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What is Abadie sign of tabes dorsalis?

What does this definition mean?

Insensibility to pressure over the Achilles tendon.

not something that is ever really seen anymore. All antibiotics kill syphylis except cipro. You would have to ask the good people of a small alabama town to find out more about untreated syphylis.  (+ info)

hv any one heard of tabes dorsalis?

wat is it and its treatment

its a form of neurosyphilis occuring 5 to 20 years aftr original sexualy transmited infection.person experince stabbing pains in legs,trunk,loss ob blader control..penicillin is good treatment  (+ info)

from the right atrium what major blood vessels a blood cell pass through to get to the dorsalis pedis artery?

Uh, Maybe Cleveland????  (+ info)

how does atherosclerosis of the femoral artery affect heart beat and QRS complex?

(patients with atherosclerosis of the femoral artery may not have a pulse in the popliteal artery or dorsalis pedis of the foot.)

It has no effect on the heart beat or QRS complex.  (+ info)

Regarding trigeminal anesthesia, what is "balaclava helmet anesthesia" and what is "snout anesthesia"?

I am a student in a medical school.. in clinics the professor was discussing regarding variants of trigeminal anesthesia. normally as we know, we should check for loss seperately in the V1, V2 and V3 divisions of trigeminal nerve, and look seperately for pain, temperature and touch. We all know that the sensory nucleus of trigeminal n. runs from midbrain-pons junction to upper cervical region. Could anyone please specify what are the balaclava helmet aneshesia and snout anesthesia?? Has it got to something with syringobulbia or tabes dorsalis?? If yes, I shall really grateful to the person if he/she could explain how it happens... Thanks everybody...

Check the links below.
I have seen what you describe as "snout anaesthesia" in someone with syringobulbia.

I have no knowledge of "balaclava helmet" anaesthesia, sorry.  (+ info)

Medical terminology help?

I have had to research 500+ words this week and need a help with the best definition for the following words because I keep reading different answers...
Carotid Arterial
Cervical disk herniation
Dorsalis Pedis

Arcane means mysterious, secret, obscure

Belligerent means hostile or aggressive. (Warlike)

(These words above are in any dictionary and sometimes there IS no one word that can define another)

Carotid artery is more complex. The common carotid artery comes in a pair, one on each side of the body (left and right). The common carotid is a major artery and supplies the head and neck with blood. It branches in the neck into two other arteries: one branch is the external carotid artery and the other branch is the internal carotid artery. Each of the ext. & int. carotids branches off into several smaller arteries.

Cervical disc herniation means that one of the elastic, fibrocartilaginous intervertebral discs that are like cushions serving as the spine's shock absorbing system has ruptured and been pushed outside its normal boundary.

Dorsalis pedis must be a reference to the artery. It's a continuation of the anterior tibial artery but the name changes to dorsalis pedis when anterior tibial crosses the ankle joint.
  (+ info)

peripheral artery disease?

i have peripheral artery disease my abi test my posterior tibial readings were l-0.58 r-0.63 my dorsalis pedis reading r-0.47 l-0.47 my question do'es this qualify me for ssi disabilty please any one with knowledge of this please respond

Unless there's more to your medical condition than PAD, no.
Depending on the location of the blockages in your legs, they may be easily fixed by a competent vascular surgeon.  (+ info)

Need Definitions 2 - HUGE LIST?

53.common carotid
54.common iliac
56.deep femoral
57.dorsalis pedis
58.external carotid
61.greater saphenous
63.inferior mesenteric
64.internal carotid
65.internal iliac
67.posterior tibial
71.superior mesenteric
76.alveolar duct
77.alveolar sac
80.left primary bronchus
81.left secondary bronchus
82.left terminal bronchiole
83.left tertiary bronchus
85.nasal cavity
87.parietal pleura
89.pleural cavity
90.right primary bronchus
91.right secondary bronchus
92.right terminal bronchiole
93.right tertiary bronchus
95.visceral pleura
97.apical foreman
98.ascending colon
104.descending colon

  (+ info)

arteries and veins .. help!?

1. the arteial system has one of these. the venous system has two >> i dont know the answer yet
2. these arteries supply the myocardium > coronary
3.two paired arteries serving the brain > common carotid
4.longest vein - greater saphenous
5. artery on the dorsum of the foot checked after leg surgery > dorsalis pedis
6. serves posterior thigh - deep femoral
7. supplied the diaphragm > need help on this
8. formed the union of the radia and ulnar veins > brachial
9. 2 superficial veins of the arm> external & internal carotid
10. what the external iliac artery becomes on antry into the thigh >need help
11. supplies most of the small intestine >need help
12. join to form the inferior vena cava> help
13. major artey serving the tissues external to the skull> help

1.) Portal venous system & systemic venous system

7.) Musculophrenic artery

10.) Femoral artery is the continuation of the external iliac artery in the thigh. (not sure about your question though, kindly rephrase)

11.) The ileum and jejunum are supplied by the superior mesenteric artery and its intestinal branches. The branches form arcades, and the arcades form vasa rectas which supply the intestine.

12.) The common iliac are 2 branches that fuse to become the inferior vena cava

13.) The brachiocephalic supplies the tissues external to the skull  (+ info)

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