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Tension Type headache ?

I have had for the past few days constant pains dotted all over my head (randomally) which come and go all the time


i have also noticed that my eye sight is weird
i dont have double vision, but its weird like its just affected in some way

do you guys rekon this could be a tension type headache ?

cause i have heard they go on for days

(i have seen my doctor today and they told me to get an eye test as the opticians will be able to see if theres any bleeding in my head e.t.c but i gotta wait til sunday to have it done - its now wednesday)

I also havent experience this pain for such long times and in random places in my head.
I have experience the type of pain but not like this

migraine aurora = weird vision, sinus headache can cause vision trouble too  (+ info)

What is Methocarbamol and is it good for a bad tension type headache?

Is it OTC or by prescription?

  (+ info)

How can I get better from a tension-type headache?

OK I wish you had included your symptoms. A true hypertension headache would require meds to help control you blood pressure. But a muscular tension can be helped by Relaxation, massage and chiropractic. Here is something I put together regarding the different types of headaches and what is the best non-drug response to them. Please find the headache that best fits and respond accordingly.

Migraine- One sided, more common in females, Sensitivity to light, pain behind one eye, throbbing, brought on by bright lights, chocolate, cheese, red wine or menstrual cycle.
Can also have an aura and have a funny taste.

Hypertension- At the top and back of your head. Throbbing. You usually wake up with this headache and after about 3 hours it subsides. Usually caused by High Blood pressure. Need medicines to reduce blood pressure.

Cluster Headache, adolescent to adult, more common in males, one sided, usually over temple or eye area, may have a blood shot eye, wakes you up at night, runny nose, sweating, tearing of the eyes, Worse in spring or fall, lasts 15min- 2hrs. relief for a little bit and then comes right back.

Muscular tension- A band-like distribution around head (like wearing a very tight head band). Brought on by stress, tension, fatigue, work.

Temporal Arteritis- Only over age 50. One sided over temple area, pain in jaw, burning, aching throbbing, sensitive scalp, fever. tender arteries. I visual symptoms- go to ER with this one.

Cervicogenic- Pain in upper neck and back of head. Pain when moving the head. daily, reduced movement in neck area. Brought on by stress and head movement.

Sinus- Localized, certain positions are worse, steady throb, worse in the morning.

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage- abrupt onset, constant stiff neck, feels like someone hit you in the head, Caused by high blood pressure, stress or aneurysm. Life threatening.

Brain Tumor- Onset morning and evening, varies from mild to severe, may throb, wakes you up at night, symptoms getting worse, neck stiffness worse than ever.

Subdural Hematoma- caused by trauma. It is a slow bleed in the brain. Natasha Richardson died from something like this.

OK now that I have told you the types of headaches. Here is what you do for them.

Migraines, muscular tension, cervicogenic, and some sinus and cluster headaches can be helped by a chiropractor. If it is sinus, you need to ask the chiropractor if they have a sinus/cranial treatment (not all do).

For Hypertension, cluster, temporal arteritis (unless it has visual component) and brain tumor- go see your doctor

For Temporal arteritis with visual impairment, subarachnoid hemorrhage and subdural hematoma, go to the Emergency Room right away.

I hope this helps.

I wish you the best.  (+ info)

i m 25 yr old, have tension type headache since last 10 yrs. Is there any permanent solution for this disease?

i m unable to concentrate or my imagination power disturb deeply. and i m unable to think deeply . Please give me idea to come out from this problems.

  (+ info)

Is there any way to prevent a tension/migraine type headache caused by using a computer or a mobile phone?

A friend of mine who is in her 60's recently bought a laptop and is desperate to be able to use it - however, she has found that using it for any length of time is making her feel ill. For some time, she has found that reading a book or using a mobile gives her a "heavy feeling" across the top of her head, over her brow, and pain behind the eyes. She also starts to feel lethargic, sleepy and sometimes a little nauseous. This can last for days at a time , and has started occurring anytime she uses the laptop.

She does wear glasses but an optician checked her vision and her lenses and all appears fine. Her GP referred her for an MRI scan, but it showed nothing abnormal.

