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Foot problem - clogged sweat gland?

I developed a very small pimple like white bump on the ball of my foot. Very painful when touched and to walk on it. Went to foot doctor, he told me I had a clogged sweat gland, and there is no cure! Has anyone ever had this and what did u do?

If the problem is that of an obstructed sweat gland, I would be very surpised that your doctor, did not inform you, that its a very benign condition, and generally, it resolves by itself.
However, since it is located in a poteltially painful area, you have several options:
fisrt, get your doctor to refer your case or a "local freezing" with liquid nitrogen
Painless, costless, does not hurt, the little plmple will fall off in 2.3 days
Or, get your doctor to prescribe to you, podophylline 5% and use it cautiously (an instructive comes with it) to cauterize it apilessly, with several applications (normally 1 week is more that enough).
Also painless and the treatment is quite cheap.
Nothing wrong will happen to you anyway, dont worry.  (+ info)

What diseases are carried by sweat?

Nothing that is not already on the surface of the skin anyway. You aren't going to get exposed to anymore germs touching sweat than you would by shaking hands...  (+ info)

how to unblock a blocked sweat gland?

its in my armpit , well kinda 1/2-1 inch above my pit but is forming a huge penny shaped hard lump, and when i run and i get sweaty there it feels bloated, and swollen. im 13. girl.
COME ON PEOPLE I NEED A REAL FUCKING ANSWER!!!!!!! not just 1 retarded one
its under my skin

I wish I could help find an answer on how to unblock a sweat gland, because I am dealing with the same problem right now. I would say to try to avoid antiperspirant, as it will discourage sweating and that probably would not be a good thing. When I was younger I got those a lot and the doctor said laying off the antiperspirant would help. Good luck finding something to help-they are painful.  (+ info)

Doctor says i have an sweat gland...?

You might of read earlier on my other post about me going to the clinic with a lump bottom right of my head, apparantly its a sweat gland (i think its like an teenage hormone), is it possible for it to be itchy?


Everyone on EARTH has sweat glands. It's what makes you sweat. It's not a hormone... the name is pretty much self exsplanitory. Hormones are basically chemicals in the body.... not glands.

Yes it is posisble for it to itch.

-Connor  (+ info)

Theres clogged sweat gland n produced a hard oval lump on armpit?

I have a small pimple-like bump on my armpit. its not really bump out but its like an oval-shape n hard.... n its painful when i press it... at first, i tried to pop it n water n white stuff came out.!!. but now nothing comes out n the bump n the pain is still there after 2 days.... and im only 14 years old... i guess its a clogged sweat gland..?is it an infection or something? what should i do to cure it besides going to the doctor?

I had one of those about 2 months ago and it was painful. My doctor recommended the following.

Keep it clean with soap and warm water.

Don't pick at it if it pops under the skin, it can get real bad.

Don't cover it in deodorant while it heals

Get some Neosporin and apply 3 times a day.

It will be all gone in about 2 weeks

It's just an infected sweat gland and anyone can get them.  (+ info)

detail about prostrate gland diseases and treatment for that?

The 2 main problems are benign prostate hyperplasia, and cancer. The first maybe treated with drugs that reduce or control the growth. The second is either chemo, radiation, surgery or a combination of them. Some men can also have an infection or irritation or the prostate which is controled with anti biotics.  (+ info)

how do you get rid of SWEAT GLAND CYSTS on an eyelid?

i had a very small,kind of hard,shiny bump on one of my bottom eyelids..i looked it up on the internet and it seems like it is a sweat gland cyst..i have had it for a looong time and was wondering how i can get rid of it..

well,actually it SEEMS to be gone for now..last night i got so irritated by it and grabbed my tweezers and tried to pop it [gross,i know] but it hurt to much..i never popped it,just tried...but this morning it was gone! but if i do get one again..how can i get rid of it without using tweezers? haha.

Its called a stye. I have had 3 and each time I had to get them removed in surgery. But that almost never happens. Put a warm compress on it, it will then rise and you should be able to pop it after a couple of weeks. If not, see a doctor.

If you have to get surgery, trust me, It doesnt hurt at all. I am 13 and I was scared and crying like a baby the first time I had surgery on it, and it didnt hurt at all and took only 25 minutes. I left the hospital the same day.  (+ info)

What's the difference between sebaceous glands and sweat glands?

Whats the difference between sebaceous glands and sweat glands?

Sebaceous glands are connected to hair folicals, which produce sebum, which then can form spots if alot is produced, it'll surface the skin
Sweat glands are under your arm pits and most other parts of the body  (+ info)

How can I get rid of this clogged sweat gland, or at least make it stop being itchy?! It's not a boil. Thanks!?

ok so I've had this bump the size of a quarter between my shoulder blades for almost a year. It constantly itches but when I showed it to my Dr. He just shrugged and carelessly went on to say "It's just a clogged sweat gland, it's nothing serious but it will never go away." So I ask him. "What can I do to stop the itching? What do you mean it will NEVER go away?! Can't it be lanced or something??" He replies, "Well some people get them to pop but I'll warn you it stinks like hell. Oh and it will just come right back" No answer on how to stop the itching. "!!!!!" Can anyone tell me how do I get this thing to stop itching and or get it to go away? It's under the skin, every now and then a very thin hair will grow out of what looks like an opening but it's not. it's not red, it's not scaly, it's just a hard itchy bump under my skin that's driving me insane. I don't know if it matters but I am diabetic so it may be a symptom or something. But the itching is driving me bonkers!

It appears that your doc was not very helpful on this matter. Most of the time, these things eventually work their way to the surface of the skin, pop open, and drain, so it makes sense that a doc might dismiss this as unimportant. However, if this thing has lasted nearly a year and is causing itching, it's not unimportant. Sometimes the fluid dries up and forms a semi-permanent cyst - this appears to be your situation.

Once a hardened cysts forms, the only treatment is surgical removal or waiting years for it to go away. Removal is pretty minor surgery that can be performed by a dermatologist in the office. You could make an appointment with a dermatologist to see what can be done.  (+ info)

which diseases can be transferred through sweat?

ringworm can. But I dont know about anything else.  (+ info)

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