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How is a superinfection cured?

If a infection is treated (and not cured) with alot of different antibiotics (amoxicillin, cephlacor, azythromax, and rocefin) It could create a resistance and mutate into a new illness. That would be a superinfection. It just seems to me that it would be a contraindication to use more antibiotics .

if none of the antibiotics have worked then this indicates that the strain of bacteria is already resistant to the drugs used,
if however they have worked then provided the course of antibiotics given is finished and all of the bacteria are killed then there wont be any bacteria to mutate..

The reason why bugs become resistant is because of the misuse of antibiotics in the first place, when you first take an antibiotic the weakest bacteria of a particular pathogen are killed first, if you stop taking the drugs and dont complete the course, the remaining bacteria are the "tougher bacteria" more suited to survive. These bacteria replicate resulting in ever greater numbers of more resistant bacteria and hence explains the very serious problem we have coming up in the next few years..

vancomycin is known as the drug of last resort for alot of bacterial infections as not many pathogens are resistant to it "yet"...

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It is an infction that came about because a person or people only took the first few doses of thier antibiotics - all that does is kill off the weaker bacteria, and allows the strongest to survive and thrive. Once the infection with this leftover strong bacteria gets full blown, antibiotics don't always work to destroy it. That is why you have to take ALL of your doses of antibiotics. This is becoming a world problem. In a lot of southeast asian countries, if people get sick, they can go buy antibiotics over the counter. They take them only until they 'feel better', which means that the bacteria is probably not gone, and that only the strongest are left to reproduce. Some bacteria like this adapts to the point where it actually feeds off the antibiotics, killing the host. The only way to take care of this problem is for basically the entire planet to keep careful control of antibiotics. Some strains are becoming resistant because of this.  (+ info)

what to do if you have a superinfection?

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Is it possible?
How common?
How to cure it?
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what is the risk to superinfection?

In virology, superinfection is the process by which a cell that has previously been infected by one virus gets coinfected with another virus at a later point in time.
In medicine, superinfection is an infection following a previous infection, especially when caused by microorganisms that are resistant or have become resistant to the antibiotics used earlier. For example :-Hospital acquired MRSA infection, Chlamydia superinfected with drug resistant gonorrhea, etc.
The treatment of superinfection is more costly, less effective to cure and more hospital stay period for the patients.  (+ info)

If a person were on the following meds, and they had Candida in their urine, would this be considered a...?

The person is on Zosyn, Diflucan and Hydrocortisone. Would a urine culture positive for Candida Albicans be considered a superinfection (as a result of the meds)? All these are IV by the way.

Diflucan (fluconazole) is a antifungal for candida (which is yeast); so to still have candida would be either: 1/ treatment failure 2/ drug resistence 3/ colonization (no infection)  (+ info)

folliculitis problem please help , Im 28 female?

I normally do not have folliculitis , but only when I take antibiotics I develop severe folliculitis on my back due to superinfection , I did not have this problem before , this is happening since i visited a salon back in India where she applied some date expired low quality bleaching cream claiming it will make my back look 'fair" . I dont know how to solve this problem , anyone in a similar situation or anyone know any good dermatologists , i am located in the New york -New jersey area , Any help would would be appreciated , ( Everybody tells me how I can cure my folliculitis once it comes , nobody is able to tell me how to prevent it ) pls help .

Don't goober on some expired cream for starters. There are many skin specialists (cosmetic types) that are associated with dermatologists for referrals. These folks are registered and trained to help with peeps like you. Stop doing what lack of knowledge friends are telling you is in vogue!  (+ info)

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