Painkillers don't help, and she has tried all manner of alternative therapies, from crystal healing to reflexology, but nothing seems to help. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there any way around it? It would make such a difference to her to be able to use the laptop.

I used to get this. First of all make sure the light on the monitor isn't too bright, there should be a switch that adjust the light. Also I find if the monitor is too close I get pains behind my eyes. Move the monitor a reasonable distance away for you. Hopeful when you've made a few adjustments you should be OK. If this is thw first time you've used a computer it does take a while to get used to it.  (+ info)

what is an episodic tension-type headache?

hey PHD level stuff guys need a little help.

Episodic tension-type headache occurs randomly and is usually triggered by temporary stress, anxiety, fatigue or anger. They are what most of us consider "stress headaches." It may disappear with the use of over-the-counter analgesics, withdrawal from the source of stress or a relatively brief period of relaxation.

For this type of headache, over-the-counter drugs of choice are aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen sodium. Combination products with caffeine can enhance the action of the analgesics. EDIT>>> Click the link (you to Dr.) I'm sure they would prefer guys like you didn't make statements that devalue their work. And I would prefer it also.  (+ info)

Can feverfew be used for tension type headaches or only migraine type headaches?

It can be used for both.  (+ info)

Any tips to ease a tension headache?

I woke up with a headache this morning and it's gradually got worse throughout the day. I've had a lot of water to drink, thinking it was due to dehydration, and I've taken a combination of pain killers, including prescription strength painkillers, and the headache is still there.

It's a typical tension type headache, feels as though there's a tight band around my head etc and hasn't responded to painkillers.

So......any tips on how to get rid of tension headaches? What works for you? I tried lying down for an hour earlier, that didn't help either!
It's definitely not due to hypertension or anything like that, and I have no concerns about any underlying sinister cause. I'll be a doctor myself in a few months, and I know it's definitely a tension headache - I get them fairly often when I'm stressed and anxious, and today has certainly been a stressful day! Thanks for the suggestions so far. In terms of pain relief, I've already tried paracetamol (tylenol), ibuprofen (motrin?) and diclofenac (voltarol). None of which have made any difference.

Stress is a very large cause of tension headaches. Somehow or another you have to reduce the stress, even if it is only for a little while. Do something to "remove" yourself from the stress and stress sources.

Sometimes it is as simple as watching a good movie, or the "guaranteed cry" movie. (Walk in the Clouds makes me cry) Or going for a walk, or driving a different way home to enjoy the scenery. These help you get into another mindset.

Another great thing is a golf ball. I put one in my palm and roll it around on my hand and my neck when I am feeling tense. Put the golf ball on the floor and roll it around under your foot. You can also pinch and rub the "web" between your fingers and thumb. At home, massage your hands and feet. It's surprisingly therapetic.

Or my favorite is use one hand to encircle your upper arm and slowly pull your hand down your arm. Then do the other. Use both hands to circle your thigh, and "pull" the tension out your legs.

I am sorry you have a tension headache, and hope it gets better.  (+ info)

How do you get rid of a tension headache?

I have this horrible tension headache but there are few meds I can take. I had a reaction to Excedrin tension headache and there are many cold medicines that don't react well. Unfortunately, I don't know until my ears swell up and turn numb while my body itches with hives and I have to go the er once again.

Try Head-On. I bought it as a fluke & was amazed at how well it works. You can also try Active-On. Rub it on the back of your neck & your shoulder blades. Amazing!

Don't dwell on the tension. Worrying and/or getting upset about the fact that tension affects you only makes it worse. When you notice it smear on the Head/Active-On, shut your eyes & go away for a few minutes. Imagine you're on a beach or walking your dog or buying a new purse -- whatever makes you happy.  (+ info)

What type of headache or health problem does my friend has?

She told me she has a bad headache. It hurts from the left side of her head all the way to the back. Sometimes she felt like someone is pounding her head. She said that it hurts the most when she stand up from sitting down; and her heart as well begin to beat faster. At first, I thought that she might have a low or even high blood pressure; however, she's only seventeen. Does anyone know what she have? And what type specialist would be good for her? Thank you

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