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How long do I need to wait to donate blood after having a tetanus jab?

I had a routine tetanus jab a couple of weeks ago, and I was hoping to give blood soon. I just wanted to know if there's a certain period of time that I need to wait before doing so. Does anyone have any experience of this?

The guidelines require 8 weeks. I've done it 9 weeks after a Hepatitis B jab, and they were fine with it.

Well done for doing such a good thing.  (+ info)

Why do I start to have pimples on my body after getting a Tetanus vaccine shot?

It's pretty itchy and those pimples only appeared on my body after getting the Diphtheria, Tetanus vaccine shot. Why?

Pimples or pimple-like-swellings? I think you are probably showing an allergic reaction to the vaccine. You should see a doctor.  (+ info)

When is it an absolute necessity to get a tetanus shot?

Say my 13 month old were to step on a nail, would he have to get a tetanus shot? He is completely caught up on all immunizations, would it be a definite for him to have to get one?

If he is all caught up with his immunizations than I think he is caught up ih he is 12 or 13 going in 7th grade you have to get a tetanus shot but if they tell you hes all caught up than I guess he is all caught up..  (+ info)

What are some good websites to find information on Tetanus disease?

I need good websites that have lots of information about tetanus for a project.

Anytime you are doing school health projects the best sites to go to for good solid info are
www.cdc.gov and www.who.int  (+ info)

Can the symptoms of tetanus appear on very first day?

I got hurt yesterday with my pen refill which is 2 years old, i just had a little cut and then at night I had a little pain in the right side of jaw. Although I had washed the wounds with dettol Could It be tetanus?

He he.. Do not worry.. Know some of the facts about tetanus..

1) Tetanus never occurs on the first day of the wound.. NEVER

2) Tetanus spores are ubiquitious and they are present in the soil, Dirt and rusted iron etc... When u are wounded with such a thing, than the spores might get deposited in the wound, proliferate and release a toxin called tetanospasmin which causes tetanus.. Its unusual to get tetanus with a pen which will not be usually contaminated...

3) most of us are immunised with Tetvac or TT injection and those who are immune can effectively neutralise the toxin and it prevents the disease.. Just, think when did u have the previous tetvac injection..?? If its more than an year or so than go and take one tetvac from a nearest doctor.. Its the cheapest vaccine and widely available..!! But take one precaution, all the vaccines must be given on to the shoulder or deltoid.. Do not take it to the buttocks.. Most docs have a wrong practice of this...

4) If u had taken a TT within 6 months from now.. Relax, no need to worry.. just ignore,, Do wat ever is necessary for healing of the wound...  (+ info)

How long does a tetanus jab cover you for?

I had one about 7 years ago and have just "sliced" the top of my thumb. I'm not too worried about the cut as I have wrapped a towel around it but would like to know if I'm still covered against tetanus.

10 years with no injury, 5 years with fresh injury. At 7 years out, I would guess they are going to give you a booster but the doctor makes the determination based on the amount of dirt exposure with each injury. You might get by if this cut was by a clean knife. If the instrument was possibly dirty, a booster would be indicated.  (+ info)

How much does a tetanus booster cost?

I was bitten by an animal and since I have not had a tetanus booster in 11 years, I obviously need to get one. However, I do not have health insurance and want to know what to expect tomorrow.
No, it is not a fake question!! Why would you even think that? I live in a small town where the doctors is closed on weekends and I cannot afford to go to the emergency room.

If you do not have insurance, you can go to your local health department and receive the shot for a very reduced cost, usually just an injection fee only. In my area (Kansas) it is only $10. You have 72 hours to get a tetanus after an injury, so you were fine not to go to the ER. Keep the bite clean. If it gets red or oozy, see a doctor immediately, as it could be infected. I would only worry about rabies if it was a wild animal, and bit you w/o provacation. If you were handling a wild animal, it just bit you b/c it was scared, doesn't mean it has rabies. It sounds like you have a lot of common sense to wait to see a regular doctor in their office on a Monday instead of going to the ER for a tetanus shot only. If you do see a doctor for your tetanus, you will pay for an office visit and $30-50 for the shot. If bite is not infected, and no chance of rabies, you should be safe just going to the health dept.  (+ info)

Is receiving a tetanus shot during early pregnancy dangerous for the baby?

I received a tetanus shot at a regular physical exam I had since I was due for a booster shot, just a couple of days later I am late on my period. If I am pregnant would that tetanus shot hurt my baby in any way? Has this happened to anyone out there and if so, was the baby ok?

My best friend had to have a tetanus shot in her first trimester due a cut from a rusty hand rail. Her doctor reviewed the situation and said it was fine. The baby is now 2 months old and has been given a clean bill of health.

I believe that every situation can be different; however based on the one person I know that had this - I would say you are safe.  (+ info)

Why is my arm still sore and swollen from the tetanus vaccine?


On Wednesday, I had to have the tetanus/diphtheria vaccine due to a little accident. I had some side effects (nausea, fever, headaches), but they subsided on Friday. However, the injection site on my arm is still very red, swollen, sore, and even a little warm to the touch. I expected this to last for a day or two, but it's almost Sunday. Is it typical for these symptoms to last longer than a few days?

Also, can I do anything else to help this heal besides ice and ibuprofen?

Swelling and soreness are pretty common side effects of the tetanus vaccine. Usually, however, they don't persist for more than a week. An ibuprofen (same as Motrin) should help lessen your symptoms. If you are still experiencing discomfort by the end of next week, check with your doctor.  (+ info)

Is it normal to have lower back pain after a tetanus or meningitis shot?

At the doctor yesterday they gave me two vaccines. One was a tetanus booster, and the other was a new one out for meningitis. I was told that my arm would hurt and I'd have a low fever, but there's also this dull pain in my lower back. Is this a normal effect? I think it's starting to go away along with the arm pain.

One would not expect to have lower back pain following vaccination. I suspect that your pain was just coincidence.  (+ info)

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