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How do I find proof that I was pregnant and had a baby at 15?

I have had ptsd since my oldest son was born. I just delivered my 3rd baby now and I have woken up out of my 3 1/2 year old stupor and started to flashback what happened. I had a baby girl and I want to know where she is. Any suggestions of how to help?

Talk to whatever doctors you've seen since then, and a therapist as well. They can help you the most in this time and may be able to help you track her down as well or know what happened.  (+ info)

I am a genius but also an alcoholic?

I'm frighteningly smart but I also drink alot. Once a week I drink myself into a stupor. My intelligence hasn't dropped(I've knocked off two bottles tonight, I'm aiming for more too) but I need little advice. Not that rabble advice either. Serious, been there, done that type.
Dumb arse, no. I'm still articulate. That's the problem. I'm still coherent, reasonably. I am very smart but often drunk too.

As far as African animals survive? I'm not sure of the point. I'm an Australian so I doubt animals change anything
Okay, I am wealthy. But AA is an organisation for born agains. Not me. I need advice that isn't AA orientated.

I am currently going through this. The easiest way to not drink is not to put yourself in situations where you will drink. Stay away from bars, sporting events, house parties, etc. The other thing is if you're like me, don't have that first beer or shot. One drink usually turns into 20 for me. Stay away from the first one, and you won't have any trouble. If anyone asks why your not drinking, just tell them you don't feel too good. That will get them off your back for the most part. Get all the booze out of your house too, no greater temptation than easily drank booze. It is extremely hard to affect your intelligence by drinking, but your liver and kidneys can suffer.  (+ info)

How come i keep dreaming about the same guy but have no memory of meeting him?

I dont ever drink, or use drugs, so i know that i wouldnt have met this person in a drunkin stupor or anything but i keep dreaming about him at least 2-3 times a week. Just wondering about this.
I am married and i worry because this person i am dreaming about is not my husband and the dreams are romantic in nature...could it be that i am having these because my marriage is not good as in i have an abusive husband and could have i invented this guy because of that? I dont know just speculation....thanks for all the great answers so far!!!! And thanks to all of you for not thinking i am crazy!!! :)
Oh in response to Sara M....yes i can see his face...can feel him touch me and me touch him just like a real person.

Nikki has it. Your mind invented someone, a character of convenience, a character of interest, a character of intrigue, a character of hidden hope. He doesn't have the baggage of real men, so if he turns out bad your mind can get rid of him and if he turns out good you keep him. Since he worked for you, your mind uses him again and again.  (+ info)

Can any1 SUGGEST a coffeemaker w/ a stainless carafe re: reliability B4 I develop chronic OCD, pleeez o_o ?

Help ... slipping into a caffeine stupor. Prefer programmable. Prefer great taste. Prefer fit under counter. Prefer a water level indicator before I stretch my neck so far my head pops off! Seriously, I just want a dependable, quality coffeemaker. Thank you any1 who may understand my plight. Oh, I also prefer it cost $100 or less. I'm giving this obsession to you out there to share the burden w/ me before I truly develop permanent brain damage. o_o

I have one I'm getting rid of. I'm switching back to old style Melitta carafe. If you're in N. Ca. it's yours! [email protected]  (+ info)

Heart attack followed by Cardiac arrest followed by a Coma/Stupor?

My brother in law 42 years old has had a massive heart attack followed by cardiac arrest followed by a Coma/Stupor. He has been in this condition for 100 hours now. The doctors first said Coma and now say Stupor.
What is the difference between Coma and Stupor and what is the prognosis? He has hardly responded except for a flicker of the eye on one day and a slight arm movement on another day.
Please help and provide some insight. Appreciate any response.

the docs should answer this for you. odd that they havent
hope that site helps. scroll down, and the chart tells you about comas and stupors and all that. i hope he gets better, and pray for you, him and your family.  (+ info)

What is the best local brew in the United States?

I am always looking for good new beers...Help me pass a boring week in a drunken, happy stupor...

west coast =Arrogant Bastard from StoneBrewing no.county San Diego
mid west =New Belgium brewing in Colorado
east coast=Dogfishhead brewing delaware  (+ info)

I know OCD can trigger the onset of depression, but can depression trigger OCD?

Initially I had the OCD intrusive thoughts which led to depression. I pulled myself out of that stupor and the thoughts faded away a couple weeks. Now the depression creeped back in and the thoughts followed. Is this normal?

sometimes when my depression acts up i get anxiety i.e. restless and tired which causes my mind to race and drift and when my mind drifts around my obssessive though can gain ground so in my expereience yes!!!  (+ info)

What coke product has the best point yield for the My Coke Rewards promotion?

Today, I ordered a small custom Papa John's Pizza, with two drinks, a twenty ounce Mr. Pibb, and a Sprite. The late breakfast, early lunch was pretty good, though, I think I 'et up too much. A stupor, an overstuffed stupor, I laid in, eyes wandering, listless, lamenting the remainder of my pitiful short summer. It was then I spied the empty 20 ounce bottles having an incestuous affair atop the worn finish of the coffee table. Naturally, they were capless; eyes pulled to attention, I spied the little dot matrix scrawlings of a code on the inside of the Mr. Pibb cap. It piqued my interest, so I sighed and sat up, holding back my urge to retch, and decided that there was nothing better to do at the moment than to get my cash's worth out of the drinks; hissing out a "Why not?" on the way to the site. Disappointingly, the caps only had a total of six points, I was hoping for more. So, I searched halfheatedly for the best pointage for my cashage; no answers at all. At last, I turned here....

Dasani bottles come in 24 packs and have a 20 point code on the bottom of the plastic covering under a little black square.

Also, every now and then they have double point days where you earn twice the amount of points for each code entered. There are also people that sell codes/caps on Ebay for a fraction of what the soda costs.  (+ info)

What is a good cheap alcoholic drink that doesn't leave my breath smelling like alcohol??

I don't like coming home smelling like beer because my dad picks up the scent quickly even after I down a lot of food and take a lot of mints so usually when I drink I ask to stay the night out. Sometimes I'd just like to come home drunk and I control my drunken stupor well around my parents, but my dad detects the smells 10 feet away.

I hardly drink, I am still a lightweight, and I don't like hard liquors. I only drink beer but like I said I don't want my father picking up the scent.

I was curious, will Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill leave a strong smell in my breath?? If so what other cheap drink out there can I drink? Keep in mind I am a lightweight, I usually get wasted off a 40, so I probably won't mind wine coolers much.
If I could get prices of the drinks you recommend also I'd appreciate it.

get some creme de menthe -- you can mix it with vodka and its called a vodka stinger. it makes you smell like you just drank minty mouthwash. yum.

switch to malts too -- like smirnoffs or wine coolers that are actually malts and not wine. the distilling of malt leaves little stink. beer has the worst stink from the distilled barley and hops. my fave malt is a bottle of stuff called verdi -- its a malt that is labeled a spumante -- like an italian champagne. pour it in a pitcher with a cup of grape juice and chug. its better than any wine cooler on the market. you can thank me later.  (+ info)

Drug that induces drowsiness or stupor(8) m-v-o-i-?

Its for a crossword!!! Thats all.My dad counldnt get it so i wanted to.

Your not taking this by any chance are you? is that why no-one understands the question?  (+ info)

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