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Am I wrong for being upset? Surgical wound (wound dehiscence) opened up, husband...?

...doesn't seem as if he cares.
I had abdominal surgery on May 21. All went fine. I was released from hospital on Sunday, May 24.

I returned to doctor/surgeon on June 1 (11 days after surgery) for removal of the staples. The incision site looked great & healing looked fantastic.

On Wednesday, June 3, I was eating popcorn, dropped a piece on the floor and bent to pick it up. I ripped open the entire incision site.

I grabbed my night gown and held it tightly to the now open wound, called 911 and waited for ambulance.

Here is where I am not feeling so well about my husband's reaction. He was upset that I called 911. He felt it was not necessary and it would have been fine for him to drive me to hospital. At hospital e.r., I laid for 4 hours with wide open wound, in pain, waiting for the doctor to take care of me. My husband felt I was wrong to be upset with such treatment. We left hospital at 5 a.m. and he left me home alone and went to work. He feels it all (what happened to me) was no big deal.

your wait in the emergency room, and can well appreciate how upset you were. An open wound is frightening and, while it turns out that maybe it wasn't life threatening, it was psychologically frightening. I think you were right to take the action that you did and feel the way you did. Sometimes men feel that women are overly emotional about things but at the time, it does sound like he was a little insensitive. No sense in arguing about it now, but I would tell him that if you could have changed places, I'm sure he would have been upset about it, too.

(Personally, I think if it had happened to him, he would have been very upset, and even more upset with you if you had reacted the way he did.)  (+ info)

How to clean and dress a post surgical wound and what products to use?

I just had an incised wound on my right foot, the tendon was also severed so the doctor had to repair it... Two weeks have passed and the sutures were now removed.

It depends upon if the wound is still open or closed.
If your wound is open please e-mail me and and let me know, otherwise...
You will need Sodium Chloride, Nugauze ( sterile gauze strips 1/4 or 1/2 inch wide in a steril brown bottle) , sterile scissors to cut the gauze, sterile plastic tweezers, and kendall conform bandage and kendal excilon sponge, and medical gloves.

Now first we clean the wound :
Put on your clean plastic gloves
Take 1 piece of excilon sponge, wet it with sodium chloride and gently wipe your wound for it to be clean.
let it briefly air dry.
the take your sterile plastic tweezer and insert it into the open bottle of NUGauze and pick up the end of a strip of the gauze and let unravel of teh bottle enough to cut a strip long enough to cover your wound.
Lightly wet the NuGauze strip with the sodium chloride and ring it out so it is only lightly wet. This is called a "wet to dry" dressing.
lay the strip over your wound. It will feel lightly wet over your wound.
Place a clean excilon sponge over the NuGauze, which is laying over your wound. Then wrap your with a kendall conform bandage, You may need to go once around your ankle to have the bandage stay on for walking. When you are done, tape down the end with medical tape ( any kind ok) so your wrapping can stay on. and put on a clean pair of socks. If your wound is leaking or oosing you may need to change it twice a day . If not, then once a day should be sufficient. when the incision heals or closes up then you can just wrap it dry . If your wound or incision smells, then you will need to use Acetic Acid ( sterile vinegar and water medical grade) instead of Sodium Chloride for your wound to remain extra clean and definitely change it twice a day to keep it real clean. All of these items are sold in a medical supply store on the shelf. Good luck !  (+ info)

How can i keep my surgical wound from scarring?

I have a 37 staple wound on my chest from getting a plate put in on my collar bone. What can i do to drastically reduce the scar size?

coco butter lotion will help reduce the visibility of a scar  (+ info)

How do you take care of a surgical wound?

ok I had a graft of skin taken from my groin area(where there's no hair) for reconstructive surgery. Anyway the wound is held together only by medical tape. How to take care of it? THe doctor didn't give me any instructions on this wound. The tape started peeling hours after the surgery so I put more tape on the edge of it.

