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How to stop excessive sweating and armpit sweat patches?

okay, so i use an antiperspirant called mitchum for men which my mum said would stop the sweating and B.O. it stopped the B.O but not the sweat. I really need help on how to stop sweating. i need help BEFORE TUESDAY as i am going out. i don't want tips on surgery or any antiperspirants etc. i just need some overnight remedy or method to stop the sweat and stop/cover up sweat patches.


Excessive sweating is a common problem that more than 3% of the population faced with. It is not only a cause of embarrassment for the individual, this condition can also create many problems with someone's lifestyle as well.

However there are different ways that can help you to reduce your excessive sweating.
Check these helpful methods to avoid hyperhidrosis:

Keep Away From Sugar

having high sugar level in your blood produces hyper activity and anxiety that can easily produce excessive stress, also meaning excessive sweating.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking drinks with Alcohol causes the dilatation of blood vessels that result in an increase in body temperature and therefore excessive sweat.

Don't Eat Spicy Foods:

Spicy foods have the same effects as alcohol, it makes the heart pumps more blood and so the body, to regulate itself produces sweat.

Adopt Your Clothing:

Don't over dress, and in summer or any other hot weather don't wear synthetic fibers. Use breathing fabrics like cotton. This will ventilate your body and void any accumulation of sweat.

Avoid Caffeine:

Caffeine is a stimulant that increases your anxiety. Caffeine could be found in coffee and other soda drinks.

Stop Smoking:

Smoking is also a vessel dilator just like alcohol.

Learn Yoga or Meditation:

A common cause for excessive sweating is stress. To avoid or reduce stress you should learn to control it. The best way to control is by learning meditation or yoga techniques. Mastering those can make a huge difference on your life.

good luck  (+ info)

Is there any ways to reduce excessive forehead sweating?

I tend to sweat alot, but mainly on my forehead. I notice when I'm around other people during warm weather, my forehead would start to sweat, when others seem to be fine. Even in 100 degrees temps, Im just pouring down sweat, when everyone is relaxed. My body is fine, just normal sweating, but its always my forehead. I drink enough fluids and hydrate frequently. Any sorta vitamins or remedies out there to slow it down or to stop it?

My mom read an article that said people can use anti-perspirant on their forehead for extreme sweating. She was telling me that because I have the same problem. Should we try it?  (+ info)

How do you keep from sweating in a hot environment?

I have a really bad sweating problem. Im kind of weird though and I dont sweat under my arm pits. Just on my back and neck and face. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

Wearing all cotton clothes helps.
They make a neck wrap that can be put in the fridge that will keep you cool, if you are so inclined.

Make sure you are well-hydrated.  (+ info)

How do I stop excessive sweating on my face?

Looked through some old answers, but nobody seems to have my issue. See, I sweat a lot due to a condition. No problems with body odor (thank GOD), but it's so embarrassing when my whole head is sweating! My makeup slides off, I feel just gross. My only savior is colder weather without humidity or air conditioning. Any help on this one?

Tolkien (no idea how 2 spell it. you no the baby powder white stuff haha) power under your makeup. but if you do make sure you use moisturizer alot!  (+ info)

How to make your hands stop sweating?

I am a teenage girl and am very active and fit so i am not sweating because im overweight. For school we have to dance and my hands are sweat so i am very embarrassed. Does anyone have any solution, tips, or remedies that work quickly. This situation is very awkward for me and i will do anything to change it! Thanks in advance!

keep some chalk in your pocket  (+ info)

How can I lessen my sweating when dancing?

I am okay with sweating when I'm rock climbing or doing other outdoor activities but I need something stronger to make my sweating less obvious when I'm dancing indoors. I do sweat often anyway, and I'm fine with that, but is there anything I can do to temporarily stop sweating while I'm dancing?

you could have a thyroid problem which increases your BMI and could cause you to sweat a lot  (+ info)

How do you prevent sweating while wearing a suit?

My friend works in a fine dining restaurant and has to wear a tuxedo. For the proper look, he has to wear an undershirt, tuxedo shirt, and tuxedo jacket. With all the running around and heat in the back area of the restaurant, it can get quite warm.

Any suggestions for him prevent sweating?
He is concerned not only about underarm sweat, but also on the forehead.

To stop the excessive sweating try:

1. Drysol - a prescription deodorant
2. Drink more water to lower your body temperature.
3. Drink Green Tea at night
4. Try Certain Dri (non-prescription deodorant)
5. Avoid spicy foods and alcohol
6. try Iontophoresis treatments. You can learn about them through the source link below.
7. There's something called a Sage Tea Soak solution. Again, you can learn about it through the source link below.
8. If the sweating is bad enough, some people will opt towards ETS (Endoscopic Thorasic Surgery). This is, however, a LAST resort.

You can find tons other suggestions and natural solutions through the link I've provided.

Best of Luck!  (+ info)

What is the best deodorant to prevent sweating?

im 15 years old and i have a big sweating problem. the sweat shows through my shirt and its really embarrasing. i prefer roll on because i shave my underarms and solid shows up. what should i buy?

Try Dry Idea.

It's a deodorant and an antiperspirant.  (+ info)

How do I prevent my hands from sweating?

Hot or cold, chances are my palms are sweating.. Gives me embarassment whenever someone will shake my hand or even when I touch cellphones or keyboards sweat marks them. Any tips to prevent or cure this problem?

I'm also experiencing that one.
It's called Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of hands,
foot & underarm sweating.
Treatments for hyperhidrosis include over-the-counter antiperspirants, prescription antiperspirants like Drysol (20% aluminum chloride), iontophoresis, pills like glycopyrrolate (Robinul), and surgery.  (+ info)

Why do I start sweating when I eat picked onion crisps?

When I eat pickled onion crisps I start sweating. Is it just because of all the spices in it, or is there another reason?

This is a VERY high salt content in pickled onion crisps, and the mixture of spices will cause your body to react by producing sweat.  (+ info)

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