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infected wound around surgical staples...motorcycle accident?

i got shoved off the road a 3 weeks ago and i flew off my bike. my knee opened up and surgical staples were required to close up the wound. the abrasions around healed nicely, and the staples are still in. i woke up this morning and drove to work and noticed my knee was swollen. i pressed on a part next to the staples and some puss came out. I've been in pain all day and i'm not too sure what to do.

my nurse practitioner gave me some silver sulfadiazaine gpt an abrasion on my arm, and i just applied some on and around the staples.

what should i do next? should i wait until morning to see if the swelling went down? should i expect it to get worse?

any advice will be greatly appreciated

i would stay home, take some pain meds(or go to the nearest ER, if its really hurting)
Keep taking the antibiotic.Sit for now, put the leg up on a chair or bench.
NO:don't wait till it gets worse!Go to hospital/ER.  (+ info)

WIll taking tranexamic acid affect my surgical wound?

I had my hernia repair operation 4 weeks ago, and its a pretty big surgical wound now due to wound breakdown. Recently I experience rectal bleeding, few drops of blood when I poo and I went to the clinic for checkup. The doctor said she didn't saw any haemorrhoid and gave me liquid paraffin which lasts for 4 days. It made my stool softer, and even so, blood still drips when I poo. So I went to the clinic again and the doctor prescribed me tranexamic acid. I didn't manage to ask her about the relation between the drug and the wound and the possible side effects because it slipped through my mind until now. Anyone?

I think you better call her back and ask her about it. It's a drug given to hemophelliacs. It has anti-aspirin precautions. Maybe it's because the aspirin works against it. If it was me, I would take it since it does sound like it will help both the rectal bleeding and the wound healing. Since it's not me, but I'm giving advice and I don't want it to hurt you, I say call back and ask your questions.

Hope you get well soon.  (+ info)

surgical procedure leaving open wound that wont heal?

this is a really yucky question i know...but i have to ask it. thanks to any who respond with real knowledge of the problem. my cousin had surgery in december to remove a gland on her upper an inner thigh. the wound never healed properly and left a hole on the outside of her inner thigh that was about the size of a nickel. when she used a mirror to look at it she could see there was also still an open wound up in that wound. when she went for her follow up her doc told her it would heal. it didnt. she went back in about 2 months ago so they could stitch up the wound on the inside. the stitches took and that wound is healing. but the wound on the outside still hasnt healed. it has gotten smaller, but in just the last few days, 2 new small holes have appeared. her doctor still dismisses that anything is wrong,. just keeps giving meds and creams. ive told her to go for a 2nd opinion but in the meantime does anyone out there know why its still open like that? thanks

Tell her to go see a plastic surgeon, they deal a lot with those type of wounds.  (+ info)

wound dehiscence on lumpectomy site? breastmilk still comes out of incision. Not giving it up either.?

You need to call your surgeon or his nurse and get their opinion as to whether you need to be seen again.

good luck  (+ info)

how many days surgical wound gets healed?

It depends on the nature of wound.
If the wound is due to some infection and is pretty big then it may take about 5/6 dressings. after every 3 days.
If the wound is small due to some scratches then 3 dressings are sufficient.
If the surgery is critical then you have to get done dressing and have complete bed rest and not to injure the wound.
If the wound requires plastic surgery then you have to wait for 15 days or more even till the wound is healed.
Under no circumstances water should enter the wound Otherwise it will create rassi in the wound.
Consult best doctor inthe matter.
Wish you speedy recovery.  (+ info)

Can a large quantity of Iodine on a large open wound cause Iodine poisoning?

Please assume the worst scenario, and the most harmful (and oldest) version of Iodine. - not some new surgical formulation

The closest answer I can give you is if you have any doubt, don't use it at all. Throw it out and get the new and improved Iodine. When you go into the hospital they ask you for a list of allergy's. When you list something like iv contrast dye, then they go one step further to find out about this because this also contains Iodine and if your allergic to both topical forms too. This is just one scenario. Please, take the time to up-date your first-aid kits and OTC drugs every 6 months. Do this the same time you change the clocks and battery's in your smoke alarms around the house. Then stick to it because allot of these OTC drugs expire within 1-2 years. When was the last time you actually thought about up-dating it? I bet no one does this except some of us that work or worked in a health facility. This actually being a worse case scenario, but I would still highly doubt about any allergic reaction. I would be more worried about the ingredients, and the effect they would have on my open wound. Some of these aren't used anymore, because of them. Good luck and God Bless  (+ info)

Surgical wound not healing. 17 Months post opp.?

My colan ruptured in May of 2005. I was sent home with a gaping wound left to heal from the inside out . I have a 7.5 cm tunnel that is still not healed and now my insurance has dropped me and I cannot afford the $115.00 every 5 days for the Aquacel the doc wants me to pack it with. Does anyone know what I can use to heal it that is affordable???

I don't know if youare a Christian, but I am, andI would pray using the word. Here's a good website on Healing  (+ info)

Surgical wound infection.?

Hi. I had undergone sacrectomy six months ago. Then i recieved radiation therapy. During radiaiton therapy i had a sinus created at the lower site of the surigical site. After radiation therapy it got infected. Then i underwent exploration of the wound and sinus excision. but sitll the infection was there. Then my surgeon opened the wound for secondary closure. Culture and sensitivities were done time to time and i was on antibiotics (for 20 days) and daily dressing change was performed during the hospital stay. Now i am at my home and performing daily dressing change with papain-urea ointment as doc adviced, but the wound healing is not satisfactory. The wound is very deep and and wide, approximately 2.5 inch wide and 3 inch deep. Is there any other medical option.....?

  (+ info)

Discoloured Blood in surgical wound? Help!?

I got an arthroscopy on my knee a week ago, two of the incisions have healed up nicely, but the larger of the 3 not so well. I woke up this morning to find BLACK blood oozing out of it, which stopped after 10 mintutes...

Could this mean infection? Or could it just be blood thats been trapped...
If anyone has any idea would be nice as i cant see a doctor for 2 days

  (+ info)

What to do with the surgical bandage(bandage that the doctor put)?

had my mole removed (mole is on the chest)
I forgot to ask the doctor and I know it's stupid(please don't judge)

I just had surgery and now I have a wound with 3 or 4 stitches. I don't know if I should remove the bandage or let it be. I've searched the net' and I received mixed answers. I think betadine is in it and still feeling pain after 11 hours.

Usually when you have surgery they tell you to change or remove the bandage in 12 to 24 hours. If you have stitches then you should be able to uncover it after 24 hours, just be sure to cover it back up when you shower or bath.  (+ info)

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