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I have a dark pigmented birth scar in my left shoulder and i want to get rid of it.How do i?

I am not able to wear sleeveless clothing and big neck clothing coz of that, n i really need to get rid of it.

I have heard vitamin E works really good. Also there is a product on the market called medirma which seemed to have helped my scars. However, Vitaman E is cheaper and may even work better. good luck.  (+ info)

How to make less pigmented eyeshadow work?

Me and my friends were walking around the mall and decided to go into the dollar store, and they had little eyeshadow pallets (5 colors) for $1 each. I bought 2 because they were cheap and why not? I got home and tried them out, and the colors barely show up. Even the black barely shows up. Is there any way I can make them work better?

Use eyeshadow primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion $18) Or a cheaper primer (L'oreal Decrease $7) and wet your brush ( i like to put water in a spray bottle and spray the back of my hand then take my eyeshadow brush *or sponge tip applicator* and then dip in eyeshadow after i damped it, i do this because you only want the brush or applicator to be damp not soaked.) I have some drugstore eyeshadow and i made it look good lolz it may even look as good as mac eyeshadow wit sum work.  (+ info)

How do i remove the pigmented areas on my face?

Hi. My skin tends to pigment and become red and dry on my cheeks. I drink lots of water and avoid sunlight, but to no affect. My skin is missing it's natural glow. Can someone suggest natural remedies? I have very oily skin and am on the dark side. thx :)

Drink seal oil, two 8 ounce cups a day.  (+ info)

What is the best highly pigmented eye-shadow that can be found at a drugstore?

I'm looking for a nice shimmery eye shadow that applies really nicely and can be found at a local drugstore.

I agree that L'oreal HIP works well. I find that the DS brands that work best in terms of pigmentation are L'Oreal (not just HIP) and CoverGirl (mostly their shimmery ones though, although I have had success with their matte ones)

If you live in Canada, you should check out Annabelle. I love their shadows.

I find though that even expensive shadows don't go on very pigmented for me over my primer (urban decay, to prevent creasing) unless I use a cream shadow over the primer. This way, even my cheapest and hardest to work with shadows look better than my MAC shadows, which I hate :)  (+ info)

What is proper skin care when pigmented areas after second degree scalds are healing?

Its been a month I got scalds on my arms with boiling water.The skin exposed after blister removal has blackened.New skin has yet to form.What care should I take.I do all my household work,I specially want to know that can I wash dishes with detergents with bare hands.?My hands are also burnt.....what other tips for good recovery?

I would definitely use soaps and lotions that are fragrance free and void of any products that contain alcohol in one of the first 5 ingredients(usually the first 5 ingredients have a very large percentage in the base of the product). I'd also recommend using gloves while doing dishes or using other household cleaning products,your skin will remain rather fragile for the next 3-4 months... You also need to use caution while in the sun...scar tissue remains "active" for about 1 year,which means if you get a sunburn on "new skin" or a scar ..what ever color it turns,it will probably stay that color.You also need to be cautious when showering,bathing or doing dishes.coz the water may feel OK on an area not burned and reignite the uncomfortable sensation of the burn ALL over again.You also need to make sure that your skin remains soft and pliable and that your fingers are not developing contracturs,this could be a serious situation and medical attention should be sought.P.S. I'd also steer clear of petroleum based products,they are VERY drying to the new healthy granulating tissue.I'd recommend a lanolin type product.I know alot of people will say Vaseline is recommended for burns....but think about it petrolium...gasoline...VERY VERY drying to the skin especially to the new skin! I take care of burns and other nasty wounds for a living I hope you take my advice,and even if you don't Good Luck ! burns hurt!  (+ info)

Is dermatologist really have the solution for pigmented and patchy skin?

I have a little patchy skin around my mouth & have dot sized moles on my face.Dermatologist told me its all pigmentation.He suggested me to undergo microderm skin treatment (peeling of the skin).All that will go off and u will get one uniform & glowing face.Should I under go this treatment? Is there any side effect of this treatment?

all d dermatologist will b doin a patch test b4 goin into any kinda treatment

they will do a patch behind ur ear @ first

after a week times if there s no pbm wit ur skin - lik itchiness or allergy

they will get into d treatment

otherwise they will go for sum other alternatives

so there is nothin to worry

tell ur doc to do a patch test

if it suits u go ahead

all d best  (+ info)

How can I help pigmented lips?

I am African American, so my lips are very dark and pigmented. They aren't pink, they are ugly shades of purple-brown.

What can I do to make them appear more pink and hide the ugly purple-brown color?
Thanks, but I don't want to use any lipstick. Only lip gloss or lip balm.

You may need to wear a lip balm w/ SPF 15 to protect your lips. Lips have a little melanin and do darken slightly under the sun.

L'Oreal has a line of highly pigmented lip glosses (HIP).
Here's a link for product information: http://www.hipcolor.com/default.aspx

You can also try tinted berry colored lip balms to complement rather than cover your lips.  (+ info)

What is the makeup that's highly pigmented enough to simply glide and show on darker olive skin?

I'm almost 24 BTW. And, I still love lots of colour. LOL.

I am olive skinned as well - I use Bare Minerals makeup - its a great - light - coverage - perfect!  (+ info)

What's are good lipglosses for filipino pigmented lips?

I'm filipino and i'm dark skinned but i have big, very red pigmented lips. i'm really into that baby pink nudeish color. i was wondering what lipgloses or lipsticks are good that make my lips that color without looking all flakey and weird looking. i was kinda looking towards nars orgasm and turkish delight

OMG NARS Orgasm is like 24 bucks girl, don't do it lol. Just buy a "nude shaded" lip stick (try nyc, they're cheap like 99 cents! try their long wear lip sticks, they're pretty good and last a while, just that their packaging SUCKS :) to kinda "numb" the color, and use a baby pink gloss over it. I recommend Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment in Brilliant Blush or in any other light pink colors. Their only about 5 bucks and add GREAT shine and glam lol.

But I would loooove to have naturally red pigmented lips lol.

Good luck my fellow filipina!  (+ info)

Does anyone know of any cheap, but highly pigmented eyeshadows?

I am a college student and some of my friends use MAC makeup, which is wonderful, but a little out of my budget. Does anyone know of any drugstore make up brands that are as highly pigmented as these products? Or is it necessary to pay the price for the brand name? Thanks!

I know a lot of people have recommended L'Oreal HiP eyeshadows, but don't buy those. They use an ingredient that releases formaldehyde to preserve their eyeshadows--look for "imidazolidinyl urea" or "diazolidinyl urea" in the ingredients list.

Try NYX eyeshadows. The colour pay-off is about the same as MAC. I don't think you're paying too much for MAC though, because in the end, the product will last you a long time. Some pigments, like dark blues and purples are expensive. You can also give Prestige eyeshadows a try as well--you can use those both wet and dry.  (+ info)

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