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How do I hide short hair?

So in a drunken stupor the idea of a mohawk didn't seem like a bad idea.

Now that my mid back long hair has vanished and I"m sitting with a huge dilemma: I miss my hair.

the sides are sitting at an inch and a half with the hawk length at approximately 11 inches, when the hair is down it looks like I have thinner shoulder length hair with 2 shelves (2 distinct seperate layers) I'm able to hide the bare sides with the faux dreads many industrial goths sport but dreadlocks like a mohawk are intense not pretty.

At what length of hair to clip in extensions become effective?
should I keep to the chunky dreads or go short? I've had short hair once it was nice, but I don't want to look tom boyish.

what's the most effective way of getting a longer looking style back fast?

Currently I have stick with the dread till christmas when I may be lucky enough to have clip in extensions.

Any help aside from the don't drink with someone who has hair cutting urg
I really don't want a wig. and currently do not have a picture available.
I"m considering a misfits style devilock feminised obviously, but that completely ruins and long hair I have left

invest in a good weave, or a wig  (+ info)

do any of those hangover prevention pills work?

cos i feel ROUGH and next time i dont want a hangover.
and yes i KNOW i should drink water but i forget when passing out in a drunken stupor.

R U 21 pills really worked for me - you have one with every pint or every drink - I woke in the morning a little light headed but that's all - My mate's all took the pi*s while I took them, but I was the one laughing in the morning!  (+ info)

Anyone any tips on getting a restful night?

I'm 30 and for weeks now I have been having trouble sleeping!
I have trouble getting to sleep and when I eventually do drop off, I am awake again, sometimes within half an hour... then it is every half hour all night, plus the slightest little noise adds to that.
I don't have any major problems in my life, enjoy a healthy social life, have a great family and lots of friends.
I refuse to take tablets and have tried drinking myslef into a stupor, (still doesn't work) meditation, exercise and just lying there quietly hoping i will at least feel rested...
I used to be quite still sleeper, but I am finding that when I wake up I am upside down in my bed or on a couple of occassions wake up coz I have fallen out.. (I have a double bed but am single so sleep alone)..
Any suggestions...

Get some pure essential lavender oil and put a few drops on each side of your pillow. Make sure your room is quite cool and aired. When going to sleep, decide what time in the morning you are going to wake up then say right I'll think about anything else tomorrow. Then start to watch the darkness behind your eyes and focus on it, nothing else start to see the wee patterns and squiggles that you get.

Also if you are lying awake worrying about getting to sleep and knowing just how tired you'll be the next day, just do what my wee brother told me and relax and realise that it's ok and at least you are giving your body a good rest which is doing it good and helping your health.

Also try not to sleep in to make up for lack of sleep cause then you'll not be tired enough the next night.

All these things work a treat for me anyway.  (+ info)

How can huffing kill you?

ok, so from what ive read online the way it gets you high is just because your brain is lacking oxygen when you huff...so how is it possible to kill you? you just suffocate your brain into a stupor and then keep going because you dont realize that your brain is going to stop...then it does? i dont want people to tell me its stupid and stuff...i know this, i dont do it, im just curious of how it scientifically can kill you.

Inhalants affect your brain. Inhalants are substances or fumes from products such as glue or paint thinner that are sniffed or "huffed" to cause an immediate high. Because they affect your brain with much greater speed and force than many other substances, they can cause irreversible physical and mental damage before you know what's happened.
Inhalants affect your heart. Inhalants starve the body of oxygen and force the heart to beat irregularly and more rapidly--that can be dangerous for your body.
Inhalants damage other parts of your body. People who use inhalants can lose their sense of smell; experience nausea and nosebleeds; and develop liver, lung, and kidney problems. Chronic use can lead to muscle wasting and reduced muscle tone and strength.
Inhalants can cause sudden death. Inhalants can kill you instantly. Inhalant users can die by suffocation, choking on their vomit, or having a heart attack.

Some long term abuse of inhalants can result in serious harm to vital organs in the body, including the brain, heart, kidneys, and liver. The vaporous fumes can change brain chemistry and may permanently damage the brain and central nervous system. They can cause abnormalities in brain areas that are involved in movement and high cognitive function. Frequent, long-term use can cause a permanent change or malfunction of nerves, called polyneuropathy. Certain inhalants can also cause the body to produce fewer of all types of blood cells, which may result in a disorder called aplastic anemia.
Other symptoms seen by long-term inhalant abusers include weight loss, muscle weakness, disorientation, inattentiveness, uncoordinated movement, irritability, and depression.  (+ info)

What will be your cause of death when it comes?

