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I had a ultrasound on my thyroid. What does echogenic nodule mean?

i have another nodule that is complex. from 1 year ago.. part cystic or hypoechoic with increased echogencitiy and bright echogenic foci. with another smaller cyst , needle biopsy was inconclusive, and now I have a small new nodule all on one lobe. Is more likely to be cancerous if it is multiplying?

Basically, it's a non-malignant tumor. You will probably need surgery to remove it, but it presents very little danger to your health, long-term or short.  (+ info)

My Thyroid Nodule In my neck Biospy Came back Bengin Is there anything to worry about?

I went to the doctor and he said my biospy came back bengin should Ibe worried about anything?


it is great that it came back benign,Take a deep breathe and celebrate just a bit....the question is... how often are you going to have to go through it again? and again? eventually the doctor may offer you a partial or complete thyroidectomy. My tests came back inconclusive and we decided to go ahead with the surgery, and it turned out I had thyroid cancer just starting. only in one of my nodules, and it was 6 by 8 by 8 millimeters, totally inside the thyroid. (a good thing) The scar hardly shows at all, and now that my meds are straightened out, I feel great! I want to refer you to some sites that will be helpful. www.thyca.org, and the yahoo health groups for thyroid, thyroidectomies and thyroid cancer (thyca.) you are safe for now, and you will have to monitor your health just like with yearly pap smears, or mammograms. please do not be lax. I wish you good luck and good health.  (+ info)

Is there anything that will shrink a benign colloid thyroid nodule?

I don't know but be very careful. They didn't think I had thyroid cancer until they took my thyroid out and sent it off. They did a biopsy on it that was negative, I had a false negative. You should see an endocrinologist.  (+ info)

how sore will i feel after i have surgery to get a thyroid nodule remove?

ok so the 25 of this month i am having surgery to remove a nodule on my thyroid im really scare because i dont know how im going to feel after and how painful it will be and if it will hurt to talk and do other things like move my neck and eat and drink...if someone could help me out that would be great

I had a complete thyroidectomy a few years ago so I can try to answer your question. I had no trouble at all with eating or drinking. I was told I could be a little hoarse after the surgery but I wasn't and it wasn't at all painful to talk. There was really very little pain at the incision site but it was difficult to move my neck for a few days because it felt like it was pulling the stitches. Very quick recovery time too. Good luck!  (+ info)

What are my chances of having a cancerous "nodule" on my thyroid ? I've had my nuclear scan.?

Now I have to see an endocrinologist because of the "nodule". I don't want to be unprepared for the answer!

I had a cancer tumor on my thyroid. They removed my entire thyroid. I've been on synthroid medication for over 20 years. I am doing fine. I am not fat or even a bit over weight, my hair remained thick, my energy level is right where it is suppose to be.

They say cancer of the thyroid is one of the better cancers to get. It is usually confined to the thyroid.

You can email me with any questions or concerns. I am only too happy to help you. Like I said, I've been there.  (+ info)

can beningn thyroid nodule become malignant cancer?

1) say biopsy shows nodule is benign, fine, but how do i know this will not turn into malignant cancer in future ?

2) should i be repeating biopsy every month or what?

3) and can (numerous) biopsies get the nodule become malignant?

4) anyone whose biopsy detected benign nodule but this ended up being malignant cancer after some time?

Benign nodules of the thyroid gland are very common. Probably 25% of folks walking around have little lumps and bumps on their thyroids. They don't usually turn malignant. Repeated biopsies don't cause cancer either.

You could check on the nodule yearly. Even an ultrasound of your thyroid, yearly, can detect changes in the nodule.

Personally, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 5 years ago. It's actually an "easy" cancer to treat...no chemo or radiation. Just surgery and radioactive iodine.

I'm sure you'll be fine!

mari  (+ info)

is new nodule in neck thyroid cancer?

my friend had lymphoma but has been cancer free until they found a nodule in her neck near the thyroid gland, on a recent check up. Could this be related to the lymphoma returning or a whole new cancer of the thyroid?

Only her doctors will be able to determine what it is. I had a nodule in my thyroid that was biopsied and it was beign, but about 30 years later I had 2 others sitting behind it, and they were cancer. I hope that everything is going to be okay with your friend. I know she has already gone through enough already.  (+ info)

I have a hot thyroid nodule diagosed w/ follicular cell groups. Is surgery necessary to remove thyroid gland?

Hot nodules are benign in 99.99% cases ; follicular cells are not cancerous [malignant] unless report says so.  (+ info)

what would a thyroid nodule mean?

I went to the doctor a few weeks ago because of swollen glands in my throat (which they said probably weren't cancerous, but if they didn't go away in two weeks to go back), I went back and they found a nodule on my thyroid, I am having an ultrasound done, but I wanted to get a little more information about what this could be. Could this also cause me to lose my voice? Because lately out of the blue my voice will completely go.

An ultrasound will tell you if the nodule is solid or filled with fluid cyst, that will most likely tell you if you have to be worried about the nodule. Thyroid nodules are very common, especially in women over 50... 1 out of 2 have at least one.

Only 4-5% of nodules are cancerous. If your nodule is large enough (and you can see and/or feel it), it could be pushing on your windpipe and vocal cords, causing your voice loss. It could be something totally unrelated too.

If it is something that causes concern you will need a biopsy, then your doctor will take the next appropriate steps that would most likely include surgery. Chances are, you don't have to worry. Good luck, hope this helps!  (+ info)

Thyroid meds to reduce a thyroid nodule - anyone done this?

I have a benign thyroid nodule that has been growing slowly over 5 years. All my T3/T4/TSH numbers were normal. My old endocrinologist put me 175 mg of Levoxal she said to replace my natural thyroid hormones therefore shutting down my thyroid and possibly reducing the size of my nodule or at least stop it from growing. WHAT A DISASTER!!! I became hyperthyroid (duh! hindsight's 20/20) and an anxiety mess. My hypothyroid Aunt is only on 122mgs and she worked up to that level gradually. I went from 0 to 175mg, no wonder I freaked out! Other doctors have told me that she meant to make me hyper to "burn off" the nodule.

My numbers are back in "normal" range but I'm still anxious, my heart is racing 100+ beats per minute while resting. My new endocrinolgist put me on Toprol to slow my heart rate but it's still in the 90's. I have other hyperthyroid symptoms as well.

As anyone else gone thru this and have your begun to feel "normal" yet? Thanks

u neeeeeed time
be patient
best luck  (+ info)

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