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what happens if the surgical super glue is between the wound rather than on it?

the glue is between the wound!!!! and its dry'ed and keeping it from healing of course..there is still pain.and my parents wont take me to fix it!!!!

RIP IT OFF!  (+ info)

How do I heal a year+ old surgical scar/wound?

I have a surgery site that is over a year old and has not healed. I had two screws removed from my ankle last May (after a break was repaired) and the wound left from the surgery is still not healed. It repeatedly scabs, sometimes bleeds (if I scratch it) and is generally irritating. To answer some questions that might arise: there are no signs of infection, I keep it clean and usually covered (although I have tried leaving it uncovered too) I am otherwise healthy, I do not have diabetes or any kind of blood-clotting issues, and it doesn't hurt (unless I scratch or rub it.) Can anyone give me some insight about what might be going on?

I would go back to the doctor that did the surgery so they can make sure that everything is as it should be. There could be something wrong that is making it not heal  (+ info)

How to clean and dress a post surgical wound and what antiseptics to use?

It depends upon if the wound is still open or closed.
If your wound is open please e-mail me and and let me know, otherwise...
You will need Sodium Chloride, Nugauze ( sterile gauze strips 1/4 or 1/2 inch wide in a steril brown bottle) , sterile scissors to cut the gauze, sterile plastic tweezers, and kendall conform bandage and kendal excilon sponge, and medical gloves.

Now first we clean the wound :
Put on your clean plastic gloves
Take 1 piece of excilon sponge, wet it with sodium chloride and gently wipe your wound for it to be clean.
let it briefly air dry.
the take your sterile plastic tweezer and insert it into the open bottle of NUGauze and pick up the end of a strip of the gauze and let unravel of teh bottle enough to cut a strip long enough to cover your wound.
Lightly wet the NuGauze strip with the sodium chloride and ring it out so it is only lightly wet. This is called a "wet to dry" dressing.
lay the strip over your wound. It will feel lightly wet over your wound.
Place a clean excilon sponge over the NuGauze, which is laying over your wound. Then wrap your with a kendall conform bandage, You may need to go once around your ankle to have the bandage stay on for walking. When you are done, tape down the end with medical tape ( any kind ok) so your wrapping can stay on. and put on a clean pair of socks. If your wound is leaking or oosing you may need to change it twice a day . If not, then once a day should be sufficient. when the incision heals or closes up then you can just wrap it dry . If your wound or incision smells, then you will need to use Acetic Acid ( sterile vinegar and water medical grade) instead of Sodium Chloride for your wound to remain extra clean and definitely change it twice a day to keep it real clean. All of these items are sold in a medical supply store on the shelf. Good luck !
Do not use antibiotic ointment or alcohol on a post surgical wound. You need to use sodium chloride or acetic acid to work with the Ph balance in your skin and the wound needs to breathe. Ointments will cover it up and is a breeding ground to fester an infection. Only when the wound is healed and there is a scab and the wound is not open then you can use an ointment.  (+ info)

Is post-surgical wound leakage normal 8 days after surgery?

I had lumbar spine surgery last Friday and have had ZERO bleeding/leakage until yesterday. The docs told me I could take my dressing off the Sunday after my surgery. Now at the bottom of the scar/stitches there is watery blood leaking. Obviously it's not pouring out of me, but it has gotten slowly worse through the night. I put a dressing back on it and within 3-5 minutes there's an inch or so circle of blood. Why would it start bleeding and leaking 7-8 after the surgery and not sooner? Does this indicate anything? Should it be checked or is it normal to have the leakage start this late? My stitches (not staples) are due to come out on this coming Tuesday.

I'd give your doctor a call. That doesn't seem normal to me. I've had probably 15 operations between the ages of 3 and 27. And at least 3 of them were when I was old enough to remember. Some were kidney transplants, which is major surgery. I don't remember ever having leakage like that so it doesn't sound normal to me.  (+ info)

How do you treat an infected surgical wound from a CS operation?

Your question needs clarification----Is the CS for cerebral spinal, cesearan section or what?  (+ info)

What does it mean when a surgical wound has tracking?

Wounds are found in many shapes and sizes and for many reasons. Sometimes wounds will track or "tunnel".. that is make long open well.... tunnels into the flesh from the wound base but under the skin.

The reason that this is bad is that if part of the wound closes and there is still an open area back in the back, this can become an abscess and become very infectious.

So the wound needs "packing"... that is inserting long thin strips of sterile Normal Saline moist packing material. This allows the wound to heal from the end forward and prevents it from closing into compartments (where abscesses can form).

Iodiform gauze is one product used to pack such wounds. I did a lot of this sort of wound care when I worked in Home Health for 5 years as an RN.  (+ info)

Aleve VS Motrin VS Tylenol for pain resulting from a surgical wound?

each med works differently for each person-
u can take advil and tylenol together if u need to  (+ info)

what is the best method to heal open surgical wound 6"x4"?

Surgery was to repair compartment syndrome in lower leg of my 16 yr old son. Dr. wants to let heal on own. It has been 2 weeks and healing is slow and we are wondering if it would be better to have it stitched closed instead. We are hearing conflicting advise. There is some discharge still and muscle looks healthy.

Stitching or suturing a surgical incision should occur soon after the surgery or injury. It is too late to completely suture your son's surgical wound, it would just become infected. There are times that the surgeons will place a few sutures on either end just to assist keeping the edges lines up, it is all surgeon preference.
Your looking at what is called in medical terms healing by secondary intention. Depending how deep they went it may take months for the wound to heal. It is normal for an open wound to drain a serous clear red tinged fluid. Any drainage that has a foul odor,green or yellow mucous would indicate an infection. In addition to the drainage the edges or margins of the wound should never become red or inflammed or red streaks should never surround a wound. This wound will drain until it heals the serous fluid.
This is going to take time. People who are attempting to heal wounds need to increase their protein intake, to faciliate wound healing. Protein is found in meat, eggs, fish, peanut butter, milk. Unless there is predisposing problem like diabetes or excessive weight. It would be a good idea to increase your son's protein intake until the wound heals. Just offer a protein snack between meals. If you have further questions about this always tell physician anytime you don't understand. Ask for a dietary consult if you feel you need one.
Good luck, you didn't mention what caused the compartmental syndrome usually it is an injury. Welcome to the world of parenting a teenager.  (+ info)

Diet to help recover from a torn tendon and surgical wound?

Are there any nutrients I should be sure to eat to aid healing a torn tendon and surgical wound?

You need to increase your protein intake as this will help the healing go faster. If you don't get enough protein things will heal slower.  (+ info)

what would be the appropriate therapy for patients who have a surgical wound infection?

a. penicillin
b. methicillin
c. vancomycin
d. dicloxicillin

It could be wither "c", or "d", depending on the sensitivity of the bacteria.

Penicillin is rarely used for skin infections. "b" is rarely used period.  (+ info)

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