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How do I burn subcutaneous fat?

I am a sophomore boy and quite athletic. I am a runner and run a sub 5minute mile. I lift at the gym and am in good shape but i have a thin layer of subcutaneous fat around my stomach, how do i lose this?
I also can't do interval training because it I am doing summer training for cross country and it may cause me to peak too early.

Do more cardio and eat less calories.  (+ info)

The blood of a person with emphysema contains a higher concentration of C02 than the blood of a healthy person

Use Fick's Law to explain why.
Emphysema ia a condition in which the walls between the alveoli break down and enlarge the air spaces.

Fick's law deals (in part) with the diffusion of gas. Because of the destruction of the alveoli (air sacs) a person with emphysema has a decreased level of gas diffusion. This impaired diffusion leads to an increase in CO2 and a decrease in O2 (CO2 is not able to diffuse out of the alveolor/capillary membrane)  (+ info)

Why do you have prolonged expiration in emphysema?

I know you have overdistended and destroyed alveoli in emphysema. but why is it so hard for air to come out when you breathe out?
bc air gets trapped in the stiff alveoli i figured it out myself

That's not it at all. The alveoli don't get "stiff". It all has to do with the anatomy of the airways. From the trachea and bronchi there arecartilaginouss ring which hold the airways inrelativelyy circular shape. When thecartilagee disappears then you have bronchioles. These are held open by connective tissue that holds the lungs in place. Otherwise they'd jiggle like a stem of grapes when shaken. In Emphysema this connective tissue is lost so the bronchioles are only open during inhalation when relativelyly positive pressure is within them. Trouble is when you exhale you lose that pressure and without rh connective tissue the bronchioles collapse trapping air in the alveoli and that is what eventually leads to overinflation.
You may,reasonably, wonder "if it's trapping all that air why doesn't it just pop at some tome"? They are what's called the pores of Kahn that are outlets from one alveoli to the one next to it. This tends to spread the air out during normal breathing but become more important in disease states.  (+ info)

What's the chances of survival after surgery of a 76 yr old with emphysema?

He has not gone through colonoscopy yet but a mass was palpated in his rectum and he has all the symptoms of a colon cancer.

If determined that it is a colon cancer, I believe "surgery" is the best treatment outthere.....what are the risks of undergoing through a long, tedious surgery, chemotherapy, etc. because of his age and emphysema?

The prognosis depends on the biopsy diagnosis and the staging of this possible colorectal carcinoma. We don't know how severe the emphysema is in this case. We don't know the stage of the malignancy. We aren't sure of the histology - - or even the definitive diagnosis of cancer.
These are good questions to ask the medical care team. The surgeon and the anesthesiologist will quote the risks of the surgery. The medical oncologist will quote the expected benefits of chemotherapy if that modality is added to the treatment regimen. There may also be a radiation oncologist involved if RT is considered.
Too many loose ends here to provide a specific answer. The best way to find out for this person is to accompany him when he sees his various physicians. Cancer care is a team approach, and it is very complicated. It must be individualized to each special person based on their specific situation.  (+ info)

Is it normal to sleep a lot when you have emphysema?

My mother was diagnosed with emphysema about 2.5 years ago. And in about the past month or so she has been sleeping an excessive amount.

Like today for example - she fell asleep and 3am slept till 8am.....went back to sleep at 11am and slept till 4pm. And she fell back asleep at 7pm and slept till 11pm. And then she fell back asleep at 1am and is still sleeping right now.

It's been like this for a couple of weeks. Is this normal? Should we try to get her to go see her doctor?

Get her to see a doctor. There is no question about it. Tell him/her exactly what you wrote here.

And make it a good doctor. Ask him/her what place they graduated in their class. If they get pissed off, and offeneded you know they're a bad doctor. If they say I was 3rd in my class like my doctor, then you know you've got a good doctor.  (+ info)

is it possible to be diagnosed with emphysema if the person hasn't smoked for over a decade?

is it possible to be diagnosed with emphysema if the person hasn't smoked for over a decade?
please find me a lengthy article with the answer to this.

google alpha 1 antripsen deficency  (+ info)

what effect does emphysema have on the individual, their family and the community at large?

does emphysema have an effect on the people close to the affected individual (i.e. the family of the individual). IF so, what effect? and does emphysema have an effect on the community? If so, what effect? Does emphysema affect only the individual with the disease or does it affect the people around him/her as well? and to what extent?

I don't think emphysema could affect close contacts.I'm a medical student & I deal with emphysema patients every day.I think they can affect family only if they are the money earning group & they can't work because of extreme illness .Also may transmit simple forms of sore throat,pharingitis & other simple diseases as those catched from healthy individuals with tonsilitis if those emphysematous people got 2ry infection like any otherone.So no fear at all.The care should be directed to the patient himself which will suffer many complications like:
1-Spontaneous pneumothorax.
2-Cor pulmonale.
3-Right sided heart failure,which is high output failure with hyperdynamic circulation.
4-Respiratory acidosis co2 retention,with neurological sequale e.g narcosis.
5-Pulmonary insufficiency & respiratory failure.
6-Recurrent infection leading to chronic bronchitis which in turn accentuates the emphysema process.Bronchopneumonia may be a terminal event.
Hope this helps.  (+ info)

Once somebody has been diagnosed with emphysema, how long could they potentially live?

I know there's not set in stone answer as to how long someone has left as all cases are different. But I've been talking to this guy and debating whether or not to introduce him to my kids because they both have seen their fathers walk out of their lives and I won't introduce them to another guy if he's not gonna be the one to stick around for good. Well he just told me this morning that he has "beginning stages" of emphysema. He's 26. Could he still live a normal life and grow old?

Wow 26 is young to have emphysema. My Mum was diagnosed at 70 and died at 87. At 26 if he looks after himself I would guess he could live into his 50's/60's. I'm not a doctor so I'm just guessing. If I were him I'd go healthy in a big way.No smoking or drinking alcohol, organic food, excercise in moderation, no drugs unless prescribed. Hope it works out:-)  (+ info)

how can i get emphysema when i dont smoke?

I went to Dr and had cat scan for pancreas,which was normal.
But in the radiologists report also he says i have MILD emphysema?
How can this be?I NEVER smoked and run and exercise?
Can i live a long life with this as long as i take meds?

Emphysema can be caused by pretty much any air pollution, be it cigarettes (which it isn't in your case) or exhaust fumes. When you run and exercise it wouldn't be outside in a polluted area by any chance?

Chances are that if you keep taking your meds then you'll outlive me at least.  (+ info)

How long can a person in the advanced stages of emphysema expect to live.?

My stepfather has emphysema and acute respiratory disease. He is now taking morphine and was in a nursing home for about 7 weeks. He is back home now but we wonder how long he has realistically and if there is anything significant about him being on morphine.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis, are major cripplers caused by cigarette smoking. While emphysema is not as deadly as lung cancer, patients with it often envy patients with cancer. People with lung cancer will usually die within six months of diagnosis. Patients with advanced stages of emphysema are permanently crippled, but it may take years for them to die from it.

God bless you and your family!  (+ info)

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