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How can you completely kill a tick?

I want to get rid of a tick that was in my bedroom, now in a jar.
I already tried smushing it with all my weight, but it just got up and walked off again.

ALSO you can tell it's a girl because its markings look like a necklace and the boys looks like suspenders.

1. you can smush it
2. you can flush it down the toilet (this one works pretty good.
3. rubbing alcohol or something  (+ info)

How do you remove part of a tick left in human body?

My husband had a small tick in his side, we removed part of it with tweezers and treated it with alcohol. We thought we had all of it. But 2 days later there is a black speck and it has a red ring around it and is swollen. Any information on how to draw this out would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

You might want to go to the doctor at this point.

He will want to lance it (cut open the skin) to reach the tick, then remove all pieces of the little bugger and flush heavily with a mild salt solution to float it all away. After that, a dressing to soothe it will be required and you'll have to monitor the spot to make sure you got it all.

Or you could try it. But I recommend the professionals.  (+ info)

What do you do after removing a tick from your body?

I have a friend who removed one, now she has a red bump where the tick had been and also it is itching badly.

Sound like part of the tick might be still inside, common problem if you just try and pull them out. This can lead to a nasty infection if left untreated. I would see a doctor if the symptoms don't get better. Also keep in mind ticks can carry nasty diseases.

Next time you get a tick embedded in you skin touch a lit cigarette or hot match head to it's back side, it'll let go. I've also heard of people smearing them with ointment which blocks their breathing resulting in them withdrawing.  (+ info)

What is a normal reaction to a tick bite?

I removed a tick a couple of days ago. Now the area I removed it from is swollen, like a mosquito bite and a little pink. It's not in a bullseye pattern like the pictures I've seen of lyme disease. It's not itchy, just a little swollen. Is this a normal reaction?

Yes, that's pretty standard. Ticks, like many other biting insects, inject a tiny bit of venom. It's an anticoagulant, and helps keep the blood flowing so that they can ingest it as long as possible. You're just responding to the venom a bit. If it's itching a lot, try painting it with clear nail polish, and/or taking a dose of benedryl.  (+ info)

What is the proper method to remove a tick from your skin?

I pulled off a tick from my leg, but it itches so bad that I wonder if the head is still in there.........It was a very very small one.

Should I take a wire brush to it then hit it with some aftershave?

I would just clean it with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide - on a cotton swab or piece of gauze and watch it for a day or so. You could try a little cortisone cream or antibiotic cream on it, but if it swells or begins to look infected you should seek medical attention.  (+ info)

Anyone know of any natural remedies or chemical-free flea and tick repellents for dogs?

I have 3 tiny chihuahuas and they are indoor dogs but go outside to potty and play for short periods of time. I have never used any flea/tick preventatives because of all the chemicals in them. Now with all the media showing how sick they can make animals, i definitely won't be using them! I found a tick on one of my dogs today and now need help finding a safe, chemical-free, natural treatment. Any suggestions?

Wash your pet with castile soap and warm water.

Dry your pet thoroughly.

Mix up an herbal rinse by adding a ½ cup of fresh or dried rosemary to a quart of boiling water.

Steep the mixture for 20 minutes.

Strain the rosemary and cool the solution.

Spray or sponge the rinse onto your pet’s coat liberally and massage into skin.

Allow to air dry. Do not towel dry as this will wipe off the rosemary residue
If you want try other natural insect repellent like mint, cinnamon and cedar.

Good luck  (+ info)

How do I remove the head of a tick from my body?

Recently I discovered a tick on the ride side of my torso. In a fit of complete horror, I ripped it out using tweezers. I now have a tiny little black "spot" underneath the skin where I pulled it out. My mom thinks it's the head and says I should get it removed as soon as possible. Any suggestions on how to remove it? It is extremely painful to pick at it with tweezers.

you ahve to elevate it and cut it out....If you can't get it out go to the doctor, they will elevate it with lidocaine. If you can, stick a needle below the head and raise it while someone pulls with tweezers..  (+ info)

What happens if you pull a tick off but the head doesn't come off?

Sunday we were at the nature park and i got a tick on the side of my head that i found monday morning why i was in the shower, I freaked out and just pulled it off, so i don't know if i got the head of it. Also a little red bump is where the tick was. Help!

Ticks carry diseases like Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

You can remove a tick by lighting a match, blowing it out, and placing the still-hot head of the match on the tick - it'll back out.

In the case where you've pulled a tick off but left the head in the skin, you'll need to see a doctor. There is probably nothing to worry about, but the possibility of disease needs to be checked out.

- Stuart  (+ info)

How soon should you remove a tick after being bitten?

I found a tick on me the other day and I took it out (properly), but i am still worried about getting Lyme Disease. Is there a time limit or something to this? Like how soon should you get the tick out after you are bitten? (Well, obviously, get it out ASAP, but i mean like how long can it stay in before you get infected?)

I THINK the answer to your question is:
Some experts believe you can be infected w/ LB as soon as an infected tick bites in, though MOST doctors believe it tales atleast 24 hours.
The REAL answer is: It's NOT THE EXACT LENGTH OF TIME THAT MATTERS! It's much more how engorged the tick got on you...and, to a degree, HOW infected it was.
A tiny (blackish) deer tick up here in the N.East that is found "dove in" under the skin surface- that was on you for most of 24 hrs or longer, & is carrying BB bacteria [~50% do] is the greatest danger. It is nearly full of your blood & many of the spirochettes ("Lyme" bacteria) have now left thru it's mouth parts & into the bite area... You.

IF you can identify the tick as a small, dark brown "dog tick", say, then that rules out a Lyme infection +99%, but doesn't rule out other co-infections that these other ticks might possibly carry.
Keep an eye on it for ANY "rash" and for any early Lyme symptoms. (See a doc if you're not sure.) Learn about these symptoms thru many Lyme websites out there.

If it came off pretty easily & was likely on you for only a couple/ few hours, that greatly decreases the chance of contracting LB. I wouldn't sweat it. ;)  (+ info)

What happens if tick juice/guts squirt into your eye?

A groomer I work with noticed that a pup had a tick. The kind with the hard backs. She attempts to pull it out and in the guts squirt into her eye. Does anyone know what she needs to do?

She will probably be fine, but there is a small risk she could get Lyme disease or any other disease the tick was carrying.

There's little she can do now, though if she gets any unusual, chronic disease symptoms in the next couple of months, she should mention the fact she got some tick guts in her eye, as tick borne diseases can be difficult to diagnose.

The risk of getting a tick disease is small, but it's there.

All the best to your friend.  (+ info)

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