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Is compulsive lying a symptom or a characteristic of Tourette's Syndrome?

If anybody has Tourette's or could give a personal experience, please share.

no, you're probably confusing tourette's syndrome with another name that i can't remember that has to do with being a pathological liar. anyways, tourette's is the inability to control your body.it's believed it's because of the way the brain works where the brain sends electrical signals at the same time in different areas that go haywire. which leads to people with tourettes having sudden jerks, moving of any body part, or just saying random sometimes incoherent words which sound like animal sounds.  (+ info)

Would medical marijuana be justified for Tourette's Syndrome in Michigan?

I want to try to get in the program here in Michigan, since I have Tourette's, and I've been on every medication, and none work. Could someone point me in the right direction?
Is the THCF Clinic a good place?

First off, have you tried cognitive behavioral therapy, habit reversal therapy, relaxation, or any other behavioral treatment first? Some people respond very well to behavioral therapy-- and behavior therapy has no side effects whatsoever.

Of course, then there are people like you, and me, who are not helped by any drug.... I have very severe Tourette's, (they won't let me go to school!) and the medications have left me with a highly disabling side effect syndrome.

Now, some of the newest atypical antipsychotics have been shown to improve tics without many side effects (well, weight gain and sleepiness)

The most important thing for you to consider is whether your tics are really worth traveling x number of dozens of miles to get this treatment from some clinical trail or such.

Are your tics simply annoying, or truly impairing? Do they interfere with your ability to go to school/hold a job, walk, go out in public, or cause significant distress?

I know even 'mild' tics can be pretty hard to deal with, because other people are going to stare, ask questions, mock....it's not easy. But then there's another level of severity that begins to become physically impairing and interfere with 'daily living activities'.

marijuanna is not without side effects, you know this?

Anyhow, good luck finding a treatment that helps you.  (+ info)

THC the main compound in marijuana could have a cure for tourette syndrome?

the spray Sativex showed a decrese in the persons Tourette. why is it still held back?

There is no cure for Tourettes. Medical marijuana and other (legal) drugs can only decrease the severity of tics for a time.  (+ info)

Can you have internal tics when you have Tourette's Syndrome?

I have Tourette's Syndrome and l was just wondering.

I suppose you could. I know when it comes to TSers who have Encopresis, one thought is that it might related to intestinal ticcing.

And since burping is a tic for some, and you cause/create that burp inside, then I guess technically that's an internal tic?

Is that what you meant?  (+ info)

Can a person get away with pretending to have Tourette's Syndrome? If you just kept cussin' non-stop?

And you could say: It's not me, it's the Tourette's. But is there a scientific test that can verify whether a person has it? How would you administer such a bleeping test?

Cussing has nothing to do with Tourette's Syndrome. Cussing is actually part of coprolalia, which only ~10% of people with Tourette's actually have.

While there is no scientific test, cussing is not a symptom of Tourette's. In order to be diagnosed, a person must experience both vocal and motor tics within a one year period.

Plus, obvious faking is easy to identify. You can't fake Tourette's and I don't know why someone would want to.  (+ info)

What is the awareness color for tourette syndrome?

Is it green or blue? I always thought it was green but a lot of sites on the internet say that the awareness color for tourettes is actually teal.

It is teal.  (+ info)

How is the nervous system affected by Tourette Syndrome?

I get that it is a neurological disorder characterized by tics and that it affects the neurotransmitters but does anyone know where I can find something more in depth?

There was a study done at Harvard by Dr. Matthew State and it had to do with the gene (SLITRK1).
See it here:

also check http://www.tsa-usa.org

and click on "medical" for more information.

Also, look up DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) for severe cases of Tourettes.  (+ info)

Why do people with Tourette syndrome only say bad things?

Why cant someone with Tourette say nice things like hello some something.

you are talking about Coprolalia and it only affects about10% of those suffering with TS; popular media has misrepresented this condition to such a degree that many people think that everyone who has it also have coprolalia.
but yes someone with coprolalia could shout out anything it does not have to be a swear.

please will you watch?
Hallmark Hall of Fame Presents
Front of the Class
Sunday, December 7, 2008 on CBS

An Inspiring, True Story
about a Young Man's Triumph
over Tourette Syndrome

The national Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc. is very excited to announce the Hallmark Hall of Fame TV presentation of Front of the Class, which will premiere on Sunday, December 7, 2008, at 9:00 pm EST on CBS.

