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thyroid nodule?

i just found out i have a hot toxic nodule on my thyroid ,,,does anyone know anything about this . does this mean it is cancer

Not necessarily. All this means is the nodule on your thyroid is more metabolically active than other parts of your thyroid. This could represent an area of goiter, for example, which is not malignant. Goiter can, over time, potentially become cancerous, though, and this should be further evaluated by an ultrasound-guided biopsy.  (+ info)

What is a hypoechoic solid thyroid nodule?

I just found out I have a single hypoechoic solid nodule my ultrasound report says most likely represents a small adenomatous or collateral nodule. My mother had her thyroid removed and her brother had thyroid cancer. I will be seeing an endocrinologist, but until I can get to her I am worried about what this means.

In general terms it means it reflects less ultrasound then surrounding tissue. Such nodules have 20 % risk of being malignant compared to 5 % risk for hyperechoic nodules  (+ info)

Should I have my right side of my thyroid removed due to a bothersome nodule?

I have a 1cm thyroid nodule on the right side of my thyroid. The doctor says it is probably not cancerous. But it does bother me. I have pressure in my neck all the time that is bothersome. It also effects swallowing meats and large vitamins. Should I have it removed? What is the surgery like? Will I have to stay in the hospital?

check into radiation therapy as well. My doc highly recommended it instead of the surgery. I had a goiter that went almost all the way around my neck. Radiation therapy is easy you take a couple of pills and your thyroid no longer works. If you do it though you will take a pill for the rest of your life in place of your thyroid. I'm not sure if the treatment will help your situation or not. Ask your Dr about it to be sure.  (+ info)

What kind of risk am I taking by not having a thyroid lobectomy to diagnose a nodule?

I have a solitary large thyroid nodule in my left thyroid. It measures 4cmx3cmx2cm, roughly, and takes up almost the entire lobe. I have had an ultrasound which reveals that it is homogenous, and vascular, but not much else. I have also had an FNA, which was non-diagnostic. The next step is a lobectomy to check for cancer. I am a singer and do not want to risk damage to the nerves of my vocal chords just on the chance that it may be cancer if it is an unnecessary risk. My doctor said his father was a tenor, and he had his thyroid removed. He said he never really sang the same after. If I went through with it, couldn't sing the same, and it was benign, it would kill me. I would sure appreciate some advice from those who have either undergone the procedure or know enough about it to give me an opinion. Thank you.

I had my entire thyroid removed, my nodule was only 1.4cm. If the FNA was inconclusive, and a lobectomy is considered then tell the surgeon if he finds thyroid cancer to remove the entire thyroid. If he does not and you have a reoccurance then they will want to go back in and remove the rest.
My voice was odd for a few weeks but I forced my self to sing anyhow.
I am an advanced cancer patient I would recommend looking after your health. I have a site you could join, there is no fee for membership, the yahoo health groups seems to be having a problem so you may not be able to post a message right away. The link is below  (+ info)

How serious is dominant cystic nodule in thyroid?

My friend has just had an ultrasound on her thyroid which had appeared slightly swollen. The results show that she has a dominant cystic nodule and some of the fluid they drained contained colloids. They have referred her to a thoracic surgeon. Is this potentially serious, could it be cancer?

Be aware that 95% nodules on thyroids are benign, however there is a chance that this could be cancer. She should attend the surgeon who will do further tests to discover whatit is. There is no point worrying till you have the full picture.
Goodluck  (+ info)

Does anyone here have a thyroid nodule that is solid and cold? What are the chances of it being malignant?

I have had blood tests to check thyroid functioning - all normal. I have also had an ultrasound and an uptake and scan. I have an appointment with an endocrinologist next and I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there going through the same thing.

Thyroid nodes are very common, particularly in women, and more particularly after age 40. 99.5% of all thyroid nodes are non-cancerous. of the .5% that are malignant, the 3 most common forms have a 90% cure rate. Run the numbers, and the chances of dying from this are less than 1: 50,000.
Dont be too concerned at this point.  (+ info)

I have Nodule on my thyroid but blood work is ok,should i be concerned?

I am having a sonogram on my thyroid because it felt enlarged during an exam.He told me because the bloodwork was ok,he was not that concerned.Is that correct?

  (+ info)

What does a thyroid nodule feel like?

I have a little lump at the base of my throat, off to the left side, near the indentation between the tips of my collarbone. I noticed it a few weeks ago, went to my GP and he referred me to an ENT doctor. I have an appointment next week. My GP said in his referral that it's on the left part of my thyroid. It feels longer than it is wide. I'm wondering if anyone knows what a nodule feels like... I guess I'm just worried that it might be something serious!!

Usually the thyroid nodules are up near the center of the throat (as in to the side of where the adam's apple), not near the collarbone. I had one that stuck out so I was the one that found it and it was about the size of a walnut at took over the entire side of the thyroid.
I had nodules on the other size that could not be felt and they were found via ultrasound. Needless to say, I do not have a thyroid anymore but all my nodules were benign even though thyroid cancer does run in my family.

There can be lymph nodes or other things found in the nec that are enlarged. Often, you will be sent for an FNA - fine needle aspiration - to see what is in the lump. Imaging such as an ultrasound, CT or MRI may be ordered depending on what type of nodule it is as different types show up better with different methods.
It is natural to worry but until you have any results, you will not know. Hopefully all will be well.
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Can benign thyroid nodule become malignant cancer?

1) say biopsy shows nodule is benign, fine, but how do i know this will not turn into malignant cancer in future ?

2) should i be repeating biopsy every month or what?

3) and can (numerous) biopsies get the nodule to become malignant?

4) anyone whose biopsy detected benign nodule but this ended up being malignant cancer after some time?

my best friend of 20 years + had exactly the same as this. When she was around 35 she developed a lump in her neck - the doctor did a biopsy and the results came back benign. He gave her the choice, leave the lump there as it is harmless or, have it removed. I told her to have it removed as I wouldn't want a lump in me. So, she gets it removed and as procedure, they test it. They then discover it is cancerous - she goes back in for a major operation to have her whole tyriod removed and is now on tyroxine. Remember that a biopsy only removes a small area of tissue and if that area isn't cancerous then the results will be clear. Hope this helps.  (+ info)

I have a nodule on my right thyroid but it's not even a cm long. Will this still cause weight gain ?

I was told that my left thyroid was bigger than my right and i have a nodule on the right said, but the doctor said that it wasn't big enough to do any thing about it. My blood work as come back fine as well, but I keep gaining weight and feel tired all the time and moody. What should I do about this?

Yes, hypothyroidism can cause weight gain and fatigue. It is very important for you to contact your doctor and explain to him what's going on. Sometimes, things don't always be as they seem. Make an appointment asap so that you can address the concerns with your doctor.  (+ info)

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