket and donate the goods to foster care families around Thanksgiving
You could organize garage sales with all profits going to foster care

What a wonderful idea, to want to help the foster care system! You sound like you have a wonderful heart for others. Good luck to you!  (+ info)

how does the nervous system work with the respiratory system? How do they work together?

Does the respiratory system and the nervous system actually work together?

The nervous system effects every single part of your body. The nervous system consists of every nerve tissue in the body. You have nerve tissue in your fingers to tell you when something is hot or cold, in your stomach to let the brain know to send the impulses that digest food, and in your lungs to tell you when to breathe and how much air to breathe in. There are 3 respiratory centers in the brain that control the respiratory rate.

There are stretch receptors in the lungs that tell the brain that the alveoli are completely expanded and that it is time to stop breathing. Your breathing also controls the acidity of the blood. If the blood gets too acidic, the brain tells you to breathe faster to release carbon dioxide. There are also receptors that tell you when to cough, sneeze, sigh (breathe in deeper), etc.

In addition to all of that, you have smooth muscle (involntary muscle) lining the respiratory tract. The nervous system tells the smooth muscle when to contract and when to dialate in response to various stimulation. There are many, many, many stimuli that cause responses - far too many to go over here.  (+ info)

What body system works in conjunction with the endocrine system to distribute hormones?

im thinking its the nervous system, but im not sure.

The circulatory system. The endocrine glands basically spew hormones into the blood, which transports them through the body.  (+ info)

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