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what are the worst tick borne diseases and why?

In the order of importance, what are the worst tick borne diseases that endanger human health?

  (+ info)

What is the name of the doctor who studies insect, tick and spider borne diseases?

I've heard of the term vector bourne diseases, and also infectious diseases. What is the specific name of a doctor who studies insect, tick, and spider bite diseases?

Epidemiologist  (+ info)

how long does it take between a tick bite and onset of symptoms of tick borne diseases?

thanks everyone, i can't believe you're still up, the answer I found on the internet is 3 to 14 days, I'll be counting them down, fun stuff!!!

1 day to up to 3 weeks  (+ info)

Why are they called "tick borne" when these diseases can be transmitted by fleas,lice,green headed flies and


a tick is any of a superfamily (Ixodoidea) of bloodsucking acarid arachnids that are larger than the related mites, attach themselves to warm-blooded vertebrates to feed, and include important vectors of infectious diseases hence fleas,lice,green headed flies and mosquito are all ticks and therefore the diseases are called tick borne. Borne meaning transported or transmitted by  (+ info)

where can I do tests for Babesia&Ehrlichia(tick borne diseases) in Hungary or Germany or Austria?I'm desperate

I'm from Roumania.I had lyme but I'm not feeling well.My doctor told me I might have a coinfection with babesia or ehrlichia or bartonella but I don't know where can I do these tests.In Roumania there are no tests.I need help,please.I need to find a lab or a clinic in a country near to Roumania.Thank you.

I suggest you post your question at lymenet.com, since there are members of that group who are in Europe. Good luck.

Info sources:
lymediseaseassociation.org  (+ info)

Are there ticks carrying tick borne encephalitis in Norrbotten?

There is probably lyme disease for sure here as in the rest of Europe, but are there ticks carrying tick borne encephalitis in Norrbotten or is it just a problem in the south of Sweden?
thank you

There is a yahoo group called "Eurolyme," which talks about tick-borne infections throughout Europe. You might give them a try.  (+ info)

Do I need a TBE (tick borne encephalitis) Jab if I am going to Germany and Austria?

I am going to Germany and Austria this October and am going to be working with animals and doing a bit of Gardening. I have read on websites that TBE is active in these countries. Will I need a Vaccination?

As far as I can see, they only recommend that you have the tetanus vaccine (if it's been more than 10 years since you had it at school I think.)  (+ info)

Can you get horrible diseases from having a tick on your dick?

The other night me and my Slovakian boy friend had sex in the woods; he noticed a few days later that he had a tick on his dick and took it off. Can he get any bad disease from having a tick in that spot??

He will get Lyme disease, an arthritis condition characterized by round rashes, pain and fever. Do not worry he will not get any STD's and his "ding dong" will not fall off either!!  (+ info)

How long after a tick bites you does it start transmitting possible diseases like lyme disease?

I got a bite this weekend on my foot but it was only there for 3 hours or so, would it have already transmitted the lyme bacteria if it was infected?

Transmission has been demonstrated in less than six hours. It bodes well for you that yours was only three. However, that's no guarantee that you are free and clear. In addition to possible Lyme, you might also have gotten one or more of what are called "co-infections"--other nasty stuff the tick can transmit at the same time as Lyme.

Watch yourself closely over the coming days. Any sign of a rash? Fever? Headache? Dizziness? Flu-like symptoms? All are cause for concern.

Good sources of info about Lyme disease:
http://www.mentalhealthandillness.com/lymeArticles.htm  (+ info)

Which is classified as a chronic, tick borne rickettsial disease?

A) Q fever
B) Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
C) Lyme Disease
D) epidemic typhus

I am sorry that the previous medical student's answer sucked. It's not correct. The two answer choices that are Rickettsial diseases are epidemic typhus (R. prowazekii) and RMSF (R. rickettsii). Of these two, RMSF is a chronic condition, while typhus is an acute condition.

Lyme disease (B. burgdorferi) is also a tick-borne infection, but is caused by a Borrelial infection, not a rickettsial one.  (+ info)

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