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residual thymic tissue?

What is residual thymic tissue?? I had a CT done and they found something in my chest. They think it could be one of three things. Teratoma, adenopathy or residual thymic tissue. I already had cancer. I have rhabdomyosarcoma and finished the treatment in Dec. They found this thing in my chest during my check up scans. What is residual thymic tissue. I can't find out anything online on what it is...just people asking questions about it.

The same exact thing showed up on my report from my CT scan. It said there was residual thymic tissue, which might be caused from hyperplasia (proliferation of cells within an organ beyond the norm). I also had cancer (Papillary Carcinoma of the Thyroid) and had a Radioactive Iodine treatment Aug. '08 and this was found during a routine scan. I have a message in to my doctor trying to get more of an explanation.  (+ info)

does this happen to someone else?

my husband just have been diagnosed with teratoma but the docotor sad today they will decide this week if they will reomve by surgery or chemoterapy i just wanna know if this happen to someone else or u know someone who has gone thorug this please share your story i wanna know the reslts they had after surgery can it be cure i asked the doctor today he sad that it can be cured but i am so worried
thank u denised i dont know either why the doctors can decide to do surgery or chemoterapy because they are saying its unusual

I just answered your other question and decided to look at your past questions to see if I could figure out what you are saying.

I hope this hasn’t happened to anyone else. The standard treatment for a testicular teratoma is surgery and chemo I’m not sure why the doctors are deciding on what to do.

The teratoma itself does not have the capacity to metastasize it is the cancer cells associated with it that do. Usually chemo is given to kill the cancer elements and leave the teratoma behind then surgery is done to remove the teratoma. If left in the body it will grow and can undergo malignant transformation. So there really should be no question on what to do. Yes this can be cured.  (+ info)

i need help i has sugary?

i just had surgery , removal of mature cystic teratoma On my left ovary ,well i already had my right ovary completely removed because the tommer was 10cm and engulfed the whole thing, well since it came back they went a removed the cyst before it got extremely big, anyway im so nauseated and dizzy now i don't know what has went wrong.

Ask your doctor any questions about this procedure.  (+ info)

really bad blader problems?

When I urinates I do not empty my bladder. When I urinates I feels like my bladder is empty. The dr. did a test on me yesterday and said my bladder holds 1/2 liter of liquid. When they had to catheterize me they removed more liquid than what they gave me. I had a saccrococcygel teratoma tumor at birth and could that be what has caused this problem? What can the dr. do for me if she can not completely empty her bladder? Will I have to have surgery? Will I be able to have children?

These seem like questions your doctor might be able to answer best. Write down all your questions before every doctor appointment....any, even your General Practitioner appointment. We all forget to ask questions we want to unless we write them down and bring them with us. And, doctors tend to be so busy and rush through the appointment, but we must be assertive and ask the questions.  (+ info)

Pregnancy and welfare office question.?

I'm currently a 16 year old girl living in California. I recently discovered I was pregnant after getting raped. I live in a family where communication is an issue and I have a teratoma in my ovary that prevents me from having a successful and healthy birth. I heard a rumor that an underaged girl can walk into a welfare office, state that she is underaged and request to terminate a pregnancy, and the welfare office will pay for it free of charge. Is this rumor true? Please help me I need answers

this is true however you have to have been on welfair... however if you are on medical you should be covered... you should go check out your local plan parenthood for further information... the welfair office dosnt do anything besides pay for it you have to already have been on it... good luck and im sorry about your recent happenings...  (+ info)

SCARED D: NOO.!......?

okay i had surgery for teratoma and and i got on wikipedia and it said that it is a cancer..so i have cancer???
could i die from it ???


im pretty sure they would have told you if it was cancer.
so if they didn't then i wouldn't worry about it.
your not going to die from it, even if it was cancer you had it removed.
like the other poster said just talk with your dr. :)  (+ info)

laparoscopy surgery?

my md found a teratoma on my right ovary
i am going to have surgery in a few weeks
i am scared never had any kind of surgey
any suggestions or comments will be helpfull

I too have had this surgery...and yes any surgery can be scary. You will probably be given something to relax when you first arrive at the hospital and put to sleep during the surgery. Laparoscopy is a very easy surgery with minimal pain afterwards. Having a tooth pulled is in my opinion worse.

In the days leading up to your procedure:

Do not take aspirin, aspirin-containing products, or anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen) for one week before the procedure
Arrange for a ride to and from the procedure
Do not eat or drink for at least 8 hours before the procedure
During Procedure -

The tissue that is removed will be examined in the lab during your procedure. If the testing shows evidence of cancer, the ovary or ovaries that the cyst came from may be removed.
Anesthesia – This depends on the type of procedure done. General is used for open surgery, and general or local is used for laparoscopic surgery.

