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Tooth discoloration!?

I am currently 16 years old and had tooth discoloration since May. I visited my orthodontist and appears that my tooth had no apparent problem. No abnormal movement, pain or any other weakness; just the appearance. To my amazement, he said he would do root canal if i am worried about my appearance. But there was no problem so i declined. So i left it alone and thought hmm..maybe it will get better?
I thought about bleaching but the discoloration is within the tooth so i don't think it would do any good.
oh and i don't think there was any trauma to the tooth when i first discovered my tooth problem.
the discoloration is on one of my lateral incissors, bottom jaw.
so what can i do to treat this? is it serious?

YOu need a scale and polish and tooth whitening done at the dentist  (+ info)

Can tetracyclines cause tooth discoloration in adults?

Can Doryx (Doxycycline, a tetracycline) cause discoloration in adult teeth? If so, how long can I take this Rx before discoloration would set in? I don't want gray teeth!

I believe it can & it can also cause birth defects so use birth control if that's still a possibility
RN  (+ info)

What illness can cause tooth discoloration?

I've heard there are certain childhood illness that can cause this but I'd like to know about either child or adult disease that can cause the teeth to become discolored.

some dx. that cuse fever ,very hi fever in childhood and trauma  (+ info)

Is tetracycline tooth discoloration inheritable?

One of my parents have tooth discoloration because when my grandmother was pregnant with them, she was taking tetracycline. My question is, is this tooth discoloration inheritable? Because I have slightly discolored teeth, but I do not drink soda, coffee, tea, or drink/eat many acidic foods. I have tried whitening my teeth with crest and listerine whitestrips and whitening pre-rinse. I've been using these products for a couple of weeks. So far, barely any difference. What can be the cause?

tetracycline stain is not genetic. it is acquired just like how one of your parents got them. it can also be acquired if you needed that particular antibiotic while you were very young and your teeth were still forming under your gums.

to achieve optimum effects from whitening products, your teeth must be very clean to start with. foreign particles/bodies sticking to your teeth prevents the active ingredients from coming into direct contact with the tooth surface thereby diminishing or blocking its effect. this can be addressed by having your teeth cleaned before undertaking whitening procedures.

also, whitening products do not work for everybody if it works at all. they also will not achieve uniform results for everyone who uses them. if, for example, two different people use the same kind of whitening system, one may get the pearly whites that he/she desires while the other doesn't. this is because the chemical properties and composition of our teeth (while similar) are not exactly the same. the ads that you read or see do not, for obvious reasons, contain this information.  (+ info)

What is the chance of tetracycline 500 MG pills twice a day causing tooth discoloration in a 16 year old boy?

Tetracycline only causes intrinsic staining (meaning it's inside the tooth). This only happens during the development of the tooth before it ever erupts. A 16 year old boy will have already developed all of his teeth and therefore is at a low risk for tetracycline staining.  (+ info)

does drinking soda with braces actually cause tooth discoloration?

doctors say it does.... friends say it doesn't. can anyone shed some more light on this?

drinking alot of dark coloured soda (coke, root beer...etc) can cause staining to your teeth whether you have braces or not. But with braces, it will be more noticable because the area of tooth under the braces likely wont stain while the area around it will. Also, soda is full of sugar which leads to tooth decay so make sure you are brushing really really well or else you'll end up with decay.  (+ info)

Discoloration of one particular front tooth?

I am 25 years old. I just went for a dental visit this morning. My dentist told me that i am having an infection problem with one of my front teeth. It now causing of decoloration to that particular tooth. He recommenced to do a root canal to that tooth and place a crown over it. However, I do not feel any pain or anything. I am not sure whether to go for it. I would like to have a second opinion.
Do you suggest to go for it?
Beside root canal and crown, is there any other good alternative?
What will happen if i leave that tooth as if?
Thanks a lot!
What will happen if i just do root canal alone? I heard that it will turn brown in couple years after root canal is done. Is it true?

Many thanks!!!

Chances are that you had some sort of trauma to that tooth. When a tooth is hit hard, sometimes the veins and arteries in the pulp of the tooth can rupture. This allows bleeding into the surrounding hard tooth tissue. When blood stains a white article of clothing, it eventually turns brown and/or gray... much like your tooth has, I'm sure. When this happens, it usually means that the tooth has died. When your body senses that the tooth is dead, massive amounts of immune system cells will be sent to the area and exclude the dead tooth as a foreign body. This can lead to the bone around the tooth getting destroyed and even the root of the tooth being eaten away by your own immune system. A root canal will remove the soft, dead tooth tissue inside the tooth and replace it with a substance that your body will not recognize as foreign. Hence, your body will not attempt to eliminate the tooth or wall it off from the rest of your body with immune system cells. The only alternatives are to wait and see, or extract the tooth. If you wait until you feel something is wrong...it may be too late to save it. Good luck.  (+ info)

Can laser tooth whitening cover up small patches of discoloration of teeth from using antibiotics when young?

The discolourations are not the result of the antibiotics. In the past, the use of tetracyclines for reespiratory infections commonly discoloured teeth, and are rarely used now for children under 10yo.
That aside, the most common way of removing patches of discolouration are:
1. microabrasion with etching gel and pumice;
2. use of a remineralizing toothpaste like GC Tooth Mousse;
3. Drilling out or covering up the patches with fillings, veneers, etc
Lasers have no effect.  (+ info)

Should you worry about a hole in your tooth if it has no discoloration or anything?

if there is a hole in your tooth with no colors in it its just like white inside should i worry about it? should i go get it check out or filled so it doest turn into a cavity?

Get it filled as soon as possible before it has a chance to decay. The longer you wait, the more expensive the problem will become.  (+ info)

tooth discoloration; top is more darker than bottom after fixing chip in tooth?

ok so i fixed a tooth chip and after the procedure i noticed that the top of the tooth is darker than the bottom
do u think this is permanant or is it fixable??
do u think he did something wrong? what are ur thoughts?
thank you

Your doctor most likely didn't match the color of the composite resin of the restoration to the color of your natural tooth. You could try whitening, because whitening will only affect the natural tooth and not the bottom, where the restoration is. Hope this helps. :-D  (+ info)

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