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Any suggestions for treating paralysis tick bites?

I have several large itchy welts caused by paralysis tick bites.
One has spread, and resulted in a raised red spotted rash on my abdomen- very itchy.
I have tried Paw paw ointment and hydrocortisone, but with little effect.

Also, how dangerous are paralysis ticks to humans? I have removed 2 ticks from my 15month old daughter, and she seems fine (no rash, no lethargy etc)- should I worry?

All the information is online...

You might try an antihistamine cream (from a pharmacy) to relieve the itching.

Some home remedies from Europe...
http://www.rd.com/living-healthy/home-remedies-for-a-healthy-summer/article27917-5.html  (+ info)

Can a dog survive tick paralysis without anti-venom?

It's hard to tell. My dog had a paralysis tick a few weeks ago. I found the tick and removed it, but the following day my dog was in worse condition, so I bit the bullet and paid up the megabucks for the anti-venene.
I've heard of dogs surviving without it, but I think you'd be taking a chance.  (+ info)

i found a paralysis tick on my baby bunny, what should i do. Will he be fine?

He still runs alot and is very energetic. I found the tick on him 3 days ago.

If you're worried, take him to the vet.  (+ info)

i have a dashhound 8 years old it dignosed tick paralysis since last 24 hrs?

what are his chances of survival

Im gunna be honest. i have no fucking clue, but i rooting for you man, Good luck to your DashHound  (+ info)

I found a tick in my hair what should I do now?

We removed it, it was sill alive and appeared to still have all it's head. Pretty sure it is a paralysis tick.

The area where the tick was removed is really sore and swollen.

Is there anything i should be doing for this?

Can this make you ill?

Hey LuckyCat...

I live on a farm....I've probably had 50 ticks on me in the last year.

Most important thing is...if you pulled the tick out and the head was still there, then it didn't have time to do any damage.

Was the tick white, black, or a mixture of both?

The area is going to be swollen, regardless, btw. With ALL ticks....scrub with rubbing alcohol ASAP ! Email me if you want any more advice.

Don't panic.  (+ info)

What happens if you get sleep paralysis and someone else is in the room?

I just looked at a few videos of Sleep Paralysis and I heard that you are paralised and you see visions and stuff. What would happen if a real person was awake when you were having sleep paralysis, what would the awake person see?

My husband has been in the room many times while I have had it and nothing happens he just thinks im sleeping normally ... I have asked him to wake me if he notices me breathing strangely because I breathe really deep and loud to try and signal him to wake me up.  (+ info)

How can being stabbed in the back lead to paralysis of the right lower extremity?

This is a question in a case study I have to do for my physio lab, the patient was stabbed in the back at the mid-thoracic level and close to the midline. She lost all sensory functions in her right leg. Why would she exhibit flaccid paralysis first and then spastic paralysis?

There are three spinal cord tracts that most doc's are concerned with. The spinothalmic tract supplies pain and temperature sensation and crosses over to opposite side of the body every few segments. If you stab this tract at level T6 on the left or in the middle where the tract is crossing over to the right, you loose this sensation on that entire side of the body.
Damage in the spinal cord itself would be considered an upper motor neuron lesion which has the symptoms of increase reflexes and no fasiculaton of the muscle(flaccid). There is a difference between the symptoms immediate and late due to the initally swelling around the nerve decreasing and the further demylinization of the damaged nerve  (+ info)

What are some effective ways to get rid of sleep paralysis?

Since I started college in the fall I have been getting sleep paralysis episodes. Some where I know I'm awake I just can't move or open my eyes. Others when something is laying on top of me telling me its going to kill me and I can't get away and I can't move, open my eyes and breathing is difficult. Also, I even have ones where I can hear someone walking toward and into my room but I can't move.

What are some effective ways to get rid of sleep paralysis?

Bad sleep habits can contribute to sleep paralysis, and it makes sense that your sleep schedule might have been disturbed since you began college. Try to find ways to make your sleep more restful, with fewer interruptions.

When you have sleep paralysis, the most important thing is not to panic. Everyone is paralyzed during REM sleep; most people just don't notice it, most of the time. When sleep paralysis happens, you have started to awaken but the paralysis that is a natural part of REM has not yet worn off. It's essentially a signal that your body is not quite ready to wake up, and if you accept that fact and be patient, the experience should be a lot less unpleasant. It's important to understand that what you're experiencing isn't dangerous. The feeling of something trying to kill you, and having difficulty breathing, is largely created by your mind. You may not be in the most comfortable position, but you are physically okay, and if there was something truly wrong, your body would wake you up. Your mind is exaggerating the discomfort your body is feeling, and you'd be surprised at the strong effect that a little positive thinking and self-confidence can have on the experience.  (+ info)

What causes Sleep Paralysis and how can i cure it?

Once in a while I awake from a nap or deep sleep and i'm unable to move, i struggle with my breathing and it feels like there's an enourmous weight pressing on my chest. I feel terrified, and on top of this, everytime i have this paralysis, i can see a tall, shadowy figure at the end of my bed. How can i cure this terrifying sensation?

ive had that before. dont listen to anyone if they say ghosts or whatever lol. LOLLOLO. its just so f'ing stupid. and dont waste time praying. it doesnt work. all it is is your body is a sleep state but your mind in a semi concious dream state. first. dont be scared of anything. becuase theres nothing really there, its just the same as a nightmare... forget about anything like that and that will eliminate any "scary figures". and just meditate before u fall asleep and get yourself into a good state of mind. things like whats happening to you is usually stress related. so try to chill out.  (+ info)

What is the difference between Common sleep paralysis and Hallucinatory paralysis?

They are two different type of sleep paralysis, can anyone please tell me the BIG difference? I thought they were pretty similiar.

Common, u r asleep and you cant move
the other you are awake and you cant move.  (+ info)

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