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How can you tell if you have progressive scoliosis?

Does this condition tend to result in considerable deformities as you age? If it is not progressive, will this still result in deformities later on in life? Can it become progressive?

How dangerous is the surgery to correct scoliosis? I have heard it described as risky due to the fact that it involves the spine.

Most scoliosis cases are progressive.. it is good to catch it in an early stage and try to correct it whether it's exercises, back brace, or surgery. My scoliosis was a "S" curve, about 55 degrees each curve, the doctors told me if i didn't have the surgery, it would keep getting so bad my organs would be crushed and I wouldn't make it past 30. (I was 17 at the time) I had the back surgery, and yes it is very dangerous. It is one of the most invasive surgeries, and yes they are fusing the vertebrae that are protecting the spinal cord. It could result in paralysis. It is very important to know your doctor, and their history. I had an amazing doctor, and I didn't have any complications with my surgery. Good luck! :)  (+ info)

How can playing with a child that has cerebral palsy be beneficial?

Just wondering, what things I could do with a child that has cerebral palsy and what benefit does it have for them? School assignment

playing with a child that has cerebral palsy stimulates the 'learning' part of their brain, which can make it stronger...

singing with actions are good, as well as any action games, like simon says... etc. Colouring or Drawing, Shape sorter, Playing Tea Parties or something - anything that might encourage social interaction... try googling it, u may be surprised what you find!  (+ info)

How to treat Pancreatitis and Cerebral Palsy NEED HELP?

We have a 20 year old son with Cerebral Palsy who has been diagnosed with pancreatitis. He has had several episodes in the last several month. We are severely concerned because all the doctors cannot find what is causing it and what would be an appropriate course of action to treat it.

See another doctor. You are not going to get an answer here.  (+ info)

What do you think will be the best way to treat cerebal palsy?

I have cerebal palsy Im hemipaligic on my left side. and everyday I wonder what will treat CP until it cant affect the person that has it? I have come down to 2 possibilities in my opinion, either bionics were do it where they will create a system that can deliver signals to the limbs and appendenges that the brain cannot. or by things like stem cell research that will reverse or heal the brain damage that is causing the CP what do you guys think?

Bionics will come first. There is to much controversy with stem cell research and using computer chips and wireless connections to take over motor functions will be possible real soon.  (+ info)

Does anyone know any exercise programs that someone can do with cerebral palsy?

I'm 19 and have an extremely mild case of cerebral palsy. I have balance issues and some muscle pain. I am about five to ten pounds overweight and want to lose weight to see if that will help with my irregular periods. Does anyone have any ideas for me? I have been trying so hard but nothing is helping and I am so upset because I can't do fitness programs that are on tv and suggestions?

I'm 20yrs old i have moderate CP and currently use a walker (i will be switching to crutches within a few weeks).I go to the gym 5-6 days a week and have been for about 9 months. I've noticed considerable strength gains overall and combined with stretching expect to be walking unassisted within a few months. honestly what i recommend is a change in diet and four days a week on a treadmill and or another cardio machine for somewhere between 15-25 minutes per day
-hope this helps,Austin.  (+ info)

Is California a good place to live with people that have cerebral palsy?

I'm a 22 year old male who has cerebral palsy and I'm thinking about moving from Tennessee to California.How is California toward people in my condition,and where would be the best place to live at?I know San Francisco is to hilly so please can some one help me out here.

I am not familiar with CA and how they react to people with Cerebral Palsy as I live in another part of the country, but one way you can find out is to check with United Cerebral Palsy's chapter in the San Franscico area. You can find out more about this by going to: http://www.ucp.org or find them on Facebook.  (+ info)

How Do I Order Reading Glasses from Progressive Prescription?

I have a prescription for progressive lenses which I've filled through an on-line outlet.

Now I want to order a pair of reading glasses. But I don't know who to fill in the on-line order, given my prescription is for progressives.

Can anyone tell me how I can do it without getting my eyes re-tested?

You total the Sphere power and the ADD power. The cyl and axis will stay the same. Make sure you cross the zero if your sph power is a negative number. The ADD will always be positive.

I am an optical lab manager, so I am just curious as to how the website gets measurements on a progressive. I hope that an optician somewhere measured you in person. There is at most a 1mm tolerance for error in a progressive measurement.  (+ info)

Is it odd that 3 people from the same church have come down with bells palsy?

We know a lady at church that came down with bells palsy a little over a month ago. Then about 2 weeks ago my Dad came down with it. Today I learned that another lady we know from church now has it. Is this strange?

The devil gave them bells palsy, stop going to church... haha

just kidding, but yeah, bells palsy isn't communicable, maybe like the person above said they're all just stressed out  (+ info)

Where have cheap and good the bifocal and progressive glasses on line?

Where have cheap and good the bifocal and progressive glasses on line? I thing buy bifocal and progressive glasses on line?

It is not advisable to buy progressive or bifocal lenses online. You will not know at what position the segment of heights should be set for any frames you chose online. These measurements are extremely important and need to be taken by someone who knows how to do this - an optical dispenser.  (+ info)

Has anybody heard of or sought alternative medicine for Bell's Palsy?

I have had Bell's PAlsy for 3 years now. It was severe at first but now is about 70% recovered. I still have ear pain and my mouth is visibly droopy (a bit) I believe the nerves did not heal properly as my eye waters and partially closes when I smile. I'm tired of doing nothing and was interested in accupuncture, cupping or herbal remedies. I heard that in China there are many 'ancient' treatments. Can anybody help? Thanks!

Try Edgar Cayce's wet cell appliance, medically known as iontophoresis. Alternate gold chloride(nerve regeneration) and colloidal silver(kills or weakens bacteria and viruses-most common cause of Bell's Palsy). Contact the A.R.E. Clinic(757-428-3588). A TENS unit or similiar muscle-nerve stimulator, massage with a vibrator, and a heating pad will also help.Supplements that help are vitamins(whole complex-antioxidants and nerve support) and Flaxseed oil and fish oil, both for external massage, and, as capsules for internal use to fight inflammation. Vinpocetine/Gingka Biloba tablets improve blood flow for nerve support.Aloe Vera Juice(allantoin in the juice, doubles to triples cell division, providing nerve support) as a massage and/or internal use, may be of benifit. Hydrocortisone cream melted in 99.99% liquid DMSO can be massaged into and around the ear to fight inflammation-use caution and do NOT use more than 2-3 days, then lay off for a week. All of the above are WELL DOCUMENTED, not hearsay.Clyde Nassif, CMA,Holistic Consultant, www.naturescorner.com  (+ info)

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