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Where in the chromosome is the defect that causes Tourettes Syndrome?

For my seventh grade health final, I have to make a tri-fold brochure of Tourettes Syndrome. I need to find where in the the patient's chromosome the defect is located. Please be specific! :)

as far as I know--one has been identified

4. What causes the symptoms?

The cause has not been established, although current research presents considerable evidence that the disorder stems from the abnormal activity of at least one brain chemical (neurotransmitter) called dopamine. There may be abnormal activity of the receptor for this chemical as well. Undoubtedly, other neurotransmitters, e.g. serotonin, may involved as well.  (+ info)

Is it normal to have tourettes and just snap out of it?

I started having tourettes when I was 8, I remember that I had strong urges to shake my head all the time. My family was quite fukced up so nobody took me to hospital or anything, so I didn't even know there was such thing as tourettes. And after about a year or so I just snapped out of it.
Is having a little bit of tourettes just part of growing up?

I'm 14 and I have tourette syndrome. What you had was transient tic disorder. Transient tic disorder is where you have tics (motor and/or vocal) for more than a month, but disappears after a year or so. Tourette's is where you have multiple motor tics and at least one vocal tic for over a year. It lasts for most of your childhood and often stays with you for your adulthood aswell. Having a little bit of tourette's is not 'just part of growing up'. You have to be born with it. Tourette's is a neurobiological condition. People with tourette's are born with an imbalance of the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. There is no cure so you can definitely not 'snap out of it'.  (+ info)

Can tourettes get worse than it already is? Like can you develop more ticks?

Okay, so i've had tourettes for about 7 years as far as i'm concerned. My only ticks were sniffling, twitching my nose, licking my lips, twitching my head all the time, and occasionally but rarely twitching my arms. Recently i've been saying random stuff out of nowhere, but no twitching, just saying words. Can more ticks develop?

Tics caused by tourettes change over time. Some go away, some show up, and they are usually worse when you are stressed.
For example: two years ago my brother quacked like a duck. One year ago he was swearing, now he's repeating what you say.
I used to blink a lot, now I stretch my mouth and make funny noises....
Tics change.  (+ info)

Can tourettes stop you from getting certain jobs and doing certain things?

I have just found out there is a high possibility I have tourettes, and I want to know how/if it will affect my life.

in theory, yes, it can. For example, the military may not want you to be a gunner just because there is a tiny chance of a "ticcing trigger finger."

Other than that ... you can do anything you set your mind to. I have know people who worked at the nuclear site, pediatric neurologists, parents, and LOTS of others with tourettes. No worries!  (+ info)

How do you know if a child has tourettes?

Might this child have tourettes syndrome?
I really hope this is not the care. For the past several weeks an 8 year old has been making squeaky sounds like a dog. The child has also been clearing their throat and making sounds with their throat. The child did get a dog recently. But these sounds are getting more and more frequent! I am worried this might be a sign of tourettes syndrome.

Say it is, (God forbid), can it be outgrown?

How can a child be diagnosed? And will the diagnosis go on her school record?


That does sound like some of the Tourette's symptoms. However, they could also be nervous habits that the child is exhibiting. Eight is a common age for Tourette's to be diagnosed. The only way to know if it is would be to see a child psychiatrist, I'm not sure about the school record but I wouldn't think so. It can be managed by medication but is not outgrown. Also have the psychiatrist do blood work for Strep B, it has been found that a strep infection gone bad can cause tourette's. If it is Strep B high dose antibiotics can reverse the symptoms.  (+ info)

Are there any websites where you can get information about tourettes syndrome?

i just got diagnosed with tourettes last month and i want to know a website where you can get some information on it. i don't really know much about tourette's but i do know that i have it.






http://www.tourettes-disorder.com/  (+ info)

Is it Normal for People with Tourettes Syndrome to have Violent Outbursts?

My boyfriend has tourettes syndrome. His isn't that bad. He doesn't have the verbal tics, just involuntary facial movements and makes small noises. He also has mild OCD. I've been told that people with the disorder usually have violent outburst bc they don't know how to control them. Has anybody else dealt with this, and it is common for Tourretes Sufferers to have these violent outbursts?
And in advance thank you for all ur answers guys!

I just broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years cause his ts. you gotta really love the man to be with him. he often suffered outburst of phychopherinia fear of this and that and he would become obssed over something and then would become angry very easily. sometimes it would scare me. his thinking was often would be muddled although his ts was considared mild. people with ts are often bi sexual too which caused additional problems in our relationship.

i know people are gonna get pissed off. but if you have a small child i would say find another man. he is not worth it.  (+ info)

What are my chances of getting toxic shock syndrom?

I left an ultra tampon in for about 15 hours on accident last night i completely forgot to change it... I'm so scared i might have toxic shock syndrom! if I do when will i start seeing symptoms?? and what are the symptoms? Any information will be much appreciated! thanx!

  (+ info)

Can you diagnose a 10 month old baby for tourettes?

I was babysitting my little baby cousin today and i noticed A LOT of ticcing.
Shes always ticcing. Rolls her eyes constantly. Twitches her whole body repeatedly.
So i asked my auntie if it was normal or if she had anything up with her.
She was like no its normal i guess.
But i'm starting to worry if its tourettes

Do you think i should ask my auntie to take her to see a doctor?

I've heard of kids getting diagnosed as early as two years old. But I don't think so at 10 months. These are the requirements for a diagnoses of tourette syndrome: tics last over a year, both motor and vocal, and start before eighteen years old. Obviously you don't have to worry about the last one. But you didn't mention any vocal tics and since she's only 10 months she couldn't have had tics for over a year. But still it's very possible that she might, later in life, get diagnosed with tourette's. But for now the best thing you can do is take her to a doctor.  (+ info)

How do I tell my parents I think I have Tourettes?

Every few minutes I have a tic, which is usually accompanied by a yelp or other strange sound. My family has a history of tourettes but my parents refuse to take me to a neurologist to be tested. Even when they see me have a tic they deny it and say it was a cold chill, regardless of the temperature.

Tell them that you're concerned about your inability to control these episodes you have and you really think you should see your doctor. If they won't listen to your concerns try talking to a school counselor, nurse, or a trusted teacher.  (+ info)

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