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tongue diseases?

i have these bumps on the back of my tongue. they're painless and soft, and are the same colour as the rest of my tongue. any ideas?

Your tongue is covered in little bumps called papilla. In the very back of your tongue you will have even larger ones called cimcumvallate papilla that form a V shape. I assume that these are the ones that you are referring to. Here's a picture so you can compare: http://training.seer.cancer.gov/ss_module06_head_neck/unit02_sec05_anatomy.html
If you have something other than what is shown, or if this is something new, then I would check with your doctor or dentist.  (+ info)

is white tongue related to heartburn or to any Digestive Diseases?

i have a white tongue since 4 months, it's not a trush.

it can be! any viral infection can cause a tongue to have a white coating-if it does not improve with brushing, ask to be tested!  (+ info)

What specialist diagnoses and treats diseases of the tongue?

c have had a white, rough bump on the right side of my tongue that comes and goes. It is quite painful and seems to be a precurser to my feeling fatigued and sick. I got a staph infection from a hospitalization in 2002 and my immune system has been compromised according to my primary physician.

I have seen an oral surgeon but he hasn't been available when my symptoms were presenting. He said that I was obsessed with my tongue and that it is a psychological issue. My family and friends have all seen my tongue and think that the oral surgeon is not professional, condescending and sexist. I do not want to go back to that practice and need advice. I also should mention that I gave up smoking two years ago. The area of my tongue that is affected is where I placed the cigarette on my lips.

I am afraid that this might be something serious and I'm at a loss as to where to turn to next. I appreciate any advice that you could give me.

The Otolaryngologist is the specialist you should see first.
If you smoke you should quit, you should wash your mouth normally in the morning and at bedtime, also after every meal. Do not provide oral sex. After the specialist sees you, if he does not find anything, your internist or general practitioner can keep on eye on you every month for 2-3 months, then every 6 months for a year. He will do your basic blood tests and rule out any general condition that maybe afecting your tongue.  (+ info)

Will I get any diseases, or sickness, if i my tongue touches some girl's tongue?

My friend asks me this.

You will get cooties,

but on a more serious note, if her tongue has pleasured many a penis then you have some reason to be concerned. yes you can get chlamydia and you will die  (+ info)

How does the character of your tongue like color and others tell about your health?

If you can please list the colours adn textures against the diseases disorders that it indicates that would help me a lot

bluish=cyanosis....respiratory failure
white coated tongue=fungal infection.ad some special bacterial infections

i hope thats helpful  (+ info)

Question about diseases transmitted through mouth, saliva, and/or tongue.?

I was wondering what type of tongue diseases are out there that you can get from kissing someone else. During the first week of kissing my girlfriend, the papillae on the back of her tongue looked very different and looked abnormal and inflammed. Over 2 weeks it got slightly worse and spread. What could this be?

It seams pretty obvious she got this from me. What tests can i get done to determine what it is? How can i prove it to her.
She noticed my papillae and thought they looked diseased first

  (+ info)

Has anyone heard of an association between chronic lyme disease and geographic tongue?

I have been diagnosed with chronic lyme disease, which I have had since childhood. I have also been experiencing geographic tongue since about the same time. Has anyone experienced this correlation, or know of a link between the two? Thanks.

If you've had chronic Lyme for years, it has had a huge impact on your immune system. An impaired immune system can allow all kinds of other problems--parasites, viruses, yeast, etc--to move in and set up housekeeping. Even if the Lyme didn't "cause" the tongue condition, it may well have contributed to it by battering down the immune system.

People with long-term Lyme often benefit from detoxification protocols and immune system support, in addition to whatever antibiotics you may be taking.

Good sources of info about Lyme disease:
http://www.touchedbylyme.org  (+ info)

What tongue splitting method produces the longest split?

I have already looked into all of the side effects and complications, so for all of you out there who just want to leave a comment like thats gross or how can you do that. i dont need to hear it.

I am wanting to get a tongue lengthening and split. No it is not for sexual reasons. All i want to know is which method has the least amount of regrowth and the prices of the method.

I have seen some splits that are just on the tip and they look odd to me. i already have a pretty long tongue but i am hoping if i get the lengthening with the split i have better chances of a longer split and less regrowth.

And just a little rant to all of the people that are freaked out by it and say that children will run screaming, that is ridiculous. Certain people freak about a tongue split but they wouldnt run screaming from someone with a disease injected in there forehead so that they can look like robocop.

one way that can help limit the regrowth is anchoring it with a large-gauge piercing as an anchor for it... as far as the *best* method, since this isn't exactly a mainstream mod, there hasn't been a particular one that has been determined to be the *best*... many splits have to be re-cut after the healing period is done, due to regrowth....

talk to a reputible mod practitioner... ask to see both fresh and healed shots of the work... if they can produce that, and you are happy with it, after considering the risks, go for it...

Good luck, and I hope you're happy with whatever method you choose!  (+ info)

What does an air bubble under my tongue mean?

There seems to be a problem in my right sub-lingual protuberance as i looked it up, or the vein things under my tongue. It looks like an air bubble and is very painful to touch. If anyone knows what this is, let me know, please? and remedies? I also suffer from Sutton's Disease and I do know it is not an outbreak. Thank you for reading my question regardless.
last night the air bubble kinda went away and the whole area is red now. Am I okay?

You need to go to the dentist to have it looked at and fixed and they have medicaid for the poor if you need it.  (+ info)

How to Diagnose for the diseases?

Questions: Female, 66 years, loose or watery stools for the last two months. Red tongue, no coating, red face. Better when lying down. Very tired Any suggestions?

There are lots of disorders that would cause these symptoms. When was the last time that you went to the doctor? Do you know what your blood sugars are running? Do you have a temperature? Have you started or stopped any medicines?  (+ info)

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