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What is the best way to deal with tennis elbow?

I suffered tennis elbow twice, one 10 yrs ago, another 1.5 yrs ago... today my tennis elbow recurred. Can anyone tell me how can I speed-up the rehablitation process? I'm playing in a national collegiate level tournament in 2nd April . Thanks

Wow. I have this too. You have to see an orthopaedic doctor about it. They inject cortizone in it and those shots only last about a month.

It don't just go away. Good luck in the tournament. I used to love to play tennis myself, but can't play anymore.  (+ info)

what is tennis elbow, what causes it (other than playing tennis) and what is the cure?

I broke my wrist 5 months ago, had surgery and now therapy. Now I'm told I also have tennis elbow from this accident, is there a cure for this what is treatment and how long to get rid of?

it's usually from repetitive supination (turning the wrist outward); patient physical therapy, a velcro braceband and changing the offending activity. also massage it in the warm shower, then ice it after activity.  (+ info)

I have pain in my elbow after about 10 minutes of tennis?

It continues around an hour I play tennis. It's in the joint of my elbow not the muscle.

may be you have got tennis elbow due to sudden jerk during play. so please consult physiotherapist & go for the best assessment.  (+ info)

My new employer requires a drug test, but I'm on ibuprofen 800 for my tennis elbow pain, is it ok?

I don't know what kind of drug test they will be performing, but I'm on ibuprofen 800 for my tennis elbow pain. Would the drug test test for ibuprofen? Can I ask the employer what kind of test they are testing? Thanks.

I wouldn't ask them anything, just tell whoever is taking your blood or hair folicle that you are taking the Ibuprofen for a little arm pain. You'll be fine. Good luck to you sir.  (+ info)

What is an easy Tennis Elbow Treatment that I can do at home ?

Makes me feel old with this tennis elbow problem. Please recommend a good tennis elbow treatment ?

Know what you feel. At one time, I almost thought there was nothing I could do to stop the pain. The pain stopped only after i found my tennis elbow treatment that stopped the pain.

It is a simple, fast, and immediately effective tennis elbow treatment that doesn't require surgery. But the solution doesn't require a big financial investment or time commitment either.

My tennis elbow treatment is just simple exercises with the right techniques and some things to avoid. Has worked for me for over a year.  (+ info)

What is the cause of tennis elbow of the left elbow on right handed office workers?

I'm right handed, and use a mouse with my right hand, but have tendinitis in my left elbow. I know several other right-handed people with a similar problem.
I'm not a very active person, besides walking two to three miles per day. The only thing I use my left arm for is typing on a keyboard.

tennis elbow is basically inflammation of the muscles in the forearm that extend the wrist, ie. move the back of your hand closer to your arm. do u take part in any sporting activity that involves this movement with the left arm? just think of what you do everyday...do u use a motorbike? that action is used alot when driving them!  (+ info)

What does tennis elbow or tendonitis feel like?

I work in a headlight factory and since returning to work 4 weeks ago from a 3 month maternity leave, my right arm, I"m right handed, has really been hurting. It started out being my shoulder but now is about half way down my arm, around the elbow but not my elbow. What can I do to get some relief.

Could be tendonitis or another possibility of what you are describing could be satellite triggerpoints starting from infraspinatus but either way, a massage therapist is the ideal person to consult on this.
Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) can be several degrees of severity.
Grade 1 pain after activity only.
Grade 2 pain at beginning of activity, disappearing during and returning after activity.
Grade 3 pain at beginning, during and after.
Grade 4 pain with all activities of daily living which continues to get worse.
Pain, numbness, weakness are the three main subjective experiences and in chronic states, thickening of the tendon occurs as chronic inflammation and fibrosing (scar tissue deposition) of the tendon accumulate.
Its funny (not really) that this has occurred after you returned from mat-leave because tennis elbow is very common during pregnancy.
For your own self-care:
If the area of pain is hot, use cold applications 10 minutes on/10 minutes off for an hour and then take a break before cycling again an hour later.
If it is not hot, use contrast applications (cold for 2 mins/hot for 5/cold/hot/cold-always end with cold) or straight heat followed by gentle range of motion and stretching.
As I said though, see a massage therapist for best resolution of your problem. Be well!  (+ info)

Should I join a gym knowing I have tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow makes everything hard to do, what are some ways also to help treat it and prevent it. Cheers, 10 points awarded to best answer.

Yes you should join a gym. Just make sure you inform them, or even better a personal trainer there of your situation. There is some good "therapy" exercise to prevent tennis elbow and other to reinforce your muscles, ligaments and joints around the area. You will work With light weights and cables.  (+ info)

Did you have Tennis Elbow/ Tendonitis and how long did it take to heal?

I've got tendonitis-commonly called tennis elbow- from a car accident. Its lasted 7 months and my arm and hand muscles have gotten weaker from not being strong enough to use for most things.
If you've had experience like this, how long did it last before healing and what did you do to help it heal? Thanks.

My husband had tennis elbow. He tried wearing a brace, but it didn't really help. He ended up getting a cortisone shot. That was 14 yrs ago & he's never had a problem since. I might add, the shot was very painful for a couple of days, but well worth it. Good luck  (+ info)

Can acupuncture cure tennis elbow and shoulder bone spur?

What is the cure for tennis elbow and shoulder bone spur?

Acupuncture will help reduce the pain caused from the bone spur, but it won't necessarily eliminate the pain forever. This is due to the pressure and aggravation the bone spur causes, which will most probably will lead to the pain reoccurring.  (+ info)

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