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what are some side effects of emphysema?

I know that emphysema is a lung disease, but does it effect anything other than the lungs and breathing?
side effects that i would be able to see. the reason i'm asking is becuase once my grandma was diagnosed she was in a wheel chair, and there were other things wrong, i'm just not sure if it was because of the emphysema or other health issues. my gma and dad didn't really get along so its kinda weird to bring it up.

Yes. Emphysema affects things other than the respiratory system. The heart: tachycardia (abnormally rapid heartbeat; The brain: restlessness, anxiety, confusion, depression; The musculoskeletal system: weakness. The biggest side effect is a slow, inevitable death due to complications.  (+ info)

What would keep a pulse ox low on a hospital patient with emphysema who is on all the necessary meds.?

My mother entered the hospital with bronchitis. She also has emphysema but has never needed anything but an inhaler (combivent). When she went in her pulse ox was 70%. She has been in the hospital for over a week and they can't bring it up above 84%. The Drs. can't figure it out. Does anyone have any ideas?

those dr.'s are crazy. first they need to put oxygen on your mom to bring her 02 sat over 90% or greater. (asap)

have dr's put her on oxygen immediately. when she is on oxygen maybe put her on 2-3 liters per minute (or LPM) & keep a log on her progess & have them
check her pulse ox every 4 hrs with the oxygen.

pls. don' let her leave without oxygen from the hospital. dr. needs to write a prescription for supplemental oxygen at home & order it from a medical equipment supplier. they should bring her an 02 tank to the hospital to leave with (if going home by car) & then they will set her oxygen machine at home. your mom will defenitely need oxygen therapy when at home.

health care worker & provider
assist with respiratory therapy  (+ info)

What are long term affects of lack of oxygen to legs in Emphysema?

re an answer ......
"Muscles are not getting enough oxygen and are therefore switching to anaerobic respiration. This produces acid which collects and causes aches and pains.
If this is the case, it ties in with poor circulation."

Do you know what the long term affect of poor circulation and lack of oxygen to the legs might be?

I have emphysema and am noticing more and more re the aches and stiffness in the legs when I go for my walks and other activity to try and keep fit.

The docs dont seem interested in these symptoms, but I would like to know what I can do to help myself and what I may be in for if I can't correct it.

Will Massage help? Alternate Hot / Cold shower on feet legs?

The lymph glands on the inside of the knees are tender and I get leg and foot cramps at night for which I am finding Mag Phos Tissue salts useful.

Any useful suggestions welcome.
I have been a non smoker for over a year, my oxygen levels (when nurse takes it on finger is always ok).

The cramping is a result of your lung diseases. It is caused by a buildup of lactic acid. Lactic acid is produced in the body, mainly by muscle tissue and red blood cells. Lactic acid is a result of the breakdown of sugars (carbohydrates) for energy when the oxygen level in the body is low. When a normal amount of oxygen is available to the body's cells, carbohydrates normally break down into water and carbon dioxide. Therefore, the amount of lactic acid in the blood depends on how much oxygen is available to the body.

Lactic acid levels rise when strenuous exercise or other conditions-such as heart failure, a severe infection (sepsis), or shock-reduce the flow of blood and delivery of oxygen throughout the body. Lactic acid levels can also rise when the liver is severely damaged or diseased, because the liver normally breaks down lactic acid.

The use of supplemental oxygen while exercising (walking, doing housework, etc.) could help reduce the cramping. Pulmonary rehab could be valuable as well. Talk with your pulmonologist and let him/her know you have cramping. Your doctor should not be ignoring this problem. I have a lung disease and this is an issue that causes a great deal of pain and discomfort. You are going through the same kind of agony professional athletes do when they have cramps. Good luck and I hope this helped answer your question.  (+ info)

repeated coughing causes emphysema. why this reduce the amount of oxygen that can be absorbed into the blood?

repeated coughing causes emphysema. Explain why this reduces the amount of oxygen that can be absorbed into the blood?

Coughing doesn't cause emphysema. 95% of emphysema patients have it because they smoked. Smoking causes emphysema. Emphysema and smoking causes coughing.

