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I recently broke my hymen?

I have this blood disorder called Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia and I recently broke my hymen. Every time I have sex, i bleed. Any suggestions on what to do?
Sometimes i bleed for days and other times i only bleed for at least 30 minutes. && when i say recently, I mean 2 months ago.

Sometimes its the size of the man's penis (too big) that can be causing the problem.. slow down and don't have him go as deep and see if its still a problem.. and if so, then next step is go to the doctor to see what options you have.  (+ info)

rare bleeding disorder

okay i have a super rare bleeding disorder called glanzmann's thrombasthenia. i believe i'm one of two people in my state who have it. and I'm just wondering if i can find anyone else who has it or knows someone who has it. just curious to see if anyone with glanzmann's sees this question. :D

have you posted this question on http://www.rarediseases.about.com ? you might have more luck doing that than here.  (+ info)

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