Road traffic Accident?, Alcoholic stupor? Cancer? Murder? Manslaughter?
War?........ just guessing?

Mine will probably be stress related.  (+ info)

Why do I feel sick when BP rises?

In my case it is not the silent killer. I start heavy breathing, no appetite, stupor like, can't sleep. Starts at 60's/40's and climes to 190's/99. After meds comes down to normal again and I feel better.

No temperature when happens.

Happens everyday now. Even twice daily.

Consult your doctor ASAP.  (+ info)

Is getting drunk by yourself fun?

May be a stupid question but would like reasonable answers anyway.

Personally, I have only gotten smashed with my mates and I always have a good time...So i was wonderin if I was to do the same by myself would I have the same kind of fun? or just drink myself into a depressed stupor?

I would call this different i like it more sometimes no noise, no trouble, i can control the situation and if you watching your favorite movie or connecting with your friends through the msn and have a few beers or any other drink yes it's nice sometimes more enjoyable it's also part of growing up usually older people or mature people prefer have glass of wine or few beer to be drunk at home watch movie, listen to good music just chill take a time off from all the thing happened that day so yeah it's good  (+ info)

My son got autism traits from aluminum in vaccines. Zinc supplements cured him. How can I spread the word?

At 15 months old, my son got 3 vaccines. He was a healthy little boy, talking but not walking. That night, he screamed all night, stopped speaking and did not say another word (no Mama or Dada) for almost 3 weeks. The next day he was in a stupor, and got a fever that lasted for a week. He had problems crawling into things, and was no longer able to walk while holding my hand. My oldest child had a similar reaction to vaccines, and she now has a mild form of autism. Took him to our pediatrician who said it was coincidence this happened to 2 of my children on the day they got shots. I ignored this and researched online what could have been in the vaccines my son got to cause this reaction, and found two of them contained aluminum, an OSHA-regulated neurotoxin. I had his blood tested--he had aluminum poisoning. 3 months after the shots, we met a Dr who said zinc reduces aluminum levels. In one week, my son began to speak in sentences, play w/ other kids, act like a kid again.

I am very happy for you, but there is no scientific evidence that says that vaccines contribute to the onset of Autism. There have been many studies but it hasn't been proven.  (+ info)

Is there a possibility that a skull fracture was misdiagnosed as just a subdural hematoma?

Last summer at our family reunion,my sister was involved in an accident in the pool.My nephew jumped on top of her in the water,and she hit the bottom of the concrete pool with her head in her R temporal region.She says when she got out of the pool that she was disoriented for a short amount of time, but the swelling began immediately.It was huge!With all of the medical people in our family, not one person thought she needed to have a CT scan.They sat her on the couch with ice on her head.The rest of the day it seemed as though she was in a drunken stupor.The bruising startedabout 72 hours later.She had a moon face with raccoon eyes,bruising on the R side of her face,and bruising behind her right ear with severe headache lasting for about two weeks.I finally talked her into going to the ER.2 CT scans later and no fracture.Since she has had memory loss,H/A,muscle weakness,neck pain,and 3 hard nodules have appeared behind R ear. I can't convince her to call a neurologist.

She needs to go to the doctor ASAP. It is not the skull fracture you should be worried about. When bleeding in the brain occurs it creates a site of injury. At this site the are gets very acidic because of the damage. Then your immune system tries to fight the damage by neutrophils and macrophages. They eat through the tissue and you make scars. In the brain the scars are permanent and they cannot be fixed. When blood supply begins to regenerate at that site, a person can develop another bleed, that cannow be affecting any areas of the brain, also it is possible to get a reperfusion injury to the body that will create cell death and make holes in the brain. SERIOUSLY TIE HER UP AND TAKE HER TO THE ER!!!!! You dont want to mess with Brain injury....It has to be treated ASAP or that part of your brain will be gone forever  (+ info)

Do I need to see a doctor?

About 3.5 weeks ago I punched a metal elevator wall in a drunken stupor and injured my hand. For 2 days it was very bruised and swollen and hurt a lot. Ever since the night I punched it however the bone on the side of my hand kills when I put pressure on it a certain way. Like 8.0 pain. But normally I feel no pain unless I am using it to lift or writing. Could this possibly be a small fracture since it has been so long? If so do I need to see a doc?

Minor fractures and sprains often feel similar; get it checked out if only to put your mind at rest.  (+ info)

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