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How do i clean these women's boots?

In a drunken Christmas stupor I spilled a pitcher of beer on my friends boots.

These are some boots that are similar. Any ideas on how to clean?


fml and thanks in advance.

oh dear. maybe try like dry cleaners?

btw i love your avatar picture. i <3 kevin malone  (+ info)

Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome can this turn into Alzheimer's?

My Mom was diagoned with Wernecke about 7 years ago, she other wise was a healthy active 52 yr old.
My grandmom moved in with her and a full time helper, over the years she has slowly gotten worse with memory etc.
But just this last weeks, she has gotten aggressive witht he helper and her speech is completely garbled most of the times.
Her doctor, seems to think its progressing .
She was on Aracept, but they took her off after she started behaving aggressive

Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome:
Symptoms include mental confusion, vision impairment, stupor, coma, hypothermia, hypotension, and ataxia. Korsakoff's amnesic syndrome-a memory disorder-also results from a deficiency of thiamine, and is associated with alcoholism..

The doctors seems to think thats it...There is nothing ese no other treatment that will help.

Anyone has had this experience.?
Any advise appreciated...

Wernicke Encephaly is a deterioration of the brain usually seen in patients who have had excessive alchohol consumption or thamine defiency. But can be caused by other factors.

This is a tough disease to deal with and gradual loss of all functions happens. Yes they can get aggressive, speech is affected. You will see Alzheimer like symptoms as the same areas of the brain are affected.

Your Dr. may not be aware that you can help reduce the degeneration and symptoms with the stress reduction therapies in Quantum Biofeedback.  (+ info)

Binge drinking after college?

To those who have graduated from college ...do you still spend your weekends in a drunken stupor, play drinking games, or participate in any of the other college behavior?

I still get wasted on weekends/holidays. It's not alcoholism because there are times when I don't feel like drinking much or at all so I don't. And I hardly ever drink if I have work or something the next day unless its a big celebration/special occasion.
It's not a big deal unless it begins to interfere with your ability to function at work or if you decide to go back to school, or your health.  (+ info)

Always wanting to drink! In danger of becoming an alcoholic!?


I always want to drink. I don't want to drink myself into a stupor, just a nice buzz. This is because I have anxiety issues. Alcohol takes away the anxiety immediately and effectively.

You see the danger here.

What have you done in a situation like this?

I drunk like that (and more) for many years. Eventually I got fed up with feeling crap the morning after and cut down a lot. Now i drink Wine with Lemonade as i still want to drink the same Volume!
A friend of mine who drunk a fair bit went into hospital due to feeling bad and they diagnosed him with Cirrhosis of the Liver! They gave him 6 months to live. IF he gave NOW! 10 years...Max. This makes you think. Was it really worth it. It is a horrible way to die.

Don't get into a routine of drinking every night. weekends are fine in moderation but if it becomes a habit then you will have a problem.  (+ info)

Is it possible through extreme weight loss and abusing SSRI anti-depressants to cause brain damage?

This is embarassing and hard to write. I feel so disassociative and brain dead. I feel like I have had ECT, but I have not. My entire family hates me and do not want to deal with me at all. I basically spend my time in a depressive stupor, staring off into space not really comprehending what is going on around me. I am having a really hard time leaving the house or talking. I know that I am completely alone. Has anyone else been the way that I am and has recovered ? I do not feel anything except self-hatred, guilt, shame, and terror.It is like I am completely trapped inside of myself and my mind has wrapped around itself with all negative, horrible evil thoughts.I cannot even remember anything good at all in my past 45 years on the planet.I have been hospitalized twice for suicidal thoughts. I am very self-absorbed to the extent that my own pocessions mean nothing to me, my cat means nothing to me. My heart is stone cold. I do nothing all day. Has anyone been here ever? HOPELESS in NC

Yea, I'm there now....you gotta get up and do something about that s.h.i.t though, it ain't gonna go away on its own. Find something to take up your time, like a job, where you can meet new people and possibly new friends.
I did Meth for 10yrs straight and when I quit(8 months ago) I felt that way ALL the time, I still feel down a lot cause I feel like I wasted 10yrs of my already short enough life on that crap.
So get up, get out, find some friends, take the time to come out of your funk and reunite with family members....You'll find that life really is great......Once you give it a chance  (+ info)

is what im doing healthy????? :( ?

