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What age do most kids loose their first tooth?

My son is 5 days away from his 5th birthday, and lost his first tooth tonight while eating a sandwhich. Is this normal for his age or is it too early??? He cut teeth early, and got all his teeth early. Does this effect him loosing his teeth now?

Absolutely within normal range. Most children who get their teeth early end up losing it earlier.  (+ info)

What is this strange Tooth Odor after wisdom teeth extraction?

So I got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled more than two weeks ago, and fortunately most of my mouth has returned to normal.

Except that in the bottom left part of my jaw, the back tooth is fairly sore, and hurts to touch. Also, there's this strange bitter odor either coming from that tooth, or the hole from behind that tooth. It's kind of milky, but it also smells and tastes like tooth enamel.

The sensation is most acute when it gets in my sinuses :(

What is it? And what could be causing it?

There could be some infection in the socket. It would be a good idea to have a dentist take a look at it, as it may need to be flushed out and possibly you also may need antibiotics. Good luck.  (+ info)

What are the dangers of not getting a tooth pulled?

My mom had a tooth with a filling and the filling fell out. 2 years ago. The filling covered most of the tooth. Yesterday the tooth basically fell apart. Only the back part of the molar is still there. She thinks its fine that way. Is it dangerous to leave the tooth this way? It seems like a major thing to me.

Tiffany gave a great answer.

It is dangerous not to get a tooth pulled for the reasons Tiffany mentioned. Infection is very likely and infection in the head is serious and has led to death.

If your mom has concerns (anxiety, worry) or is having difficulty getting the care she needs (too expensive, can't find a dentist), please get in touch with us at ncmpact.com We are a group of dental professionals seeking to make access to dental care and education available to all. Please encourage her to use the contact page to reach us so we can get her in the right direction. Or motives are pure. We just want to help.  (+ info)

How can I a whiten a stain on my tooth that is next to a bond?

I have a bond on my tooth. I have two stains that are on my tooth right next to the bond. I've tried whitening toothpastes and they help a little, but it does not last through the day. I am afraid to use a whitening tray because I don't want my teeth to be whiter than the bond. I really want to get rid or these or at least tone them down because it looks like I have food in between my teeth. Help!

Get some whitestrips....you can easily control how white it becomes from day to day.....not to worry.....see if it helps.  (+ info)

How safe is professional tooth bleaching when done at home?

Just wondering how safe is professional tooth bleaching if you're doing at home. What's the best way to go about professional tooth bleaching?

Professional tooth bleaching is quite easy and safe as long as you're using the right products. Use this resource site http://whiteteethsecrets.com to get started. Follow the simple steps there and you'll be good to go. Professional tooth bleaching is really not that hard just need a simple safe regimen to follow. Any more questions just let us know.

professional tooth bleaching  (+ info)

When a tooth filling wears off, does natural enamel start to grow in its place?

When a tooth filling wears off, does natural enamel start to grow in its place?

no, teeth do not knit back together like bone does. the filling will have to be replaced or the tooth reconstructed with a cap or other artificial filler.  (+ info)

How much does the tooth fairy give for the loss of a first tooth?

My 5 yr old daughters first tooth came out at school today.
Steven - There's no need to be rude. Before you tell someone else to go back to school maybe you should check your spelling.

my mom did something pretty cool when i was young, she glued glitter onto 4 quarters. i still have them! but for the longest time i thought the fairy made them special for me :)  (+ info)

How long should my tooth hurt after a root canal?

I had a root canal last Saturday. My tooth still hurts when I bite down on it. It seems like it shouldn't hurt this long. How long should I expect pain in my tooth when I bite down?

Anywhere between a week to 2 or 3 weeks..  (+ info)

self removal of braces causing facial abnormalities?

My son(13) took of his own braces behind my back. My question is can his teeth relapse to a point were it can affect abnormal jaw nose or head grow creating imbalance facial features?

  (+ info)

How can you tell if your wisdom tooth is infected?

My tooth is barely coming out and the gum is sore. Part of the gum around my tooth looks like it's risen up. I'm not sure if it has to do with infection or if it's just part of the normal process of getting a wisdom tooth. The gum is not red, it just hurts a bit.

How old are you? It may just be trying to come in or if you are older it may be trying to come in and can't and you will have to get it out. My gums use to swell a lot every once in awhile when they tried to come in.  (+ info)

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