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i know its tonsillitis but i havent been to a doctor to get antibiotics.
does anyone know any at home remedies?

No home remedies unless you can make antibiotics in your kitchen. If your tonsillitis has been caused by a virus, you won't need antibiotics. It'll run its course in a week or two. If it's bacterial....well....that has the potential to get ugly with complications and only a systemic antibiotic will kill the bacteria causing it.

But if you're determined to tough it out, treat your symptoms. But see your doctor if your sore throat lasts longer than 48 hrs., if it worsens or if you develop other symptoms. If you should start drooling, develop dyspnea (difficulty breathing) or find you are uable to eat and drink, get yourself to an ER.  (+ info)


ive had tonsillitis 5 times this year took all kinds of antibiotics i wont do surgery. anyone have experiences they wana share on how they got it cured? any home remedies ? wat causes it to reacurr so fast?

"Tonsillitis" is caused by Streptococcus species bacteria. Sometimes kids - especially teens and preteens - just get tonsillitis frequently. Eventually they outgrow it. Many doctors no longer recommend tonsillectomies and haven't in several decades. However, there are a couple of factors that can increase the frequency of occurrence -

1. You get a prescription, then after a few days you "feel better" so you stop taking your medicine. THIS IS THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO! Every time you do this you leave some of the bacteria that are making you sick still alive - and make them more drug resistant and harder to kill. If the doctor gives you a prescription be sure to take every single pill - on time.

2. You might actually have infectious mononucleosis ("mono") rather than strep. If your health care provider is not specifically testing you for strep (with the "long" test done in the lab, not the quickie done in the office) every single time you get sick, then you might be being mis-diagnosed. Without a specific lab test mono is very easy to confuse with strep throat even by highly experienced physicians.

3. Cockroaches can carry strep, so if your home or school is infested then this might be the reason that you are having frequent outbreaks of strep.  (+ info)


What are some good home remides to treat tonsillitis?
I heard about gargaling warm water with salt?

And tylenol or motrin on a regular basis. And, getting an antibiotic from your family doctor to clear it up.  (+ info)

How fast can tonsillitis symptoms appear and can it lead to a sinus infection?

I was on vacation out of state and came down with tonsillitis. I wasn't aware I was around anyone with it before I left. If I got it from someone on the plane could I become symptomatic in about 24 hours or less? Now I have a sinus infection. Is it just a coincidence or does one sometimes lead to the other?

It's likely you had/have a sinus infection first and the sinus drainage irritated your throat and tonsils. Try gargling with a little warm salt water-- about 1/2 measuring teaspoon to one cup of water and see if that helps. Then use nasal irrigation to get rid of the sinus infection. Tonsilitis is not contagious-- it just means inflamed tonsils. Nurse Kindheart.  (+ info)

What is the best method for treating tonsillitis at home?

I am an eighteen year old singer about to enter college this week and I believe strongly that I have tonsillitis. The symptoms are all present, and it hurts like you wouldn't believe. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the doctor's until at least early next week. What is the best way to relieve the pain from tonsillitis using what a normal college student might have laying around?

Usually plain old tonsillitis goes away in 4-7 days so hopefully its all gone before you have to head out. Gargle with warm salt water a few times a day this will help the pain. Take over the counter pain meds to help with swelling and of course pain. Get popciles, they help sooth. Also if you have honey a little in just slightly warm tea helps, or just eat the honey and of course losenges.  (+ info)

How can you tell tonsillitis from mononucleosis,please answer asap?

I get tonsillitis frequently,and the only difference about this time is my tonsils have white stuff all over them,but that's whats supposed to happen. The doctor thinks i have mono so im waiting for results,but im terrified of having that. I have every symptom of tonsillitis except fever,and only a few of the mono symptoms. But how can you tell them apart?

No reason to be terrified...either way. It's treatable and there will be certain protocols you'll have to do to get better. Just do them. Try and relax a bit...doesn't help any illness you have to stress, just lowers immune system  (+ info)

How do you get over a bad cold and tonsillitis quickly?

I have a really bad cold and tonsillitis on top of that. The doctor doesn't have any open appts for like another month.
So I wanted to know how to get over a cold quickly? Any home remedies? And any tips for 'surviving' tonsillitis? I feel like crap!

vicks and honey and tea**  (+ info)

What are some good remedies for tonsillitis?

I keep getting tonsillitis (like once a year) I have no insurance and can't afford a doctors visit. Besides eating soup what can I do to help this dicomfort?
For the response concerning allergy::::: I have none- Also I get this once a year- I know what tonsillitis is!

Gargle with hot salt water. DON'T SWALLOW IT!  (+ info)

Is it common to develop tonsillitis after having teeth extracted?

I was treated for tonsillitis with antibiotics April 14 - 24, and it seemed to have cleared it up. On May 19, I had two left, upper teeth extracted. Today as I was yawning I felt the same feeling that I had felt in the back of my throat before the tonsillitis had become painful. It's not sore, but I definitely feel it when I yawn. Could having teeth extracted mimic that feeling in the back of my throat?

i had my wisdom teeth out and my throat killed for a few days. the sore throat most likely is not tonsillitis its probably just due to the tooth removal.  (+ info)

What are the consequences of getting your tonsillitis removed?

I've been troubled with tonsillitis a few times this year, and have been all my life. Though my mom doesn't accept the idea of getting them removed due to her reasons of a) I will drastically gain weight and b) my voice will change to the worse. Do these two things really happen to you when you remove your tonsils?

The medical community has gone back and forth over the years about whether to remove tonsils. At one point, they'd snatch them out at the first instance of tonsilitis; then they decided not to take them out unless you were half-dead; and over the years, the debate has raged and to take them out or not has changed several times.

I used to get tonsilitis at least twice a year when I was a child. Fortunately or unfortunately, I was a child during the period where they weren't taking tonsils out. Once I reached my late teens, the instances began to stop and eventually, I stopped getting it. I'm now 56 and still have my (permanently enlarged) tonsils. My son used to get tonsilitis when he was a child and he also stopped getting it as he matured.

Antibiotics end a tonsilitis attack almost as soon as it begins. Ask your doctor for a prescription for amoxycillin so you can begin taking it as soon as you recognize an attack. That way you won't feel half-dead by the time you can get to your doctor.

As long as you have no other serious conditions which would benefit from the removal of your tonsils, then I'd advise you keep them. If you have severe attacks and/or if they don't stop by the time you reach your late teens, then you might reconsider your options.

The bottom line is, we're not sure what the tonsils do and don't do, just as we don't fully understand the appendix. However, maybe it's best we don't get rid of body parts unless we have to do so :)  (+ info)

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