The surgery line is covered with tape??? Right? Then there is no open meat--as such so nothing needs to be done with it. Nothing is open that need attention. (Maybe I am wrong here) It is sealed.  (+ info)

Is it possible to get E Coli in a surgical wound?

I recently went through major surgery to remove an ovary with a tumor. They claim that I have grown the bacteria e coli in the wound. How is that possible?

E. coli comes from your digestive system, and is usually spread to the vaginal area by not wiping properly (i.e. forward instead of backward). This is the likely cause, although it's also possible to have picked something up in the operating room or at some other point during your hospital stay.  (+ info)

Best wound care for a surgical incision?

What do I put on a 20cm surgical incision located on my lower abdomen to heal the wound and leave a barely-there scar?

This is a cosmetic procedure.


Consult your surgeon!
There are several good treatments for scars now - I know Mederma is a good one. Also, check with the pharmacist - they usually have good suggestions.
Do not get the incision tan for at least one year- it will be darker than the rest of your abdomen forever.  (+ info)

What are the advantages of using duct tape over surgical supplies in dressing a wound?

A few years ago I heard something about duct tape's use for this.

  (+ info)

Best wound care products for surgical incision?

What do I put on a 20cm surgical incision located on my lower abdomen to heal the wound and leave a barely-there scar?

This is a cosmetic procedure.


I've gotten surgery before. I found a product that really works.

Lesseee.... it's called: Polysporin Bacitracin Zinc

It's an anitbiotic ointment. And after the wound heals, use a scar removal cream to remove final traces of scars.  (+ info)

why do we need to apply warm compress on a surgical wound rather than cold compress?

why do we need to apply warm compress on a surgical wound rather than cold compress as a pain management??

state ur source pls.... urgent!

Hot therapy delivered through a warm/hot compress or mask helps break down and disintegrate bruising discolorations and provides moisture or dry heat to areas of discomfort. Hot therapy can also be soothing on sore facial tissues that have been tightened. You may use hot therapy on your bruises from days around days 2-3 post-op (upon your doctor's approval) provided your swelling is not too considerable. A compress is typically heated by boiling water, hot tap water or by heating in a microwave. Beyond using these compresses during recovery from a procedure, these hot compress products can be used to reduce swelling and bruising resulting from any type of injury. Additionally, these compresses are highly effective for puffy eyes treatment, alleviation of tired eyes and headaches, relief from clogged sinuses due to colds and allergies, and first aid for burns and trauma.  (+ info)

How long until a surgical wound stops weeping?

I'm sure it depends on the surgery.
Mine is a 3inch x 1/2 inch open incision - no stitches.
I have to keep changing gauze, which of course sticks each time I try to remove it - so I soak in the tub, or run water over it.

Anyways, how long will I have use this gauze?
It's been 10 days so far.
(Don't say "See your doctor" - I see him on Thursday, 2 weeks post-op. I was just curious.)
edit -
Answer #1 - It's not supposed to be held together, heal as is.
Answer #2 - I've been taking baths (okay by doc) since day 1 to soak off the gauze. Non-stick gauze would probably not soak up the ooze as good. I used the gauze they gave me. Actually, they gave me a whole big bunch of it. I just realized that should give me an indication of when to stop using it. I'm about 3/4 through the pack.

Hi Jilly:

Well, since your would is packed and let to heal from inside to out, healing an incision takes time. I am sure you are tired of packing and soaking and removing the packing only to begin again but it is essential that you continue to do this no matter how long it takes.

When an incision is left open such as yours and packed, it is going to take some time before the weeping does stop.

At your appointment on Thursday at the docs, make sure you ask him for an approx time line as to how long he thinks that you will have to pack your incision with dry to wet gauze. When he states the approx time line he thinks is appropriate for you, then make sure that you have enough gauze for that amount of time or until your next post op appointment. If you do not then please ask the doctor for enough gauze to bring home with you to carry you thru to your next appointment.

I hope that your healing is quick and problem free.

Be safe and be well  (+ info)

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