The reduced amount of oxygen that can be absorbed into the blood is because smoking destroys the air sacs in the lungs. They loose their elasticity and become enlarged and floppy losing service area. The membrane between the air sacs will thicken and become less porous. The loss of service area and the thick membrane will prevent oxygen from passing through to the blood stream.  (+ info)

Can you get free medical if you have emphysema?

my boyfriend just got diagnosed with emphysema, and one of his prescriptions cost $100.00 and there is no way we can afford that.

generally no

There are programs that the drug companies have if you qualify for free medication. Contact the manufacturer of the drug.

Also you can apply for medicaid if the income is low enough.  (+ info)

What is the difference between emphysema and sever emphysema?

I don't mean to sound ignorant but I am that is why i'm asking, does it mean that 50% of the lungs are infected what is the ratio, this is important to me.

Differences would be determined by a pulmonary function test.
The American Thoracic Society classifies mild as an FEV1 >50% of predicted and severe as an FEV1 <35% of predicted.The Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease classifies mild as an FEV1 > 80% but FEV1/FVC <70% of predicted and severe as <30% of predicted.
So the difference would be with the patients FEV1 score.The more severe the emphysema, the slower the air is exhaled even when they try to forcefully exhale.

FEV1=Forced expiratory volume in 1 second(amount you can exhale in the 1st second of a forced exhalation)
FVC=Forced vital capacity(total amount of air that can forcibly be blown out after full inspiration)
Hope this helps(^_^)  (+ info)

What's a good gift to give someone with emphysema?

My stepfather has emphysema. He has trouble getting around and his eye sight isn't the greatest any ideas on what to get him?

How about the gift of yourself? Since he has trouble getting around and seeing, maybe you could give him a "gift certificate" that entitles him to an hour a week (or month, or whatever) of your time, during which you can help around the house, read the newspaper to him, run errands for him, drive him to a medical appointment, etc.  (+ info)

Is dying from car exhaust fumes with Emphysema faster and how long does it take, period?

Just wondering is success would be faster in someone having already damaged lungs AND Emphysema as well.

  (+ info)

For Emphysema COPD sufferers - what do you think is best place in the World to live?

Can you explain how this place might be helpful for breathing, air quality, damp moisture etc.

For people who are affected by damp and moisture some locations will be entirely unsuitable.

To live Permanently and perhaps visit on holidays.

Any informative comments received with thanks.

I am interested in seeing answers to your question, too. My opinion is that you must adjust your environment first to make the best living possible with COPD: ie: No carpeting, NO smoking or incineration anywhere near you. No leaf blowers, no pesticides, no aerosolized products of any sort, no people with infections or perfumes, no pets, no fur clothing or animal skin, no dairy products, no processed foods, no gluttens. This is a partial list, then because you must adjust humidity and eliminate toxins released by lacquers and woods and man-made products, etc... If you take care of all these allergens then you may not have to relocate if you stay with in the " bubble" you have created, but if you find a clean, location to live you have to adjust your home or your efforts are futile.  (+ info)

How does smoking causes emphysema. Can or cannot emphysema can be cured.?

Discuss the effects of smoking and emphysema on the heart.

How do people with emphysema die.

Emphysema is abnormal and permanent enlargement of the small airspaces of the lungs, the alveoli and the bronchioles (tiny lung sacs). There is also damage and destruction of the walls of these lung sacs.

It can not be cured.

Air gets into your lungs carrying oxygen but this oxygen cannot get into your blood enough because the amount of blood/air interface (where the oxygen gets into your blood) is smaller because the little air sacs have been destroyed and there is less lung surface for the blood to flow to to uptake the oxygen.

The heart does not receive the amount of oxygen from the lungs in the bloodstream that it (the heart) needs so it has to work much harder to pump the available oxygen rich blood around. The heart gets enlarged and tired from having to work harder, therefore it gets less effective in it's pumping mechanism.

There are a few complications (other health problems that emphysema causes) that might lead to falling deadly ill:

-polycytemia (abnormally high amount of red blood cells causing sluggish blood flow and an increased risk of clotting).

- Right heart failure.

- Pneumothorax (escape of air from the lung into the pleural

- Respiratory failure- often caused by acute infections of the lungs.

Most people with emphysema die because of extreme breathlessness which can result in a respiratory arrest which can cause the heart to stop working.  (+ info)

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