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what are the diseases in testicles except for testicular cancer?

im scared to have cancer. im 13 yrs old

It is unlikely you have cancer. Tell your mom about the problem and she will know if you need a doctor.  (+ info)

why do i allways see fundraisers for diseases only women can get i never see fundraiser for testicular cancer?

im not sexist or nothing im just asking why.

In addition to the other answers, breast cancer is much more common that testicular cancer. This year, about 7,920 people will be diagnosed with testicular cancer, but in 2004 alone 186,772 women were diagnosed with breast cancer.
Testicular cancer is also more curable. But that isn't to say that testicular cancer isn't serious and doesn't deserve attention.  (+ info)

Is testicular torsion caused by a disease?

my bf has testicular torsion (we think) and we were wondring if its caused by a disease?? how is testicular torsion treated?

Torsion is usually painful, and should be treated immediately, as in Emergency Department. It is cutting off blood supply to testicle, so he could loose it, if he does have a torsion. The torsion, and numerous other possibilities can be diagnosed with an Ultrasound.

Torsion is not caused by disease, but is actually a twisting, strangulation of the blood supply to the testicle. Sometimes caused by straining, other times, no real cause.

The Emergency physician might go to Ultrasound if it is a torsion and try to reduce the torsion. If this doesn't work, surgery is probably required.  (+ info)

i have discovered a small black lump on my left testicle it go`s were i move it.Could it be testicular cancer?

Im only 13 so im not particularly that well knowledge about testicular diseases plz tell me if this could even be cancer. Btw i have had it for around 3months or perhaps longer.

The best thing or you to do is to talk to your parents and your primary physician because he/she can direct you to the health care professionals you need to talk to, probably a urologist first. Then the urologist will better determine if you will need to see a cancer specialist.

The good news: Early detection means that the cancer is treatable, if it is cancer. It could be other things too like an infection, a birth defect, a calcium deposit from a traumatic injury to the testicle. Although sometimes cancers are covered by a calcium deposit in the testicle, or enclosed by a calcium covering.

Skin cancer and testicular cancer are the two easiest to treat cancers out there. A nurse once told me that skin cancer and testicular cancer are "the best cancers to get" if you are to get cancers (because they are treatable). However, the sooner you talk to a doctor then the easier it is to treat.

However, the best thing to do is to see your doctor. More tests are needed. They may want to do an ultrasound of the testicle, they may want to do blood work (to check tumor markers like an HCG level or an AFP level).

what is an ultra sound? Find out here:


Tumor markers:


Good Luck!

IF it is cancer, and it may not be, it is still possible to have children down the road when you are older and it is still possible to get all the hormones (testosterone) you will need.

here is a website that explains testicular cancer in detail and shows common problems that many men mistaken as testicular cancer:


most cases of testicular cancer are in men between the ages of 20 and 54.  (+ info)

How long does it take for Testicular torsion to kill the testicle?

I noticed a pain my left testicle and when i touched it i felt pain on one of my vein, im pretty sure i have that disease, im 13 years old boy, any suggestion thanks?

You are a very intelligent teenager to know about testicular torsion in the first place.
In the second place, see your primary care physician as soon as possible
or go to an Emergency Room.
Depending on how much the blood supply is compromised, you cannot wait weeks.
Hope you are not in Canada where the waiting lines are long.
You might just have orchitis.
Why ask this question on the cancer site ?  (+ info)

what are definite signs of testicular cancer?

anyone who has had this disease, or knows anyone who has who can give me the symptoms. Thanks.

I had testicular cancer when I was seventeen and there were two symptoms in my case. The first was back pain due to a cancerous tumor growing on a lymph node near a nerve in my abdomen. The second symptom was a small bump on my testicle which was a cancerous tumor that too caused pain and discomfort. But remember not all tumors cause pain, you can have a tumor and never feel it. If you have these symptoms go to the doctor. Testicular cancer has a extremely high cure rate and the earlier it is detected the better.

Symptoms: unexplained abdomen pain, bumps or growths, testicular pain and discomfort.  (+ info)

What tests should I request for testicular and bone cancer?

I am going to the doctor tomorrow and am wondering what tests I should request. I think I have testicular cancer which may have spread to my bones. I can't find a tumor, but am showing all of the symptoms. So again, which tests should I request?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

After your doctor does a complete & thorough examination, express your concerns to him & he will refer you to the right specialist - if he feels it is necessary. If you are doing self diagnosis - many times it is wrong & can be dangerous.  (+ info)

When a male gets a testicular exam from his doctor why does the doctor ask him to cough?

* I am a male and its been some time sense I went to the doctors. When I use to get sports physicals during the testicular exam the doctor would ask me to cough why is this?
* I know this normal during testicular exams just wondering what the cough does?

the cough relates to a hernia test ... a good doctor also examines the testicles to make sure everything is where it should be  (+ info)

How can you tell the difference between testicular cancer and epiditimitis?

I heard that a lump that is painless cud be cancer. Could it be cancer if it is painful. Also, how fast does testicular cancer spread. I'm rly nervous about this!!!

A lump that is painless or painful can be cancer and as far as the speed of spread if it spreads at all, the best and really only answer should come from your oncologist/urologist. The first step to take if you suspect you have a problem, is to make an appointment with a urologist. This is his/her special area of medicine and if necessary you will be referred to a oncologist, a cancer specialist. Not all lumps are cancer and not all pain in the testicles means cancer. I just recently had a severe infection in one testicle and the pain was terrible but, it was just that - an infection and it is being taken care of with a course of antibiotics courtesy of my urologist. Don't be nervous, get it checked out and won't you be pleasantly surprised to find out you have nothing to worry about? Good luck and best wishes.  (+ info)

What is the most effective way to stop testicular pain?

I am 19 yrs. old and i get testicular pain while driving and doing other normal activites during the day. I was just wondering what advice or over the counter medication i can take to stop this before i see a physician. Please write back.

I don't think that's normal. You should really see a doctor to make sure there is nothing wrong before you start masking potentially negative symptoms.  (+ info)

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