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What is the treatment of a fractured/damaged tooth after an extraction of the tooth next to it?

Anyone ever had this when they get their tooth out and then the one next to is damaged because they are ajacent? whats the treatment for this, another extraction? hope not.

you need to see your dentist. more than likely they know of the damage and can recommend a treatment. actually they should have at the time of the extraction. it sounds like they either chipped it with the instruments. if its not too badly fractured then it can be repaired.  (+ info)

How do dentists fix hairline fractures in teeth?

Hello. A few years ago I had a bump to the two front teeth which lead to small hairline fractures. Recently my child enjoys banging me in the mouth and this morning I looked in natural bright sunlight and noticed (with my mirror) that these hairline fractures are quite progressive now. I am very afraid, I am only 27. Will I have to get them taken out or get dentures? I m very upset right now. :"(
What do dentists normally do? Do they watch and wait or go ahead and repair? I am so sad. :"(

I doubt you will have any problems. However you should have a dental exam and cleaning at least every two years.  (+ info)

Could i have fractured my tooth from hitting a handle bar?

Well i was not paying attention when i was in the hot tub. and i hit my tooth really hard against the handle bar. i have braces.

After the hit. my tooth feels kinda lose. no blood came out.
my one of tooth feels funny.
my question is Could i have fractured my tooth?!
Could i have knocked it out but my braces it is just holding it in.

Sounds like braces may have saved your tooth. Phone the orthodontist that takes care of your braces and ask him/her about it. It's probably okay, but it can't hurt to check on it.  (+ info)

Has anyone ever had their jaw spontaneously fracture due to a cyst caused by an impacted wisdom tooth?

I have an impacted wisdom tooth with a cyst that is, according to my dental surgeon, eating away at the bone in my jaw. I have to have surgery to remove it and am a bit nervous about the whole thing. I'm 42!

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Hope this helps.  (+ info)

How long will it take for a dead tooth to fully discolor and turn black?

I recently had a very traumatic experience and both my middle two front teeth were damaged. The nerve in both is dead and in one there was a complete horizontal fracture and that tooth is a dull grey. It has been 3 weeks since my injury. Can I expect the tooth to drastically change color in coming weeks?
So I shouldn't worry it about it changing from the greyish color it is now for a while?

  (+ info)

What do i do when i go to a dentist for a cracked tooth root and the want to do a root canal ?

The first dentist I saw said root canal and its possible for the tooth to brake during the procedure. The second dentist I saw said I had to have it remove by a oral surgeon. It is a slight fracture in the root of my tooth. You guys choose for me. I don't like to lose a tooth if it can be saved .

I hear you saying the first dentist says he will try a root canal but the tooth might break during the procedure. The second dentist says just have the whole thing removed by an oral surgeon. You are absolutely right to try to save the tooth. I would go with the first dentist. Maybe the tooth WON"T break, and he can do the root canal, and then crown the tooth. If it does break, then he might have to remove the tooth after all. Or it might break but there's enough left to fix a crown onto anyway. At least with the first dentist you are given the chance to save the tooth. Sometimes when the root canal doesn't work out (like if the tooth breaks off too short and has to be pulled) the dentist will give you a credit (not charge) for work he already did. It can really vary. If you are concerned about the cost or don't have insurance, explain to the dentist you want to try to save the tooth and talk with him frankly about the cost. Be aware that after a root canal, you will want to have the tooth crowned, so plan for this additional expense. After a root canal, the tooth gradually gets brittle and the crown protects it. You will never regret trying to save a tooth; it prevents problems later on. If you do wind up having the tooth pulled, consider getting an implant in that space.  (+ info)

How can I care for a cracked tooth until I get a crown?

I found out Monday that I have a fracture in my #14 tooth. I have an appointment on July 11th to have the prep work done for the crown. I'm really worried about hurting the tooth before my visit. I haven't lost any of the tooth yet, in fact, I didn't even know I had a crack, I thought the pain was being caused by some new composite fillings that I had placed on the tooth next to it. Any suggestions as to what I can do to protect the tooth as best I can until my appointment?
Is there anything I can do to relieve the pain I feel when I eat on that side of my mouth? Is the clove oil my best bet?

The tooth will be prepared for a crown by filing much of it down with the drill to a peg shape,should you break any of it off while you wait for this appointment would be of little consequence,chewing food on the other side of the mouth may strain the joint at the hinge of the jaw which is more of a problem.Just relax enjoy your food and let the dentist worry.You could try a softer diet for a while but really I wouldn't worry.  (+ info)

how to pull a baby tooth thats rotten and fractured?

I am 12 and i have a tooth thats rdy to fall out but its broken and i twist it but it still wont help does any1 kno a good,simple and easy way to pull it?

The best idea is to get it extracted since if it's already broken it would be easier and less bothersome than having it hang there for a week until it falls out.  (+ info)


I am truely devastated- my 13 month old son slipped in the bath today and fractured his beautiful tooth. The dentist has told me there is no repair and he'll eventually have a new adult teeth at around 6-7. Does anyone know if anything that can be done to sort out his tooth?

Follow your dentist advice.He is right.  (+ info)

How much does it hurt to get a tooth pulled out?

The dentist told me my left upper back wisdom tooth in the back is growing down too much,

so it needs to come out (otherwise, it might cause damage/fracture to the tooth below it.)

I remember I had teeth removed when I was a kid, and they put me to sleep while they did it.

but this dental office doesn't put patients to sleep.

How much does it hurt?
Is it better to seek a dental office that puts patients to sleep?

not even a little if u request an injection to numb it :)  (+ info)

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