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B/w bronchiectasis and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis which is a more serious and damaging disease ?

Which is a more serious and damaging disease ?

They both could be serious and damaging .... there are some pulmonary fibrotic disorders that cause severe hemoptysis and eventually death  (+ info)

Has anyone else with Chronic idiopathic Urticaria tried a gluten free diet?

My husband has had chronic idiopathic urticaria for the last 6years and as anyone with this condition knows it is driving him crazy, its getting worse and the medication he is on isn't as effective any more. I read the other night about a guy who had the same condition and by changing his diet to gluten free the condition cleared up! I would like to know if anyone else had tried this?

You may have read about me. Or at least someone like me. I had chronic idiopathic urticaria diagnosed by doctors but as far as managing it the only thing really available was avoiding the stimuli that caused it. For me that was pressure, vibration and cold were the main issues. I did find that Serevent and Advair along with Claritin-D helped control the outbreaks. Serevent and Advair are asthma meds with a side effect of causing hives but in my case they pretty much stopped them.

Anyway after I had the condition for 10 years, I went on the Atkins diet to lose about 40-50 pounds. I did the full two week induction as described in the diet eating very few carbs and those were only limited green type veggies like green beans, asparagus and broccoli. Before those two weeks were up, I noticed I hadn't had any flares or anything and stayed on the diet and started weaning myself off all the different medications. Still no outbreaks. It then took several months for us to figure out what I had removed from my diet that would have caused the problems. My wife blended different things into my food without telling me what she was trying until she figured it out. (This was 8 years ago- before the internet was such a readily available treasure trove of information on gluten that it is now). We really only narrowed it down to wheat problems at first since neither of us had even heard of gluten. We found out I also couldn't handle barley products when I reintroduced beer into my diet and I also can't handle oat products which some celiacs can handle and some can't. I never ate many things with rye in them and that is the other grain that contains gluten. I have since used many flours made from rice, quinoa, potatoes, almonds without any problems.

Anyway after I finished losing weight and enjoying new health, I went and reexposed myself to gluten, got tested and have been gluten free and urticaria free.

The previous responder is correct. Your husband could have dermititis herpetiformis which is a gluten intolerance expressed in the skin or celiac disease which affects the small intestine but then because of resulting malnourishment of specific nutrients can express itself in various parts of the body.

I would recommend that he get tested for both celiac disease and dermititis herpetiformis with blood work,skin biopsy and an endoscopic exam if needed. After that go gluten free even if the tests are negative to eliminate the possibility of non-celiac gluten intolerance.

If the two of you follow this avenue, I hope it works for him. I know how limiting and depressing chronic urticaria can be. Doctors can't really seem to do much for it other than prescribe medicine to keep them from itching too bad.

Good luck and if you have anything I can help with, contact me through here.  (+ info)

B/w idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and broncheactisis,which is a more serious and damaging disease ?

And which can be cured or treated easily ?

IPF easily.
Bronchiectasis can be treated more easily.  (+ info)

Does the bottom curve straighten out after idiopathic scoliosis surgery on the top curve?

Will the bottom curve in my spine (out, left) straighten after the top curve (out, right) gets straightened during surgery?

The answer above me is correct it cant always be done i had my bottom curve straightened but unfortunately i still have a top curve and because of this my bottom half had to be left a bit curved to balance me out,

otherwise if they straightened my bottom half i my top half would be bent sideways so i would then be bent to one side,so that's why they left the bottom half curved so i can stand upright i am disappointed as i felt it unfair to go through hours of surgery only to be left curved,

but most do get straightened as i saw for myself while in hospital but some don't, nobody can tell for sure as i was promised to be straight when they studied my x-rays but after opening me up the real truth was it wasn't possible, so even experts don't know for sure until they have a look inside you on surgery day.  (+ info)

has anyone used prialt to treat idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, and if so, what were the results and side ef?

i've heard the side effects are very emotionally unsettling, and now they're claiming they've learned how to use it more effectively to diminish the side effects. what can anyone tell me?

Try methylcobalamin (B12) first.

"Published studies show that high doses of methylcobalamin are needed to regenerate neurons as well as the myelin sheath that protects nerve axons and peripheral nerves. "


There are hundreds of testimonials on the web....  (+ info)

Will having idiopathic thrombocytopenic puta (ITP) affect my chances of having lasik eye surgery?

I have idiopathic thrombocytopenic puta (ITP)
i am also short sided and am looking into having lasik eye surgery.
will my IPT affect my chances of receiving the surgery or the effectiveness of the surgery?

Just tell the Dr. Shouldn't be a big deal. Some parts of the body aren't vascular. Won't affect the outcome either.  (+ info)

Is there an alternative treatment available for idiopathic pulmoanry fibrosis?

any herbs or stem cell treatment?


Stem cells hold great promise in the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis especially the type 2 pneumocytes. Researchers have used animal models and have successfully shown that the type 2 pneumocytes if injected in suspension form repair the damaged alveolar or lung tissue.
These studies are still in initial phases and it will take some time before a viable stem cell treatment for lung fibrosis becomes available.
Natural remedies like aloe vera juice have been found to help with the symptom of pulmonary fibrosis.
Hope this helps!

Noopur  (+ info)

how do i know if my dog has idiopathic vestibular dissease?

So my dog, 13 yrs old last night had a seizure like action.

When i hold him it seems to calm down after a little while. his head is tilted to the right and he was scratching on the floor or twisting his body. he was peeing and pooing uncontrolibly. The vet says he might have vestibular dissease but not sure which one. What could these symtoms be and how do i tend to my dog. Should i keep him at the hospital or should i bring him home?

Vestibular disorder is characterized by varying degrees of head tilt, nystagmus (eye twitching), circling and some nausea from the loss of balance. It can be caused by an ear infection or be idiopathic (unknown cause) which is typical when it occurs in older dogs.

Most dogs recover within a few weeks, although the head tilt may remain.  (+ info)

How common is idiopathic Anaphylaxis?

I've suffered from unknown allergies for over 13 years now. I suffer to varying degrees of anaphylaxis everyday and keep it in check with antihistimines, (not the non-drowsy kind).
Carry an epipen as well.
I find it difficult to find other people such as myself, that suffer like this, except my grandmother.
Thanks for any feedback....maybe we can learn from each other.

just a question can you get different stages of anaphlyaxis? as in mild to really bad?

As i think i suffer from something along the lines as i have lots of allergies to metals, and other unknown substances...i also have asthma...my doctor hasnt did much as i have lots of problems with my doctor as he doent listen.

Just wondering you you could help. my email [email protected]

Thank you ...xx  (+ info)

Is Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis the same as Cystic Fibrosis?

My grandmother has IPF. I am now 4 weeks pregnant and reading that is ideal to have a CVS test done if someone in your family has cystic fibrosis. Is IPF a reason to have a CVS/ amniocentesis done? Is it the same disease?

It's not.
Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder that causes the secretory parts of your body to secrete thick, sticky mucus (from lungs, pancreas, liver, sweat glands).
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a scarring or thickening of the lungs without a known cause. It affects only the lungs.
Although these are two different and unrelated diseases, you should discuss reasons to have a CVS test done with your doctor. He or she can guide you.  (+ info)

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