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How do I make swayback bread?

I have some extra bread that I am wanting to make swayback out of.
I am just wanting to know at what temperature to put my oven at, and how long do I need to leave it in there for?
I am actually wanting to make my own breadcrumbs, and I thought that making swayback first would make drier breadcrumbs.
If there is another way to make great breadcrumbs, then could somebody please let me know.

You're talking about zwieback bread, right? Which is made out of rye flour and has more of a cracker texture than bread. I'd stick with homemade croutons and bread crumbs. If your bread is a whole unsliced loaf, then slice it into 1/4 inch pieces. Brush each piece with olive oil and season with Italian Herbs, a sprinkling of kosher salt, and fresh ground pepper. Place in a single layer on a cookie sheet and bake at 400 degrees until crisp and golden. Turn over and repeat process until both sides are golden and bread is crispy. Place in food processor when cooled and pulse until desired texture is reached. For croutons, follow the above , using your favorite herbs, dry ranch dressing mix, and garlic. Cut bread into cubes and toss with olive oil first, then sprinkle with dried ingrediants. Spread on bakig dish and bake until crunchy.  (+ info)

Toddlers with the potbelly and swayback posture?

How long does toddlers usually have the potbelly and swayback look. My son is 2 1/2 and still has it. He also has mild low muscle tone too.

A toddler's posture does look odd from an adult perspective, but it's perfectly normal. Your child won't always have a potbelly. He'll have that swayback posture with the protruding tummy into his third year. Then he will gradually straighten up and his tummy will tighten. Give him just a little more time! :)  (+ info)

How can I treat my swayback (lordosis)?

I have a swayback and I was wondering what exercises I could use to treat it. None of my bones are fused and my back is actually very flexible. I want to treat it because it is a little unsightly and I find it uncomfortable to stand or sit for very long.

Pilate's would be the best exercise, as it will strengthen the core muscles and keep the spine in the correct position. Best of Luck  (+ info)

How do I get rid of swayback?

I am now 13 and I've had major swayback since I was born. I'd there any way to fix this???
I've hade serious swayback since I was born and I am now 13. Is there ANY way to fix this???
Sry for repeat I thought it would change cuz I made a mistake

I hate when people repeat themselves.  (+ info)

How can I fix swayback (Lordosis)? ?

I want to fix my Lordosis but will physical therapy really work? Should I find a chiropractor or a physical trainer? Also, how do I know they are certified and will do a good job?

Excessive lordosis has been thought to be linked to low back pain, but in reality, the association is poor. Excessive lordosis can be caused by a number of reasons, but could include anything from simply a bad habit of poor posture to low muscle tone to metabolic disorders...finally, excessive lordosis may simply be your structural trait that occurred during your normal development.

If you ARE having back pain, I would definetely see a physical therapist, but I wouldn't get too wrapped up in the cosmesis of it. In fact, in most people we are actually trying to increase lordosis.

PTs are licensed professionals in all 50 states in the US, but I do recommend seeing someone who specialized in spinal care. You can usually do this by calling a clinic and asking what post-graduate credentialing a particular therapist has regarding spinal care.   (+ info)

Swayback legs and modelling-?

I have swayback legs and when i do the catwalk my knees lock, is this bad/ incorrect for ramp modelling? does anyone know any ramp models with swayback legs?

no one does i don't think  (+ info)


I've had a swayback (a.k.a lordosis) since I was little and was wondering if it's a permanent thing or if it can be corrected(WITHOUT surgery etc) or if it even needs to be corrected.

I've had a look at some info on the Internet although there really isn't much helpful information (the pictures were good though) .

I don't really have a problem with it as I read that if the swayback isn't 'fixed' and corrects itself when you bend over then it's ok..

Does anyone have any information about lordosis? Also, any good exercises that will strengthen my pelvic and abdominal muscles (as I read that due to swayback they become weakened)?

One of the best things would be to see a chiropractor who can give you advice for fixing your posture as well as adjustments when needed. Developing a hyperlordosis (or swayback) can be a natural developmental phase, but some people grow out of it and some do not. You are right, it is largely due to weak pelvic, and abdominal muscles. The big swiss exercise balls are great for core strengthening, and any chiropractor who can help you with this problem will be able to give you exercises to do on the exercise ball (if they can't give you some exercises-find a different one). I would definately say DO NOT have surgery, because it would be completely unnecessary. Posture advice, and core muscle strengthening and stability should be your main focus, along with seeing a chiropractor to help the process along, as they would be able to diagnose any underlying problems to your swayback. Best of luck  (+ info)

Can chiropractors treat lordosis (swayback)?

And also, if they do manage to straighten my back, would it make me any taller?

If you experience pain with the lordosis, it would depend on the degree. Also, spinal manipulation may help with the pain, but it will not "correct" the lordosis. Be wary of anyone who promises more than pain/symptom relief. Also, a good Chiropractor should begin you on rehab exercises almost immediately. Good luck.

P.S. if they mention subluxation or treating visceral conditions, head for the door  (+ info)

Can Lordosis be fixed? (swayback)?

i have been looking all over the internet and i can never find a straight answer saying, YES!!! they all talk about how it is gonna be with you for ever and how you can treat it, but what does the treatment means? am i going to have a normal human posture if i fix it? if i cant fix it, then its a shame honestly ;( cuz im only 19 and i look like i have a monkey butt and im pregnant which is not funny :( my lower back hurts alot too. so all i am asking for is....... can lordosis (swayback) be fixed with exercises they recommend on the websites and get my normal posture back with no monkey butt?

  (+ info)

should i get a back brace (lordosis/swayback)?

I always wondering why my rib cage stick out and got bad posture(fing sad) .......Due to hard research i found that it is Lordosis ..i was like dam,,,#$%^& After that i did lots of research regarding to lordosis and also videos for posture correction and the way u stand blablabla.....and i also did some lower back exercise and i work on it everyday ..it really helps ...but whenever i got tired i will juz forgot about the proper way to stand or sit (correct posture) ..and it dosent look good at all .... Will the back brace help to reduce lordosis(swayback) ?? If yes where can i buy it?

juz found out -.-

lordosis is the normal curve in your low back and your neck. these curves are necessary for proper weight distribution head to toe. sometimes hyperlordosis (too much curve) can cause some discomfort but that is rare. too much curve is better than not enough. a brace will not help. the brace will weaken core muscles and create back problems for a lifetime. exercise properly and strengthen the core muscles and you will be fine.

take a look at ancient greek art and statues. not the curve of the back. that is how ours is supposed to be.

i answered before going to youtube and had duplicated the info there  (+ info)

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