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i was at my doctors the other day and he tested my urine and said that i had developed toxemia... sent me on bed rest.
im 38 wks. and ive been researching it and its pretty freaky. some people wonder why he didnt induce me but i go back to visit tuesday anyways.
i know signs are swelling and high BP which i have had and he knows about it. Today my bottom lip is swolen and i dont believe i bit it or anything and when i talk i talk out of the side of my mouth.... its really wierd and just started happening today.
could this be anything to do with my toxemia? when i went in and he found out i had it he said it was a +1 for toxemia... im just wondering if anybody else had this in late pregnancy and what symptoms they had.

Michelle gave you a lot of great info so I won't repeat a lot of it. I am concerned if all your doctor has done is dip your urine. At 38 weeks with elevated blood pressure and swelling you really should have blood work done and possibly collect your urine for 24 hours and check the protein level in it. You should also be having a NST (monitor the baby)twice a week. If any of these are abnormal you should be induced. When your doctor said 1+ did he mean your urine was 1+? If so, then you may just have a mild form. But you should still have lab work done. At home rest on your left side. This will help your blood pressure and ensure adequate oxygen for your baby. If you are not on bedrest, take frequent rest periods with your feet up. If your swelling extends beyond your ankles or shins, you develop pain in your upper abdomen, get a headache not relieved with Tylenol or have any visual disturbances, call your doctor ASAP or go to the hospital. It can develop very quickly into a life threatening situation if you ignore it. As far as your lip goes, that isn't a symptom of toxemia that I know about unless your entire face has developed swelling. You should call your doctor with any concerns about that. Good luck!  (+ info)

Toxemia ??????

I had to take a 24 hour urine collection test for PIH and the results came back high when the doctor was discussing them he started talking about watching out for me being hugh risk for toxemia. After hearing all the i just got so worried i forgot everything he said. What do you all know about toxemia and PIH???
Im 29 weeks and 4 days pregnant

  (+ info)

What is the difference between toxemia and preclamp?

I had toxemia with my first child and during my research, it sounds pretty similar to preclamp. What is the difference?

There is none. Toxemia and preeclampsia are one and the same.

Toxemia: A condition in pregnancy, also known as pre-eclampsia (or preeclampsia) characterized by abrupt hypertension (a sharp rise in blood pressure), albuminuria (leakage of large amounts of the protein albumin into the urine) and edema (swelling) of the hands, feet, and face. Pre-eclampsia is the most common complication of pregnancy. It affects about 5% of pregnancies. It occurs in the third trimester (the last third) of pregnancy.  (+ info)

What are the chance of me getting toxemia again?

I had toxemia with my first and second child. I want another child. I am afraid of getting toxemia again. Someone told me, that this child being from a different father it would make a difference.

My good friend had severe toxemia with her second child only -- not with one or three. Same father. I think it just depends. Take care of yourself and best wishes to you!!!  (+ info)

Is it possible to deliver full term if you have toxemia?

My daughter is 36 weeks pregnant and recently diagnosed with toxemia. Her blood pressure high, protein in urine and swelling. She is going to have a sonogram tomorrow to check on the baby, what is the usual procedures from here? Induction, c-section, what are they looking for tomorrow and what time line?

Treatment depends on how close you are to your due date. If you are close to your due date, and the baby is developed enough, your health care provider will probably want to deliver your baby as soon as possible.

If you have mild preeclampsia and your baby has not reached full development, your doctor will probably recommend you do the following:

* Rest, lying on your left side to take the weight of the baby off your major blood vessels.
* Increase prenatal checkups.
* Consume less salt.
* Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

36 weeks is not yet full term. Full term is once you hit 37 weeks. So if she were to deliver her baby in a week, it would be considered full term. They will probably check the baby's development. They may do an amniocentesis to check the lung maturity. If the lungs are mature, depending on how sever it is, they may induce her. They may also do a c-section, it is really case dependent.  (+ info)

How high does blood pressure have to be before toxemia/preeclampsia sets in?

Can you still develop toxemia if your blood pressure is normal at night while sleeping but high during the day?

I got pre-eclampsia even though my BP was normal sometimes. I don't think it matters when it's high- just as long as it is. They ended up inducing me a week before my due date. Good luck and make sure the doctors keep and eye on you just in case!  (+ info)

What are the chances of having toxemia again?

I had what they called silent toxemia with my son and he was born 10 1/2 weeks early. I had seizures and pretty much died. And my son was in the hospital for 2 months. And on oxygen for almost the whole time. Me and my husband would really love to have another baby. we are just wondering what the risks would be. Really dont want to put another baby through what my son had to go through. So all help is appreicated. And we will ask a Dr. as soon as I can find a new one. Just thought someone might can let us know something.

I linked a website that you might find useful, it has a lot of information on it.
It is believed that after you get toxemia once, any other pregnancies are at a lower risk as long as you have the same partner. We don't really know what causes it or who is at risk, though. So it would be best to talk it over with a doctor or do some research online. I know you said you don't have a doctor right now, but I think it is important to talk it over before you get pregnant again. My mom had toxemia with my brother, but not with me (he is older). I hope the website I linked will help you out a bit.  (+ info)

What is the earliest you have shown sighns of toxemia/ pre-eclampsia?

I am 14 weeks pregnant with #2. I have had mild ankle swelling for the past 3 weeks. On my last 2 doc visits, I had traces of protein in my urine. My last appt., my BP had gone up 16 points but was still within normal limits. My doc said we'll re-evaluate next appt. This seems terribly early- I did have toxemia with my first, but not until 37 weeks. Any advice?

im 23 weeks and have all the signs... i also had toxemia with my first but i didnt get it till 41 weeks and they induced me... this time around they have me on meds going to the doctors every wednesday until they decide if they want to hospitalize me or not... quite scary i must say.. the advice they gave me is to stay off my feet as much as possible with elevating me feet and to watch the salt intake... good luck  (+ info)

Question for women with Toxemia in previous pregnancy?

I had Toxemia in my previous pregnancy and the baby died. I am now pregnant and term with no signs of Toxemia.

My question is this, who has had this and gone on to have live healthy baby? And did you get induced or did labor begin on it's own?
Thanks in advance.

When I was pregnant with my twin boys, I had Toxemia. I actually kept going INTO labor naturally so they had to give me medicine to stop that and then when it was safe, they had me stop taking the medicine and I went into labor naturally a week later. I had two healthy babies that day and now I am pregnant again. So far there doesnt seem to be any signs of toxemia in this pregnancy and no signs that my past toxemia will affect this baby. So, without downplaying the situation, try not to stress about it. That only puts pressure on you and your baby. Stay off your feet, dont over-do it, stay calm and enjoy the last few moments of your pregnancy. I wish you the very best !!!!!!  (+ info)

can a diabetic woman who carries toxemia have a tubal reversal/pregnancy successful?

Hi i have had 2 children, But, I am remarried and wanting one more. I have had type 1 diabeteas for 20 yrs, and also carry the toxemia gene with each pregnancy, I got my tubes tied, because i was real sick, and almost died but now want a reversal for another. I wonder if this is possible? Can it be successfull!

It could be. It sounds like you already know that it is much more difficult to get pregnant after a reversal. And with all the illness and side effects you suffer from during pregnancy, you have to ask yourself AND your doctor, is it worth the health risk.

How sick will you get? Is it worth the risk that your other 2 children may lose their mother? (If it is that serious) I say no, but it is a personal decision. And if you and the doc figure that the health risks are less than the benefits of a new baby. Go for it!  (+ info)

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