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Does anyone know of a free syringomyelia chat room?

I do not know of a chat room but there should be syringo forums and message boards on the internet. I would type in google:
syringomyelia chat rooms if nothing comes up, type in
syringomyelia message boards. Good Luck.  (+ info)

IsLyrica a medicine for the treatment for Syringomyelia?

And if there is anyone with this disorder please e-mail me with any information to help me.

Lyrica was approved for treatment of certain seizures as well as certain types of neuropathy.

A Google shows that some doctors are giving it to patients with Syringomyelia. No clinical trials known.  (+ info)

Tell me what is the best medication to be taking for Syringomyelia?

Who is the best Doctor in Cleveland , Ohio for me to see, if anyone else in Cleveland have disorder feel free to e-mail at , [email protected]

search for doctors on yahoo local  (+ info)

Can a syringomyelia or syringobulbia be the cause of blackouts?

yes, get an MRI check for arnold chiari  (+ info)

Should an extensive syringomyelia and syringobulbia straight after diagnosis or should it just be monitored.?

This condition has been diagnosed on an MRI scan but nobody has actually suggested any treatment for it even though I am getting a lot of back and neck pain. Why is this?

I found the information below. Having read it I do think you should be monitored.

In many cases of Syringomyelia all that is required by a sufferer is an explanation and reassurance, together with periodic review by a specialist. The symptoms arising from Syringomyelia can then be treated with drugs or other measures - or simply tolerated.

General measures
* Physiotherapy and rehabilitation can help to preserve neurological function. The patient must be taught to avoid damage that may result from absence of pain.
* No drugs can retard or reverse the condition but analgesics may be required for pain.

* There are a number of neurosurgical approaches that can be used to retard or halt the progress of the condition. They include insertion of a shunt, laminectomy and syringotomy (drainage of the syrinx).
* The procedure used will depend on the nature of the lesion.

# Dysaesthesia (pain experienced when the skin is touched) is common.
# Light touch, vibration and position senses in the feet are affected as the syrinx enlarges into the dorsal columns.

And from an Australian article...
Treatment depends on the cause and severity of the condition but may include:

* Wait-and-see approach – if the cyst is small and not causing any symptoms, your doctor may prefer to simply monitor the condition.
* Medications – syringomyelia can’t be treated with drugs, but pain killers and muscle relaxants may help to ease some of the symptoms.
* Shunting – a thin tube is inserted into the cyst to drain the fluid into the abdominal cavity. The shunt contains a one-way valve to prevent backflow. This type of treatment is often used if hydrocephalus (build-up of cerebral fluid inside the brain) is also present.
* Surgery – to remove the tumour or repair the damage caused by the trauma. In the case of Arnold-Chiari malformation, surgery aims to give the cerebellum more room in the base of the skull and neck, and improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid at the same time.

Where to get help * Your doctor * Neurologist  (+ info)

I have a rare spinal chord disease called syringomyelia. What are some ways to find relief from the pain?

Anti convulsants relieve pain especially in the spinal region by placing a coat of sodium around the nerve areas blocking pain. See your GP and ask which one is the most useful.  (+ info)

What Doctor do I take my son to for syringomyelia?

Would it scoliosis doctor or the neuorlogist

The best doctor for this condition is a neurologist. I've enclosed a web site was some information for you on this condition. Take your son to the doctor as soon as possible.  (+ info)

what to expect at the mayo clinic the first time when you have chiari and syringomyelia?

help please

lots of doctors, lots of tests! long days of going through corridors and eventually big piles of papers with results and reports, good luck  (+ info)

Can pregnancy effect syringomyelia?

About 3 months ago I was going to a Chiropractor for an accident I was in. They discovered that I had the begining symptoms of Syringomyelia. I asked my Dr. If it effect pregnancy but I just want to make sure because I am thinking about having a child in the next year or so.

Please let me know what you guys think or know about this disease! Thank you very much!

  (+ info)

I have a disorder called Syringomyelia I really need some help with it what medicines do I need to take and do

ctors to go to in Cleveand, Ohio, plus how do I get insurance to see a specialists because I really need too. Thanks

As to medicines to take, I think your doctor would be your best source of information. You could search the net for information. Steroids may be used. Don't know.
Insurance. I think it is too late. I don't think insurance companies will cover you for an existing problem. There may be a foundation that can/will help. There may be some research funding also.
Sorry that I could not give a better answer.  (+ info)

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