Description of the Procedure - There are two methods to remove an ovarian cyst: laparoscopic surgery and open surgery. The method used depends on the type and condition of the cyst being removed. Open surgery is often done for larger cysts.

Laparoscopic surgery: A very small incision is made in the lower abdomen just below the navel. Through this incision, the surgeon inserts a laparoscope, which is a thin, lighted tube. Carbon dioxide gas is pumped into the abdomen, to inflate it and make it easier for the surgeon to view the organs. The laparoscope is then used to locate the cyst. Once located, one or two more tiny incisions are made, through which surgical instruments are inserted to remove the cyst. Depending on the situation, the surgeon may send the removed tissue to the pathology lab for immediate examination. Once the removal of cyst(s) (and, possibly, ovary or ovaries) is complete, the surgical tools are removed and the incisions are closed with stitches or clamps.After Procedure – IV fluids, medications

How Long Will It Take?

1-2 hours

Will It Hurt?

Anesthesia prevents pain during surgery. However, you may have abdominal pain or discomfort for 3-4 days after laparoscopic surgery
My suggestion is to try and not focus in the surgery for the next few weeks. Anxiety will make you feel worse. if this becomes a problem mention it to your doc and he prescibe an anti-anxiety med. Good luck Dear.  (+ info)

Very low blood count?


As part of receiving chemo for an ovarian teratoma, the person in question has their blood count tested every month before treatment commences. While her blood count is often low and treatment is held off for a couple of days, this time, we have received a call saying she is neutropenic (sp?) and she mustn't leave the house, and have as few people come into the house as possible. Apart from a slight sore throat, she is feeling ok.However, through this cycle she has recovered much faster than normal, and has felt better throughout.
So, the questions I want to ask are these:

Is it likely that, after feeling so well compared with usual cycles, her immune system is so much lower? How did this happen?

And secondly, we have just been to a large family gathering with hundreds of people (literally) before we knew. Could this have contributed, and what should we do about this?

Your help would be greatly appreciated,


The chemo has resulted in a very low white blood cell count - resulting in Neutropenia. This means the person can easily catch an infection and be unable to fight it off. So should stay away from other people as a precaution especially children who mix at school with others carrying such as chickenpox. The person with Neutropenia must check his/her temperature regularly and watch out for chills and any unwell feeling and go for treatment if he/she has any symptoms. The blood count will probably go up again very quickly and without any need for hospital treatment, so don't worry about it. I think the sore throat should be reported so that antibiotics can be given as he/she cannot fight whatever is causing the sore throat.  (+ info)

I need some ideas........PLEASE HELP!!?

A friend at work has a niece (15 yrs old) who was recently diagnosed with Level 3 ovarion cancer. The cancer was found after they removed 4 teratoma tumors, her spleen, one ovary and her appendix. The niece's mother is single and has two other daughters. I want to do what I can to help. Are there any charitable organizations that can assist? I have planned a bake sale, spaghetti dinner and garage sale with all proceeds going to help the family. Just looking for any other ideas.

Thank you!

Are you in the US??? Some charities are country specific...

Another idea is to have a town dance (depends on town size, but it could be community too - like a group you belong to) with all proceeds going to the family. A lot of businesses and even the venue might be willing to donate goods to raffle off or the space or the music or DJ or whatever. Since she is a teen maybre the school would let you have the gym and I bet her friends would get involved.

Good luck. I hope she is ok.  (+ info)

I have a pain in my stomach... any ideas?

Ok, in August 2007 I had my appendix removed alongside a 10cm growth on my colon. The doctors were shocked as they didn't even think I had appendicitis, as I rated the pain at 5/10. The surgery was complicated and messy but they managed to remove it etc.

After surgery I obviously had pain but even a year after I still would get pain in the back and front part of my abdomen, where it had been removed. I went to the doctor who sent me for an ultrasound, which should nothing was wrong, e.g cyst and the consultant felt that it was probably just adhesions and didn't want to do exploratory surgery unless completely necessary.

I am now having terrible pain in that area and further down, to my right ovary and even (Weirdly) into the top of my right thigh, but mainly focused on my right ovary and it is keeping me awake at night.

I don't want to go to the Doctor again with the same problem so I was wondering...

1. Would they have looked at my ovaries as well during the Ultrasound (I have a family history of ovarian teratoma, my auntie's was discovered about 2 years after her appendecectomy).

2. Would adhesions cause this much pain?

Many thanks x

Adhesions can be very painful but given your family history you need to go back to your doctors and ask for further tests - be strong and good luck.  (+ info)

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