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How does post traumatic stress disorder differ from acute stress discorded?

How does post traumatic stress disorder differ from acute stress discorded

Hi Krystlin. The only difference between Acute Stress Disorder and PTSD is the length of time that symptoms have been experienced. If the symptoms have been present for less than 30 days, then criteria is not met for PTSD and the diagnosis is Acute Stress. After 30 days, PTSD is the correct diagnosis. The actual diagnostic criteria are essentially the same. All the best.  (+ info)

What are the main Differences Between Acute Stress Disorder and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?

What are the characterisitcs of each individual disorder that separates them? As there are 2 different names, there must be individual characteristics!

There is a difference.

ASD is immediately after the traumatic experience that causes the stress. It's a bit more recent than the diagnosis of PTSD because researchers realized that some people experienced trauma immediately after the experience. It was before considered 'shell shock', but now has a technical diagnosis and technical definition.

ASD must occur within four months of the incident. PTSD isn't that way, it can happen years and years after whatever happened. So basically the difference is in the time-frame and not in the symptoms.  (+ info)

Can hypnotherapy be treated for post traumatic stress disorders or obsession compulsive disorder?

John, why isn't it recommended if it can help?

Well, yes it can help but is it recommended? No.

PTSD and other mental disorders/conditions, are treated by Hypnotherapy.

There is a technique in hypnotherapy called Past Regression and this MAY help release any feelings or emotions regarding what may of happened in the past. A Psychiatrist may be your best bet depending on how severe.

What hypnotherapy does is go into your mind and with your permission re-programs how you think about certain things. Its most commonly used to quit smoking, lose weight, overcome fears/phobias, etc.

Hope this helps you!  (+ info)

Does anyone suffer with anxiety or anxiety disorders like post traumatic stress?

I have anxiety and stress, that I cannot seem to get controlled. I do not want to take medication such as zanax or anything like that. I would like to find a natural way of curing this or at least a natural way of getting this under control. Does anyone have any suggestions??

I have suffered with anxiety/panic attacks and agoraphobia for about 2 or 3 years. Im the same i didn't want to just be given drugs and sent on my way. But my therapist is teaching me something called "Self Regulation Therapy"
Basically you learn how to get rid of negative feeling and how NOT to focus on bad things like feeling you cannot breathe or feeling like you have are about to choke, things you usually experience with panic/anxiety.
It is more powerful than medication you might be offered because once you get the hang of it you can use it whenever you need to and it doesn't cost anything or has any side effects.
There are loads of herbal remedies you can use for anxiety like lavender or chamomile to use in oils/tea's/bathsalts etc
Also remember to have a motive. Maybe a pet, or a hobby, something you can turn to when you are feeling bad. Pets are very theraputic, cats especially, because a lot of people find their purring very relaxing.

=]  (+ info)

What illnesses and disorders can a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder be at risk for?

Depression and anxiety would be the main ones. I guess in very serious cases of PTSD you could have psychotic episodes.

Also if the PTSD is causing you a large amount of stress and/or is interfering with your sleep, then your immune system wouldn't be at its best, meaning that you would be more likely to catch any illnesses going around.  (+ info)

Theory for Acute Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder?

If I have a patient with PTSD what theory would work best. I was thinking of using CBT, but I would like some opinions about my choice and if it is the right one.

  (+ info)

is it possible that i have an acute case of post-traumatic stress disorder?

last year i was a bubbly outgoing person... but my parents decided to send me away to a strange country for 9 months to live with very distant relatives who didn't speak english. i was really depressed there. i didnt make any friends. i didnt open up or anything. i cried almost every night.

then when i came back home, it felt like i was never the same again. i never want to socialize. im super super shy. i never talk to my old friends anymore. every time i have to see my old friends, i clam up and get shy and i cry.

why is this? i used to be outgoing and close with all my friends. could it be possible that i have an acute case of post-traumatic stress disorder or something?

I personally believe that extreme shyness is actually a mild form of PTSD.  (+ info)

Can trauma in infancy cause post traumatic stress disorder thoughout the infants entire life?

I was burned over 90 percent of my body at 3 months old. I was sleeping and a nearby pan of boiling water fell on top of me in my crib. My life has been plagued with nervous disorders, panic attacks, depression and CONSTANT anxiety.

Of course it can, and that is a very painful thing that happened to you as a baby, that would wipe out an adult!
Babyhood is a time when we are learning trust in our caregivers ,and the world, and that comes about by how we are treated and what happens. If something traumatic happens, and this would be considered traumatic at any age........then , yes , it most definitely wll have its impact on how we perceive the world and how safe it is, with a constant 'nervous' underlying everything (what will suddenly happen to me that will be overwhelmingly painful , could be a theme on some level about the world of this grown up baby) , panic, depression, etc...........see?
Now, the GOOD news is that over the last 10 years there is an energy and healing method developed to REMOVE the trauma from back then or any time, quickly and you do not have to relive it at all..........anyone who tells you you have to relive it , doesnt know what they are doing and are sadistic.....you DONT............
Since you were so young , I think you should consider hiring a therapist to help you with this, but you dont really have to at all.
If you read the resource and tutorial method , the 'tearless ' version there, , watch the video of veterans being healed from ptsd.......yes, with this method, and you can apply the free version to anything bothering you at all.........you dont have to believe it will work, it does any way.
eftuniverse.com click on 'get started free' stressproject.org veterans healing from ptsd rapidly
and to hire trained therapists that will work over the phone if you learn the method , eftmastersworldwide.com
check out ann ross, gwenth moss , and others and see if one seems right for you.

The only other healing merhod I know of is called EMDR and a trained therapist has to administer that to you.
I prefer EFT.........I have found it works really well, almost miraculously......but it is based in science.
best wishes in your healing..........
If you go conventional therapy , you will not be helped and you will not ever be free of these horrible memories and feelings...............they will medicate you forever, and try to 'talk' it out. It will be very painful and not helpful.
this is the best method i have found and use.  (+ info)

How does post traumatic stress disorder effect war veterans?

i have to write a paper on post traumatic stress disorder, and how it impacts iraq and vietnam veterans. so i really nee some help looking for articles, and some ideas,okay so please help me out guys

well first off, everyone can get post traumatic stress from anything, its all mental, and i have it to be honest. Its not something you can control and its not something that is left unnoticed. You often catch yourself going through random flashbacks of a stressful situation. like I've noticed that when Im playing a video game, doesnt matter which game, but i was playing it and all of a sudden i was thinking about the stressful time that caused the post traumatic stress. and its like you re-live it temporarily, but some time had gone by because i had died on my game and my little sister had come in and asked me what i was doing. it causes bad dreams and makes you want to not sleep. depending on how bad it is. it just overall isnt something that is tolerable for very long  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

What are the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and how do they differ from the symptoms of just stress?

What can be done to help someone heal over PTSD?

Some basic symptoms: effort to avoid thoughts or feelings associated with trauma.
efforts to avoid activities arouse recollection of trauma
inability to recall an important aspect of event
markedly diminished interest in significant activities
feelings of detachment from others
restricted range of affects
increased startle reflex
increased dreams of like events
intense psychological distress at exposure to events that symbolize or resemble an aspect of event.

There are several good sites to look up Mental health issues. One being NAMI.org and then looking up diagnosis. Or Mental Health America.net
And as far as counseling you need to look for someone with experience with PTSD. and yes many people live good productive lives. Feel Free to email me if you'd like to chat. God Bless Reggie  (+ info)

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