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How do I get rid of dark pigmented skin?

I am mildly overweight and the skin in places on my body where skin overlaps has a darker tint than the rest of my skin. i.e. my armpits and inbetween my legs. What is this and how can I get rid of it? I've tried scrubbing, but nothing happens.

It sounds as if it might be Acanthosis nigricans. Search for it online and check out if it is what you think you have. It is usually linked to being overweight, having insullin resistance, or Diabetes Type 2. The extra insullin in the body is what is linked to the dark patches, but sometimes other health problems are associated with Acanthosis nigricans, too.

To fix it would usually require a change in diet (improved eating habits), exercise, and the like. Although, if this is what you have, you need to go see your doctor immediately (who will help you treat it), because all the health issues it is associated with are serious.  (+ info)

Whats a good lip gloss for very pigmented lips?

I have darkish reddish lips and I really want a real nude gloss or a beige colored pigmented gloss. Can anyone tell me whats good fro darker lips???

mac has a lustreglass called spring bean.
in the tube it might look scary green, but is superrr pretty !
since you have pigmented lips it goes on goldish so it makes
your lips like a pretty caramel honey color :D  (+ info)

How do you get rid of brown/red pigmented skin left after acne?

Hi there, thankfully; my acne is gone now. i have brown and red type marks left on my skin, how do i get rid of it. i am using decleor purete exfoliante exfoliator to exfoliate my face to help remove dead cells, but how long is it going to take for those marks to go away.

it fades over time. clinique do an acne range that is meant to be good. or try bio oil, its meant to fade marks  (+ info)

I have a slightly darker pigmented bump on my right areola what is it?

I've had this small bump on my right areola of my nipple for about 2 years now. I was expecting it to go away or something but it hasn't. It doesn't hurt or anything and it hasn't grown. When I squeeze it hard enough some pus or whatever comes out similar to a pimple.

What is it?

it might be cancer. go for a biopsy coz it produces discharges. you can also take it of via cryosurgery if you doctor permits it.

hope this helps  (+ info)

Any good drugstore nude pink lipsticks for very pigmented red lips? 10 points?

Im looking for a nude pink lipstick( preferably from a drugstore) that will work for very pigmented red lips. Most sheer lipsticks do not show on my lips. Thank you
specific shades please.

You can try
L'oreal color riche in 339  (+ info)

Are there any good, pigmented drugstore lip glosses?

I want a good lip gloss that is pigmented, not sheer. Preferably one that doesn't smell horrible or have any shimmer in it. Im looking for a cool pink shade.. Can anyone recommend a good lip gloss?

I say drugstore because I dont have a Sephora or MAC nearby, and I cant order online. I don't have a Target either..

Try L'Oreal Paris' HiP line (HiP- High Intensity Pigment)
It's available at most drugstores at a modest price.
To find out a little more, go to http://www.lorealparis.ca/_en/_ca/articles/index.aspx?code=Art_0006

Hope this helps!  (+ info)

Is my hair pigmented correctly or do I have a problem?

Okay, the hair on my head is naturally blonde, almost a platinum blonde color, but my eyebrows have always been a brownish color, darker than my hair. Is the a problem with my hair pigmentation or is it just how it is?

my eyebrows are the same, but turn very blonde in the summer. i never noticed how "light" my eyebrows really were until i dyed my hair dark (they looked SOOOOOOO light and so retarded). if it really bothers you you can always put hydrogen peroxide on them! i did it once and it worked, but it grew out and looked stupid. i'd just leave them be if i were you.

p.s. i'd say you're normal and perhaps lucky. at least you can see your eyebrows! my mother has such light eyebrows it's like they're not even there.  (+ info)

How can you heal hyper pigmented skin?

I was having scar revision treatments done and the skin around the scar turned a darker color than the rest of my skin. It's very irritating to me and I want to know how to heal it faster. Will mederma or anything of the sort help make the skin it's original tone?

Mederma did not work for me for dark spots I had on my lower legs and neither did a similar treatment ProActiv makes. The only thing I found that helped is a cream called Epiquin Micro. It comes from a dermatologist and has a higher percent of the active ingredient in the other stuff. It is a bit expensive- $85 for a moderate size tube but that is at least what I paid combined on the products that didn't work. It only takes a little bit and the tube lasts for a long time. Not saying something like Mederma wouldn't work for you; everyone is different but this is the only thing that worked for me.  (+ info)

Which is work fast & better on dark circal and pigmented skin potato or cucumber?

i also want to know about alovera gel do u think that also help to improve my skin Completion?

Both seem to work well. Yes applying aloe-gel nourishes your skin. BTW check these natural remedies for dark circles.
http://myblogonbeauty.blogspot.com/2007/08/home-remedies-for-dark-circles-around.html  (+ info)

How pigmented/high quality are Mary Kay eyeshadows?

I noticed that their eyeshadows are very inexpensive, at $6.50 each. How comparable are they to good department store brands?

I love the MK eyeshadows for my everyday wear. If your looking for some all out colors Bright blues and Bright Pinks etc then look at something else. Also he sure to use primer to get the most of of your eyeshadows.  (+ info)

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