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How can I tell if my stomach is made up of visceral fat, or subcutaneous fat?

I've been reading about visceral fat, the deadly fat that wraps around your organs, and how dangerous it is. I want to know how I can tell if my big stomach is made up mostly of visceral or subcutaneous fat.

I do have a big stomach, I'm 215 pounds and I'm 5'4, but it seems to be mostly soft fat, not the hard round belly you see on old men. Does this mean my fat is mostly subcutaneous?

Its still fat so you want to get rid of it.  (+ info)

What are the earliest symtoms of emphysema?

How does it differ from COPD? Or, is one a subset of the other?
Is there any treatment for emphysema that can arrest its development? Or, will it always worsen, even if cigarette smoking is stopped?

Emphysema is hyperinflation of the air sacs with destruction of the lung tissue. Your lung tissue losses it elacticity and breakdown it down leading to breathing limitations. There is a strong association between cigarette smoking and this disease. As a result the destruction of the lungs, blood vessels, pulmonary artery pressure rises and the right side of the heart must work harder to pump blood. This can lead to heart failure.
COPD is the chronic condition of persitant obstruction of air flow through the bronchial tubes and lungs.
There are no cures for this disease however there are some things to lessin the effects such as portable oxygen and things to this nature.
Stopping smoking is definelty something that will help in the long run!
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How long will my grandma live with emphysema?

My grandma is 65 or so, and she has been diagnosed with emphysema. She's never smoked, but her relatives did when she was a child. The doctor's have done lots of testing, and she's between stages 2 and 3.

What can she do to make it a better, (we know it's a chronic illness)
And how much would money would it take to get a lung transplant?
What is the life expectancy? The internet has been kind of useless so far...


People live for years and years with emphysema, it's not nice but if your grandma is looked after, gets the medication she needs, plus tries to keep active and get regular proper exercise then she should enjoy an almost normal life.
A lung transplant is most likely out of the question, first of all you've got to be fit enough to survive the operation . . . !
Make sure she gets a nebuliser, home oxygen and that her doctors keep up to date with her treatment and her progress.
Plus a little love from family goes a long, long way in helping people cope and enjoy life.
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What medical terms might my doctor use that relates to emphysema?

I am going to the doctor because I have been having a difficult time breathing and I think that I might have emphysema because my brother has it and he says it sounds like I may have it also. I would like to know what medical terms my doctor might uses that relates to emphysema and what type of question will he ask me.

Just because you have difficult time breathing, doesn't always mean emphysema. Other conditions besides emphysema that cause difficulty in breathing could be early stage (or any stage) of lung cancer, COPD chronic obstructed pulmonary disease (i think that's the correct name), asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia. The doctor may ask if you smoke, if you used to smoke and quit, or if anyone else around you smokes, or if you are exposed to irritants that could cause you to have difficulty breathing, such as chemical fumes and strong odors. In some cases, difficulty breathing is a result of an allergic reation to an allergen, what are you allergic to?

If it is indeed emphysema, make sure you let your doctor know how often you are having difficulty breathing, and what activities do you do that make you feel short of breath. Sometimes if you have trouble breathing throughout the day, you may be having trouble breathing at night as well. This can cause you to actually stop breathing while you sleep, and you wouldn't even know it. This is called sleep apnea, and very dangerous. ..If this is the case, talk to your doctor about getting a portable oxygen tank, a sleep ap(sp?), or a compressor for your home.

Good luck, and I hope your health gets better.  (+ info)

What is your life span with emphysema if you contiune to smoke?

My friend is 23 with emphysema she smokes but she refuses to stop like she doesnt care? She was dinogsed with emphysema at 19 before she started smoking she started cause she says it helps with depression. yes im talking about cigarettes. she recently went to the hospital last december cause she pulled a muscle in her lungs and they sayed she has early stage. she had asthma when she was younger. so how long does she have to live. and what is end stage like? is it painful she says she doesnt feel any pain?

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What is some recent research and developments in treatment for Emphysema?

I need some information on recent research made on the cure for emphysema. Sources please!

type in google search emphysema research you will get many sites Good Luck to you  (+ info)

How to tell if you have asthma or emphysema?

If two different doctors listened to your lungs and diagnosed you with asthma and you passed a pulmonary function test would you still be able to have emphysema instead?

I smoked all of my teen years and I'm now 20 and I can't breathe good and I'm worried it's emphysema because I'm not responding well to my Proair inhaler the doctor prescribed me. I need some time of comfort.

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Can I sue my place of work for getting emphysema due to work condtions?

I was also a smoker but I quite long before I ever got emphysema, per my doctor. I believe, and so does my doctor, that it was the conditions at work for 50 years that led to my getting emphysema. Can I sue my place of work?

The thing is though although you state that you quit smoking you would find it hard to disprove that it was the work environment that caused the emphysema. Not knowing your work conditions it is well documented that smoking is a cause of emphysema and it may have began to develop before you quit. As for what your Dr said I would see a respiratory specialist for a second opinion.  (+ info)

How long does the pain and swelling take to go away after being diagnosed with dental emphysema?

Last week I had 2 cavities filled by my dentist and about 2 hours after I left his office I was in horrible pain, I went back later that day for him to examine me and I was told I had dental emphysema. He put me on penecilin for 1 week. So far I still have a lot of pain and swelling, and I have one day left of medicine. Any suggestions?

Emphysema after dental care is caused by introduction of air into the soft tissues during dental treatment. Are you sure he said emphysema? Sounds more like you have pulpitis or a nerve infection..  (+ info)

How long can you live with Emphysema?

My husband just found out he has Emphysema. I'm not sure what phase he might be in, but it's very confusing. He has never smoked, but both parents smoked all his life. He is now 27 yr old how long can he live with this??? All the websites are not very clear on it.

Emphysema in a 27 year old non-smoker?? I have to seriously -- I do mean VERY seriously -- doubt that diagnosis. My advice to you would be to get your husband to some different doctors. Pulmonary specialists, internal disease specialists, as many as you need to go to. There are many, many diseases and disorders that can look like emphysema on a chest X-ray. Several are auto-immune or even genetic (like enzyme deficiencies). Has he had either vaccinations or viral infections recently? If so, over-stimulation of the immune system has been recently linked to the onset of many auto-immune disorders.

To answer your question, people can live a very long time with emphysema. I'm willing to bet, however, that emphysema is NOT what he has.

Good luck...
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