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What are the long term effects of "whip its" or nitrous oxide?

Yesterday I caught my 9 year old son doing "whip its". Apparently "whip its" are shots of nitrous oxide sealed in one hit containers. He told me it was the same as sucking all of the freon out of a Redi Whip can. I was appalled to find my son in this state of stupor, so I decided to teach him a lesson. I made him suck all of the freon out of a brand new Redi Whip can. Shortly thereafter he began slurring his words and calling me pappie. It has been 24 hours since the incident and he is still stumbling and hasn't fully regained cognizance. My wife is coming back in town tomorrow. Will he be okay by then? Should I just weather the storm?

You may have permanently damaged his brain by forcing him to take in that much freon.

I'd see a doctor immediately.  (+ info)

differential diagnosis of stupor?

Stupor is a common condition which presents itself in response to or during emergency medical services. It is defined as a clinical syndrome of akinesis and mutism but with relative preservation of conscious awareness.

Stupor is not the same thing as a coma or a vegetative state. For example, some people who become injured suddenly with a concussion or some other cognitive impairment resulting from injury enter a stupor, where they are partially aware of their surroundings, or they become unconscious until they are revived by themselves or by others.  (+ info)

45 yr old, drunken stupor every day. rehab failed, how can I help? Gonna Die. Any addiction specialists answe?

married 2 daughters. Can't stop drinking. Is there a way to have him committed?

well, the only way you can have him 'committed' so to speak, is to have him arrested when he is drunk and disorderly, or wait till he gets behind the wheel again...that is usually a sobering thing, when you are arrested for a dui, and have to sober up for a bit...of course rehab failed, very few make it where AA might work, as it is something that incorporates God and Jesus, the only true salvation to save you .....Honey, Pray for this person, and I know it sounds mean, but you might want to have him arrested when he gets behind the wheel, and save his and someone elses life in the proccess...maybe then he might have to slow down long enough for you to talk to him sober.  (+ info)

okay, DRUNKEN stupor.?

Okay, the other night my boyfriend used conditioner as lube and now I have a white kinda sour smelling discharge. Is it my body cleaning it out?
HAHA I wasn't using a condom, thanks for being so rude.

  (+ info)

jack has been in and out of mental hospitals most of his life. he seems to experience periods of extreme?

"highs" followed by periods of extreme "lows" in cycles. the "highs" are sometimes so high that he is almost incoherent and the "lows" are sometimes so low that his is almost in a stupor and must be tube-fed. what kind of a(n) disorder john's can be diagnosed?

Bipolar disorder 1  (+ info)

Is you employer resposible for you if there is a medical change in you health?

I got sick at work, my sugar dropped and I became confused and couldnt even walk. They assumed it was drug induced. they drug tested me and sent me home. I was found at home in a stupor with a BS of 34. Is that failure to provide medica care b/c I was an employee?

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2 year stupor....regretted!?

I'm ashamed to admit after being active, I am now a lazy person. I'm a waitress, and also a black belt in taekwondo. However I haven't been back in 2 years and you sure can tell! I've had a very stressful 2 years(marriage, moving 3 times in a 2 month period, and hosts of other "issues"), I have gained about 20 pounds(I had 10 pound of muscle when I was healthy but I think now that's liquified to fat) Right now I have NO exercise routine. I have a lot of pressure in my spine, so sit ups are difficult for me, and my midsection is the part that is suffering. I'm starting to cut out caffiene and soft drinks. I'm considering going back to class once a week but it isn't very motivational for me anymore, I would rather do kickboxing but its not offered around here. I'm 21, anemic, and depressed because of my situation. I feel pathetic, as I should, but I never lost weight(or inches) in taekwondo and I was in good shape! I just want to lose inches(not weight necessarily)! Any advice? Thanks!
I do like to walk or jog, I have no motivation by myself usually, but it is winter. I like to lift free weights.
I'm 5'4 and 145, I'm used to weighing around 125-130(depending on what exercise routine I was in), weightlifting I weighed around 125, TKD I weighed 130....and then...AWWW!!!

  (+ info)

I missed taking my birth control 3 days in a row? what do i do?

i recently had tonsillectomy surgery, in my drug induced stupor and being unable to swallow little less than water i forgot to take my pills 3 days going on 4 straight. Now i have started a cycle, what do i do?

Wait until your cycle finishes, and then start a new pack of birth control pills. Make sure that you use another form of protection for the next 14 days as you are not protected against pregnancy. Or, you can start taking the pills beginning today, and it will just mess up your cycle, but you still need another form of protection for the next 14 days (though with some types of birth control it's only 7 days).  (+ info)

When was the last time you cut your servants hair whilst in a gin induced stupor?

Recently while out of my mind on a 48 hours gin drinking marathon I decided it would be a rather good wheeze to restyle my servants hair using only a plastic knife and fork and a Zippo lighter the results of which can best only be described as comical. Mrs Humfrey's and Jenkins looked for all the world like extras from the Muppet show. Their sad faces at breakfast this morning made my day. But now I grow tired of their ridiculous look can I sack them for looking unsightly?

Depends old boy. I've certainly sacked people for less. One time I woke up after a night on the gin only to discover I had fired the entire kitchen staff because I mistook their white uniforms for those of the Ku Klux Klan. Scared the willies out of me at the time, I can tell you.
A word of caution though-down trodden staff who are willing to be ill treated are getting scarcer these days. You could ditch the old duffers, but who would replace them? Possibly one of the masses from the former Communist states? Their former experience of totalitarian regimes make them remarkably willing to put up with humiliation and abuse in exchange for their dry crust of bread a day.  (+ info)

How do you control constant flatulence with associated explosive diarrhea?

My most recent trip to Tijuana, at least what I remember from it, was quite enjoyable. However, I may have eaten a worm that was at the bottom of a tequila bottle at some roadside cantina. Supposedly that bottle was over 75 years old. They kept it high on a shelf and challenged me, "El Gringo", to bite the worm. Once I awoke from my stupor, these bowel problems followed. Help me!!!
Thanks for nobody answering yet. If any of you care, I survived. My bowels feel like a little gnome snuck up them with a cheese grater.

Sorry, I didn't answer earlier. But papaya juice, the concentrate would have done wonders. Along with pineapple juice. Charcoal and chorphylly would have reduce the odor.  (+ info)

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