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Anyone know the cost of surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome?

I am trying to get an idea of the cost for surgery to fix thoracic outley syndrome. Any ideas from a patient that has had this surgery?
I am not looking for insurance...I do not have insurance and am trying to get an idea of the cost. Please do not send me sites to go to to get insured!

You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here - health-quotes.isgreat.org  (+ info)

Does anyone know about getting injections to help with thoracic outlet syndrome?

I have been diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome and am in a great deal of pain. I can't take any more of it. The neurologist saw me today and wants to do an injection of lanacane Thursday but will this work? I can't find anything about it online. I need some advice.

Did he say where he was going to do the injection? Many times when injections are given it is a combination of an analgesic (numbing) and an anti-inflammatory such as steroids. An epidural injection is also an option which is more directed at the nerve.

There are many causes of thoracic outlet syndrome so all of the possible causes need to be examined and then treated if appropriate. Have you been referred to a physical therapist? If not I would ask your doctor to do so. I have treated many cases of TOS and have also diagnosed many cases that were previously diagnosed by doctors as shoulder or neck pain.  (+ info)

What kind of doctor would I see for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?

Please don't tell me a Thoracic Oulet Syndrome Doctor.. :o) Thanks!

I would suspect that a vascular specialist would be in order for this diagnosis .... such as a surgeon who specializes in vascular medicine ...  (+ info)

How can Thoracic Outlet Syndrome be cured?

It usually is worst when I wake up. I obviously sleep in a bad position and my neck, shoulders and sometimes my arm is locked in a bad position. Then my ring finger and pinky are numb when I wake up. Sometimes I have blotchiness in my hand.Vision is sometimes blurry. My pulse quickens under my arm pit.
Once in a while my whole lower arm is numb. I have stiffness in the inside of my elbow.
Then I move my neck around and get up it goes away. Sometimes when my neck gets real stiff I see stars to my right and left as I turn my head. There is a ringing in my ear that goes from slight to intense usually right after I wake up.
Are these symptoms of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and how can I help it?
I workout 3 to 4 days a week for 30 minutes to an hour.
I love to cycle and do spin classes but the strain on my neck is to much later.
I am slightly overweight at 24% body fat.

Sounds a bit like it, have a doctor check your subclavian artery and vein. The cure is surgical decompression of aforementioned artery and vein.  (+ info)

Thoracic outlet syndrome or cardiac problem?

Chest pain has been relieved by beta blockers. Problem is solved, but which is the culprit? Cardiac because the beta blockers relieved the syptoms instantly? Or can beta blockers -block thoracic outlet syndrome/muscle pain too?

I have to agree.  (+ info)

How can should I treat thoracic outlet syndrome?

I'm pretty sure I have TOS, I've had it for at least 6 months, and it's been bothering me. I tend to sleep onto of my arm (left arm) and after I sleep especially a long sleep my left arm feels very unusually, I feel numbness throughout my left arm and fingers which lasts sometimes for hours after I have woken up. Also I lift weights occasionally which contribute to it. Should I see my doctor or just let this pass?

If this is actually TOS, a few visits to a physical therapist would help. If you need a doc's referral to see a PT, or if you're not sure this is TOS, then a doc visit makes sense. If you can arrange an appointment with a physical therapist without a referral, the doc visit might not be necessary. When I have problems like this, I reduce the weight, quit sleeping in positions that cause problems, visit a chiropractor and massage therapist, take Alleve morning and night, take a magnesium supplement, and do daily shoulder, trunk, and arm stretches. It usually takes about 3-4 weeks to get rid of this one it starts.  (+ info)

Is the surgery for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome as painful as it seems?

I have played softball for years and it has caused multiple signs of TOS. I have only been doing therapy for a little while and we aren't seriously considering surgery yet but I would like to know if the removal of a rib is as crazy as it seems like it would be.

  (+ info)

Does anyone know of a doctor who treats thoracic outlet/subclavian steal syndrome in College Station,TX?

I have had problems with the above condition since sept. 06 and having problems finding doctors who feel it's actually a condition. I'm just trying to find a cure for all this madness.

Look for an experienced board certified vascular surgeon close to you.

We operate for TOS a few times a year.  (+ info)

Anyone out there ever get thoracic outlet syndrome?

If so, what were your symptoms and how did you cure it? Do the exercises or physical therapy work?


Anatomical defects,Poor posture,Trauma,Repetitive activity,Pressure on your joints,Pregnancy.


Transaxillary approach, Anterior supraclavicular approach, pain killers such as: aspirin or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others) — to decrease inflammation and encourage muscle relaxation.

Relaxation and Physical therapy

Never had it but i wish you the best of luck!  (+ info)

What is the difference between Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Thoracic outlet syndrome?

thoracic outlet syndrome is a disease that affects the nerves from the neck to the arms. most of the time people get it from car accidents, poor posture etc.

as for carpal tunnel, which I've had. the median nerve in your hand gets affected when the tendons get inflamed around it. I just think honestly the deference between the both is just the location of the issue. you can also get this from car accidents, to much typing etc.  (+ info)

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