Front of the Class is inspired by the true story of Brad Cohen, a young man diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome who overcomes considerable odds to become a gifted teacher. Based on Brad's award winning book, Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had, this poignant TV feature is an accurate and inspiring depiction of this much misunderstood neurological disorder.

The adult Brad is played by Jimmy Wolk (The Spiral Project) and young Brad is played by Dominic Scott Kay (Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End). Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Treat Williams (Everwood) play Brad's parents.

When growing up, teachers and other adults - even Brad's father - interpreted his involuntary sounds and sudden jerking movements as attempts to get attention. He was teased by other kids. As a result, he hated school, until his school principal recognized and acknowledged that Brad's acting up was actually a result of his Tourette Syndrome symptoms. His principal chose to use an all-school assembly to educate both the faculty and his fellow students about the disorder. This dramatic incident was pivotal in helping Brad win their understanding and acceptance.

At that point, Brad decided to become the teacher he never had. But that ambition was more easily stated than achieved. Despite an impressive college record and glowing recommendations, getting a job was an almost insurmountable challenge. He was turned down in 24 consecutive interviews. His 25th interview finally resulted in a job offer.

Brad's openness about having Tourette Syndrome, as well as his easy-going manner and gentle humor, quickly won over his young students. In addition to the standard curriculum, the students learned valuable lessons in understanding and tolerance. At the end of the year, Brad was named Georgia's outstanding first-year teacher.

Oscar winner Peter Werner (Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy) directed from a script by Tom Rickman (whose screenplay for Tuesdays with Morrie won a Humanitas Prize and Writers Guild Award; the film won six Emmys, including Outstanding Movie). Andrew Gottlieb (The Russell Girl) is the producer; Brent Shields (Sweet Nothing in My Ear) and Tim Shriver (Amistad) are the executive producers.

We encourage you to share this email with friends, family, educators, physicians, neighbors and co-workers, so they can have an opportunity to view a factual, educational and heartwarming portrayal of someone with Tourette Syndrome. To forward this email to those you know, click here.

TSA will be sending another e-mail a week before the premiere with additional information and a special message from Brad Cohen as a reminder to tune in to this extraordinary film.

For more information about Front of the Class, please visit the national Tourette Syndrome Association website.

  (+ info)

Do i have a mild form of Tourette syndrome?

I honestly don't know. I had OCD all my life. I jerk my neck uncontrollably. It hurts physically and mentally when I do it. I try to stop, but i only stop for 5 seconds till I am forced to do it again. I also roll my eyes, but I can't help it. I had to stretch my arm uncomfortably while doing my daily activities like running and such. I have different facial ticks which people find weird and awkard when they're speaking to me.

I have Tourette syndrome and believe me I know how much this sucks to be told, but you really can't tell yet. You have to have at least one vocal tic to be diagnosed as Tourette syndrome. If you were to develop a vocal tic you would then have to continue to have the tics for one year to be diagnosed as Tourette syndrome. The same thing can be going on in your brain for the OCD, motor tics, and a possible vocal tic, so there's no real reason to say you only have Tourette if you meet the very specific requirements, but that's the what the medical community demands. Check out the details on the requirements for a TS diagnosis and lots more good info at www.tsa-usa.org

By the way, as far as I'm concerned, you sound like you have Tourette syndrome to me. I also believe an individual can diagnose themselves better than a doctor because we really know what we feel. A doctor can be helpful to rule out any other causes for the symptoms and help with medications or therapies if you choose any. Just my opinion that I think I know better what I feel than a doctor.  (+ info)

Can Tourette Syndrome patient go abroad?

i am a tourette syndrome patient from China, i plan to study in Sweden. i want to know whether i can take anti-TS drugs (Haloperidol and Benzhexol Hydrochloride) through Customs Access? Does anyone know the regulation? Thank you very much

I'm assuming you can take one days worth of pills on the plane, the rest will need to be in checked baggage.  (+ info)

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