I have just realized that because i've been in a stupor for the past 2 days, i havent eaten anything during that time, but i did drink a lot of coffee and a little water and a good (not big) amount of alcohol. i dont think this is particularly healthy but not really BAD.... but i want your opinion ...

Uh Oh! Not real good for you. We have to remember that our bodies aren't storage tanks. It doesn't know that there is food in the refrigerator or a market down the road. Your body will realize it is not getting nourishment and hoard everything that it has. (your metabolism will slow) It is not the end of the world, so don't be worried. Just get back on track and remember your body needs to be well fed to help you get out of your stupor.  (+ info)

Caught me off guard, what do I do?

I'll try not to be too vulgar, but I'm a little dumbfounded about what to do.

I was sitting on the Jon taking care of my business a couple hours ago and had quite a peculiar feeling pushing through. Well, once "it" had exited, I look down and the brown trout seemed to be covered in hair or fur of some kind.

And, it just so happens that two nights ago I went to the bars with a couple buddies and don't remember some of the night, the trip home (it was a walk because we all live close enough to not take a car), or any task at home. Well, I wake up the next morning and my dog has a patch of hair about 3 inches by 3 inches gone. I think in my drunken stupor I shaved part of my dog and, for some odd reason, ingested the hair that I shaved off.

Am I in any immediate trouble? Should the human body digest hair? What should I do?

No worries bro, it will pass through the system, no harm no foul.  (+ info)

Worst drunk injury?

What's the worst injury you've gotten in a drunken stupor - mine was severe rug burn

Got drunk playing cards with the girls, the dog starting whining, I had to put him on his run. Unfortunalty it was the middle of winter and the stairs were icy, I slipped and fell got a HUge bruise allover my butt (it was funny, i was laughing). The worst part though, at a party the next weekend i was equally drunk and while climbing some stairs I felt the need to show off my glorious blue behind, didn't realize one of my guy friends had started to climb the stairs. oops. I swore I lokked and only saw my boyfrien at the bottom...ohwell  (+ info)

Alcoholic/Diabetic Mother - Anyway to legally force her to rehab?

My mother is an alcoholic. I started to notice it when I was about 8 years old. I am 23 now. She wasn't as bad as she is today. She drinks herself into a stupor at least 6 times a week if I am lucky she will have one day where she is sober. She is also a diabetic who has been in the hospital before in a very sever como. The doctor asked is she drank - she replied no. Is there anyway to get a judge to force her to rehab? She is ruining our family. My sister and I can't even sleep at night because she is up and often comes in our rooms to bother us while we are sleeping. I live in NJ if that helps. She hides booze in the house - and recently she went from drinking beer to drinking vodka which is worse for her diabetes. Please help!

Absolutely. Each state has its own laws regarding involuntary rehabilitation for substance use, or mandatory detox. If a person is a harm to themselves, inwhich your mother is being she has been in a diabetic coma, you can petition the state. In Massachusetts, this is called a Section 35a. Google it to get a feel for the preceedings. You'll definately have to contact a lawyer, but chances are you wont have to pay for one. One may even be appointed to you in some situations. Your mother would have to be commited by a court, but fortunately, judges often are influenced by the family in cases of mandatory detox. Usually it is a 30-day period where they cannot leave under any circumstances. Some states can require 60 days.

Sorry I cant help more, but I dont know the whole story. You can also try contacting the Department of Social Sevices and they will hook you up with some numbers of who to contact and how to go about it. But it is definately possible and ALL states have this statute in place for these situations.

Call these people as well 973-571-4100. It is the Mental Health Association of New Jersey. They deal with legislation and will know how to go about it. Probably call them before calling the DSS. Here is a link as well http://www.mhanj.org/index.htm

Here is another good link http://www.drug-rehabs.org/New_Jersey-drug-rehab.htm. Definately contact them.

And another http://www.usnodrugs.com/New%20Jersey/Citylist.

Good luck. I hope all turns out well. Im sure any of the links provided will lead you in the right direction.  (+ info)

Have you ever awaken from a long nap feeling like........?

Feeling like Homer Simpson in a drunken stupor? Unable to answer questions coherently or make any logical sense? Like you're completely out-of it? Has that ever happened to you?

yes! that happens whenever I take a nap, and sleep longer than 30 minutes. I believe it has something to do with what level of sleep you obtain. When you only sleep for 1/2 hour or less the body can only get to the first stages of sleep, but when you sleep at night for hours the body actually enters deep sleep.  (+ info)

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